Saturday, January 2, 2010

Making Progress

Hope everyone had a great New Year! We all stayed home and had some family time, it was great! I did a little sewing, moved my machine into the living room and sat in the big comfy chair while I sewed! Richard told me not to get to comfy because I was only sewing in there because he new that I did not feel good and did not feel like sitting in the hard chair! :) Whatever! :) I worked on my string blocks! Is it a bad sign when you dream about scraps and strings? hehehe! I never thought I would like working with strings like that! Over the past few days I have sewn several more blocks. I now have 58 blocks done, still need 66 more!

Do you remember the tops that I posted the other day that still needed borders on them? I think I had 4 of them. I got two of them done. I know the photos don't really show the borders very well, but I promise they are on there! hehehe! I actually forgot what the name of this first one is, but I have it written down in my book, so I will look it up later. I added a green print border on it.
This is my scrappy bargello that I made a while back. I really like this design, and I just remembered that I have a green scrappy one in the works somewhere! I will have to dig it out, I think I have about half of it done. On this one I added a dark red print border.

Just wanted to show a couple of photos of my new/old little baby. I know it still needs some cleaning done on it, but here it is....A 1933 Singer Featherweight!!! I checked the serial number and this is the first year that the 221 was manufactured. She sews like a dream!!! Don't know yet if I will keep her or sell her.You can see the case in the photo above but here is a photo of the attachments and manual. Even has the needles and lubricant! I used her sewing some of the borders on tops tops!
I have slept most of the day today! I feel like CRAP! :( Anyway, I'll stop complaining now! :) Mom is home, she came home today!!! I haven't seen her yet, but she sounds very tired!
It is almost 10 pm, so I will probably go to bed soon and hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!


Yvette said...

Don't sell that machine! It is a BEAUTY!!!!

Hope you feel better.

jillquilts said...

I agree - keep the machine! Although, you could probably get a pretty penny for it. It's gorgeous!

Love the quilts and congrats on getting the borders on 2!! Woo hoo!!

Hope you feel better! And enjoy the time with your mom!

Hazel said...

oh yes keep the machine it's a beauty.You've got more energy then I will ever have .The quilts look great .Hope your felling better and enjoy your time with your mom .

Amelia said...

Love the quilts - you do such great work.

I know you are pleased your Mother is home (for many reasons)...enjoy her as much as possible during these next 20 some days she is here.

Hugs from Oklahoma

Libby said...

Your quilts are always so pretty! You do great work! I LOVE your featherweight!! They are such good little machines! Treasures! I hope that you are feeling better! Enjoy that Mom time!

SewGlenda said...

As always your quilts are stunning! I do hope you get to feeling better soon.
And, I am dying to know how you plan to put the diamind shaped string blocks together. I thought about it all day yesterday.



KyQuiltlady said...

Very pretty quilts. I want to learn the bargello. You are completeing so many lately. You will soon have the 30 tops replaced that you quilted last year. LOL I love those little machines. Someday maybe I will buy one although I have lots of machines. Enjoy time with your mom. Hope you have a good day!

Carla said...

Busy, busy, busy! You amaze me! I've never made any string quilt blocks but I do have a couple of quilt tops that I bought at an estate sale once that are made with strings. That reminds me...I need to quilt those! Anywya, your quilts look lovely with their new borders. I have a 1934 Featherweight that I actually do most of my piecing on. It's such a dependable machine.

Guðrún said...

Your Singer is in a great condition, you have to keep her.

Nishant said...

Love the quilts and congrats on getting the borders on 2!!

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