Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Nearly Insane Block 2

Finally I get some computer time! Between the boys being home and Richard starting in college, I can't get near the computer because one of them are always on it! :) The boys haven't been to school since before Christmas! They were supposed to go back on the 4th but we have had some bad weather so school has been cancelled. I called the school hotline a few minutes ago and they have cancelled it for tomorrow too.

Anyway.....we moved my frame into the house that we are in right now! We did this Sunday, well actually Richard and Todd, a good friend of the family did! :) That thing is very heavy! No picture this....where I live now is about 1000 sq ft. and it is very cramped as it is, now I have the big 12 ft frame in my living room. We had to move out the chair, coffee table and one end table! Trust me, it look very odd and thank goodness we don't have a lot of company but at least I can get my customer quilts finished. Then in the spring, we will move it back out in the new house again. I will post some photos in a few days of it.
Not really any quilting for me this week still trying to get my house back in order! I started quilting again on the customer quilt that I have on the frame and kept breaking thread! :( I got really irked! I figure the frame needs leveling and stuff so I will try that again maybe tonight! Really need to get these finished!
I've shown this photo before, but it is block TWO of the Nearly Insane quilt. I started this a year or so ago. I joined one group that we were doing one block a week but I fell behind and now they should be finished with theirs sometime this year! :( I really wish that I had kept up with that group of ladies! Anyway, I read a post on Tazzie's blog where she was starting this quilt and wanted some people to join along, so I jumped on the chance! I'm hoping that I can get these blocks done sometime before I croak!! :)
Tazzie made a blog just for these blocks! So if you want to join along let her know and she can add your name to the blog so that you can post your blocks too. Now I have 16 or 17 of these blocks finished, I didn't do them in any certain order, just picked a block and did it. I did post my Block 2 on the blog. You can check it out here! I will also add it to my sidebar.
Got to go, they are running me off the computer again! :)


Libby said...

Glad to hear from you! Wow! Your boys are getting a great break! Cade would sure love that! He asks everyday "Do I have to go to school?" I know that you ae glad to have your frame up! Good luck with your 'insane' blocks, I love looking at all of those blocks! and the finished quilts..beautiful!
Have Fun!

Yvette said...

Good to see you doing your Insane again. I hope to finish mine by the end of the year.

Amelia said...

So some things are changing around your house...everybody on the computer and frame in the living gotta do what you gotta do as the old saying goes.

Hang in there.

Rhonda said...

Wow, still no school...are you in Texas???? I live in central Texas near Waco.

Cindy said...

Bless your heart! You have the best husband and family :) That is awesome of them to understand and support you in the importance of your quilting :) That is a pretty block, too.

KyQuiltlady said...

Hope you get your frame leveled up and solve the thread breaking problem. I have had my share of that. Sewing Center kept blaming the thread I was using. Not the thread, numerous things cause it. I would quilt 3/4 of a quilt just fine and it would start. Now you know if it was the thread it wouldn't do well that far. I would end up taking for repair and it would have a burr on the hook race.

jillquilts said...

Love the block!! Did you move the frame in the house for the heat? That's sort of what I figured. Man, you are running low on space! lol

Guðrún said...

You are so productive, I admire you.

Julianne said...

Pity you fell behind, however I will certainly keep watching your progress!! I love the blue and white. I am thinking of that combination for my Dear Jane, althought I dare not start it till I finish Nearly Insane!!