Monday, December 14, 2009

A Good Quilty Day!

This has been a great quilty day! Got all of my housework done early so that I could hit the sweat shop (sewing room) :) I worked my butt off getting this Nascar quilt finished! I was so happy to have it finished! It measures 92x102 so it is pretty big. Then I sat down and did the binding ALL by machine. I usually do all my bindings by hand but but I am in a hurry to get these done by Christmas. The customer said that she didn't care if it was machine or hand done so I did machine.
Feels great to have it done, now I need to clip some threads and deliver it tomorrow! :)
So while I had the black thread in the machine, I did the binding on Hunter's Star Wars quilt too! I did it all by machine, so I could get it finished. Now it is wrapped and under the tree! :)
Tonight I will be cutting out 2 more couch caddies for gifts. Have to have those finished by the weekend. They are for Richards mom and grandmother. We are having Christmas at his Grandmother's house on Sunday because his mom is coming in from Ohio. But the best news is Lexie gets to come visit for the day!!!! :) Having lots of fun talking and texting with my stepdaughter, she is a very sweet girl. This is one of the best gifts that we could receive for Christmas. :)
Went to Sunday School on Sunday, then about 15 minutes before Sunday School was over Hunter came out of his class to where I was and was crying with his ear. He has had an ear infection for a few days and I thought that the antibiotics should have started to work by now, but maybe it will take a few more days. Anyway, we didn't stay for Church, I brought him on home and gave him some Motrin. He went to school today and seems to be feeling a lot better. Andrew had an ear infection a few weeks ago, I guess it is just one of those things that kids get! :(
Well, I'm to cut out the couch caddies and Richard and I will be calling Lexie!!!! :)


Amelia said...

Sounds like you had a very happy and productive day. I know you are excited about Lexi being able to visit with you all.

Wonderful that little Hunter is on the mend with his ear ache.

Rhonda said...

Wow, that was a very big quilt..what a neat quilt and I love the Star Wars quilt too.

Texan said...

Looks like your getting a lot done!

Such a busy time of year isn't it!

Hope your son's ear is better, ouch earaches are so painful...

Hazel said...

You have been a busy lady .they both look great I hope your time spent with Lexie is a time of joy ,I'll keep you in my prayers .

QuiltedSimple said...

Oh Kristie! I am so happy for you that Lexi will be coming to visit - that is an awesome gift! And the quilts are gorgeous!!!

KyQuiltlady said...

Quilts look great!! I know the feeling of finished quilts, especially that big of one. Hope Hunter's earache goes away. Enjoy your time with Lexie.

Libby said...

I hope that Hunter is feeling better! I am very glad that things are going good for you! I dont blame you one bit for putting that binding down with the machine! That is a BIG quilt!
Have a great day!

Michelle said...

Your quilts look great!

gladys906 said...

Your quilts are fabulous! I think I want to quilt lol. One quilt there looks like a blending family in progress.