Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Bit Of Progress!

Well, I have had a bit of progress today!!!! That is always a good thing! :) If you read my previous post, I started a new quilt EARLY this morning! Here are the blocks so far. I actually have 6 blocks finished now but didn't have it done at the time that I took this photo. These blocks are not hard just have to pay a little extra attention to make sure everything will line up were it is supposed to. In the photo they look so bright but I promise they are not!
So I worked on my blocks, cleaned the house, started supper and then quilted a quilt! Actually it is a lap size quilt for my sister and her dog for Christmas! Nothing fancy, just fabric with a border but the fabric is so cute, it has different dogs on it and also poodles.

I used this pantograph on it. It is called "Fleurs" It is really pretty in person, I like it a lot better on the quilt than I do on the paper.
Here is the back view of the quilt, maybe you can tell a little bit about the quilting design.
I really need to find my other camera cord, this camera doesn't take the best photos.

I have the binding cut and ready, maybe I will work on the tomorrow. This will be a Christmas gift so it will be great to be able to mark this one off my list!

Haven't picked up the hand quilting since early this morning. I'm thinking that it probably will not be done by Christmas....maybe Mother's Day!



Amelia said...

I like the results on the tic-tac-toe quilt...putting the blocks together to give more of a finished look is much better than just seeing the one block.

That pattern on the machine quiting looked like lots of work...like it would take hours and hours...I would probably get dizzy in trying to keep up with all the twists and turns...your work is amazing.

Anita said...


Really like your Tic-tac-toe quilt. What size are you making your blocks?Your quilting is really looking good. I think you are a natural.

Michelle said...

Very pretty!

Julia said...

Love the blocks Kristie..
Your doing really well with your quilting.
I'm still kind of learning...I haven't tried doing a panto yet!
Julia ♥

KyQuiltlady said...

I like the set up of the blocks. I am sure it has to match good or it would show. You do good panto quilting. You got some pretty ones. I have never tried panto.

Hazel said...

Very nice Kristie

Gina said...

like the new quilt and what's wrong with bright?

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Guðrún said...

Your quilting is great!