Saturday, December 5, 2009

Quilting and Snowing!

Hunter came running in my bedroom this morning at 6:20am yelling "IT'S SNOWING!!" This is our first snow of the season! Right now there is not much on the ground but it is still pouring! Of course, I went ahead and got out of the bed to get my day started, I usually get up around 4am so I guess I slept in this morning.

I headed out to take some photos of our little snow. As you can see it is still a little dark outside, but if you look real close you can see 2 of the horses in the middle of the photo. I think they are all liking this snow, they have been running and kicking all morning and will not get back in their shelters.
I snapped this photo of Richard's wood chopping block on my way out back. Someone told me the other day that I needed one of those gas powered log splitters for firewood, I laughed and said, "No, I have one right here and his name is Richard!"
I walked out back to take a photo of our new house. So glad that we were able to get the roof on it before Winter hit. It is hard to tell much about it where it is so dark. You can see our new door laying down on the front porch. That one is for the balcony that will be upstairs.
My quilting frame is upstairs in the new house. I'll bet it is cold up there right now! :( I actually have my sewing room up there temporally closed in and have a big heater up there to stay warm this Winter. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to quilt and stay warm! :)
Here is Hunter reading his new Dragon book that he got yesterday at the book fair at school. I think it is great that a 7 yr old wants to read a book at 6:30 in the morning! :)
Andrew is still sleeping, which it is 8:15am now, so I'll let him sleep a bit before I get him up. Richard is out feeding the horses.

I got my Nascar fabric in the mail yesterday! Now I just have to cut, piece, quilt, and bind this queen sized quilt and have it delivered before Christmas! So I started working on it last night and got a lot of it done. What took so long was fussy cutting the numbers. This quilt is for a customer that requested that I make the whole quilt for her, she wants to give it to her daughter for Christmas.
I have several quilts to quilt before Christmas so that will help out a lot, if I can get them done in time. I am going to try my hardest to get them finished.
Well, I'm to get out of these pj's and get the day started!!


Suzan said...

Hope you have a cozy day up in your sewing room and that you get all those quilts finished!

Lurline said...

A nice Post thanks, Kristie! Hope times are a lot better now!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Amelia said...

You getting snow today...weatherman says ours is coming Tuesday and Wednesday...just as soon it misses us this go round.

Good luck on getting everything completed you need to do.

BlueRidge Boomer said...

snowing here,too!!!

Isn't it great to sit and watch the first snow of the you..gott'a get out of these pj's and get busy!!


Hazel said...

The first snow fall is always the best .it looks so peaceful in your photo's .

Libby said...

Thanks for sharing your snow with me!! We MAYBE get 1 snow a year down here! I LOVE it! Enjoy your day! I so enjoy reading about your life, sewing and family!!

Michelle said...

Isn't the first snow the best? Thanks for taking the pictures. Could you take more pictures when the sun is up? Thanks!
be blessed and have a great day!

Rhonda said...

It snowed here but melted just as quickly. Keep warm!

KyQuiltlady said...

The snow looks pretty. It is suppose to be really cold tonight also. Hope you can get all those quilts done before Christmas. I am sure you will if you have to stay at it 24/7. That's a nice chopping block and you got a good log splitter also.

Texan said...

Your snow picture was sooooooo pretty ... just a great shot :O)...

and how fun to see your new home coming a long nicely :O)...its going to be just super when you guys get it done and how great to be able to say we built this!

Hope you can get all your customer orders done quickly :O)...

Anonymous said...

I love the light fluffy snow! I love seeing when kids are so excited by the snow.

It's really becoming winter here as well. We got 9 inches this weekend. (Good incentive to stay indoors and quilt!)

Lady of the Cloth said...

I can't believe you get up at 4:30, my heart isn't even beating at that time of the morning. So you go to bed early or are you one of those lucky people who don't need much sleep?