Saturday, January 30, 2010

Next In Line...

I feel that I have really been neglecting my blog lately but there is just so much going on here and it is hard for me to concentrate constantly on my blog, so I sure hope that I don't lose any readers! I love you guys! :)

The snowstorm finally got here last night! We have about 7" of snow, the last that I checked. Of course my car will not go out of the driveway. But that is fine, got food and Diet Pepsi, so I can take it!!! LOL!

On the machine quilting front.....nothing new except, the customer quilt that I showed is still on the frame! :( I should have had it finished a few days ago, but I am so nervous about getting to the end, so afraid that I will run out of backing. It will be real close!!! So my goal for tomorrow is to finish that quilt!!! I can't get out to go to church so I am going to try to finish this up....hopefully.

Earlier I was looking through photos that I have stored on my computer and found this top that I pieced a while back. It is called, Boxy Stars, from Bonnie Hunter. I love the pattern, makes a great scrap quilt! Anyway, when I get to quilt one of my own tops, I think this is the one that I want to do first! I'm not even sure if I have a border on it or not! If not, then I want to add one before I quilt it. Not sure what design I will use either but I'll decide that later.
My sister, Chantal, spent the night last night! Been a while since she stayed here. She and mom live on the property that connects to ours. Mom left for work yesterday and Chantal spent the night here in case the power went out from the snow. We have a fireplace for heat and they do too, but mom doesn't use hers much. She is staying again tonight! Speaking of mom...she went work yesterday, got on the boat, started unpacking her things and could not find her diabetes medicine!!! I drove to her house and there the bottle sat on her bathroom sink!!! So Richard and I jumped in the car and took it down to the office. They were supposed to get it to her today but today they said it would be tomorrow!!! She really should not be without this medication!!! Just worries me!


Amelia said...

Such a pretty quilt...that would be a great way of using up scraps..and most people have many of them.

I know what you mean about getting the medicine to your Mother...she needs it on a regular basis..if her sugar drops or soars it can make her sick...or at least it does my sweet man....course with diabetics this can happen even taking their meds.

Stay dry and warm...we have bad weather here too!

Winona said...

Kristie, that is a very pretty quilt. I thought about making it too, but haven't got around to it yet. I hope your mom does ok till they can get her medicine to her. Have a good weekend. Winona

Hazel said...

Very pretty quilt, great to use up scraps .Not to worry I'm sure you won't lose any readers ,we all understand life gets in the way sometimes .Stay warm

Libby said...

OH! I love your Boxy Stars! Your scrap quilts are my favorites!

7 inches of snow! WOW! All we got was a cold rain! Yuck! Oh well, enjoy having your sister there with you! I miss having my sister live beside us! We talk everyday but it's not the same!

Rhonda said...

Great looking quilt!!!!! And don't won't lose me!!
Take care.

Michelle said...

Love the quilt you are going to do next. It is pretty now, so I know it will be REALLY neat when quilted. You do such a nice job.

I hope you mom gets her medication soon. Love ya!

Gina said...

I hope your mum has got her medication by now. It must be scary for all of you.
Love the stars quilt, I can't wait to see what you do with it

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful quilt, it looks even prettier in person (I remember this one)
Hope your mom gets her medicine and has no problems, can you contact her to see how she is doing?
Stay warm!

Guðrún said...

I am not surprised you want to quilt that top next, it looks beautiful.

QuiltedSimple said...

beautiful quilt top! hope you didn't get hit to hard by the storm

Tazzie said...

We're here for you when you're ready hon. I know what it's like to be so busy you can't think straight, so just do what you need to do, and don't stress.