Friday, October 2, 2009

Hand Quilting

I know that you can't really tell much about this photo but this is what I have been working on during the evenings. This is an OLD quilt top that was hand pieced by my Great Grandmother years ago. This quilt top is the only thing that my mom has that belonged to her. So I decided to hand quilt it a couple of years ago! Yep, you read that right.....a couple of years ago! :) I know I am slow! Everytime I would work on it a little, I would get sidetracked and do something else. So my goal is to have this quilt handquilting and the binding done by Christmas for my mom!
I haven't had time to work on it any today. Fridays are my grocery day, so I did that and came home and cut up firewood! Yep, you read that right too! hehehehe! I do love cutting up firewood! See Richard does all of the splitting with the ax, but I asked him a few years ago to buy me a small chainsaw. He did look at me a little odd but he did buy me one. So now I go down to the sawmill and cut up the slabs in the slab pile. Cut them up, throw them in the wheelbarrow and push them up to the house. I do enjoy doing that, but of course, Richard will not let me do anything to hard because he is afraid that I will get hurt. :)

I guess that is enough for tonight, almost time for supper and then Hunter wants me to watch "Tall Tales" with him.


Amelia said...

Your Mother will be so pleased to get this quilt. I agree the hand quilting is a slow process...your stitches look so tiny and so evenly spaced..that takes talent and time.

Have a great weekend!

Michelle said...

What a wonderful gift you will be giving your mother. She will be so tickled.

You have been a busy girl. It has been raining here all day, and only 48*, so I have been inside doing laundry, paying bills, etc, and watching a little HGTV. The damp weather has me aching, so I'm not getting much done today.

Take care, and be blessed!

Winona said...

Your mom will be so happy. As you know I am a hand quilter, so I am always happy to see hand quilting done by others. You are doing a great job. I used to cut wood up for the house with a small saw too. LOL That was a few years ago, but I always enjoyed it. Have a good weekend. Winona

Vesuviusmama said...

How neat to work on a project made by your great grandmother! And I, too, love cutting firewood, although I prefer the splitting with the axe over the cutting with the chainsaw. Good for you - a liberated woman!