Monday, March 22, 2010

Civil War Diary Blocks....

Richard had class this morning and when he got home he was a little sick to his stomach. Nothing major, I'm sure just a little stomach bug. It seems to be going around right now. So he kicked back the recliner and fell asleep. While he was sleeping I couldn't really start up the quilting machine since it is right beside his recliner so I went over to my regular sewing machine and started working on something that I had not worked on for a long time!!! My CIVIL WAR DIARY BLOCKS!!!!

I was looking at the blocks that I had done and the last block that I made for this quilt was back in November 2008!!! Yep! A long time ago! When I stopped working on them I had 74 blocks finished and I need a total of 121 blocks so I had over half of them done.

So I made two blocks while he was asleep (and he is still napping)! Here is the first block that I made today.....this one is called "Gardening" Row 4-3 and has 45 pieces. Not a hard block but they are only 6 inches so they tend to take a little longer than larger blocks.

This is the second block...."Recovering Items" Row 8-1 and has 31 pieces in it. I really like the purples in this block.
Not sure if I will get anymore of them done today or not....I have to finish supper before Hunter gets home from school.
Still haven't actually talked to Andrew other than on Facebook. His teacher sent an email last night that they were having some phone problems in Rome and would call home as soon as they could. Today Andrew had a full schedule on his trip (I have a copy of his tour schedule) They were touring Vatican City, St. Peter's Square, Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel, St. Peter's Basilica, Trevi Fountain, and the Colosseum. In the morning they will be going to Florence, Italy. I can't wait to hear all about his trip when he gets home!!!! He told me last night on Facebook that he had a ton of photos and his exact words were "it is the most awesome place that I have ever been in my life!" Made me cry when I read that! And I want to thank everyone again for helping out. So many of you bought fabric from me when we first found out about this trip, some even sent a little extra and without that he would have never been able to go. He worked very hard to raise enough money for the trip and spending money. I am very proud of him for working so hard for it, not only raising money but for being a great kid and student. Ahhhh.....yes, I am having a MOMMY MOMENT!!!


Amelia said...

You are entitled to a Mommy Moment about andrew.

Love both the blocks...still don't see how you do it with such small pieces.

Hope Richard get to feeling better.

Vals Quilting said...

Hi Kristie, I just stumbled upon your blog and I love your civil war quilt blocks, I'm not too great at the square in a square ones, I don't seem to get my seam allowance just so, so the block always comes out smaller - any advice?
I can't believe your Son's trip - how incredible to have that advantage in life...god bless him on his journey :)

Guðrún said...

It is great that you have begun on the Civil war blocks again. Of course Andrew is a great kid, he is raised by you.

Texan said...

The blocks look great, I have considered starting that quilt many times ... not sure though, lots of little pieces in each block :O)...yours look great

KyQuiltlady said...

Glad to see you back at the civil war blocks. they look great! Thought you would be at Highland Museum Saturday. They had civil war quilts and The folklanders were there doing civil war dances. Of course, Monica and Sandy's son, Jimmy joined in.We all had a great timee. Thought about you. So glad Andrew got to go on his trip and having a good time. Hope Richard feels much better tomorrow.

Rhonda said...

You are entitled to have a Mommy Moment! Sounds like he's having a blast. I can't wait to see those pics.
This is definitely the trip of a lifetime and isn't it funny how awesome technology phone service but facebook came thru!
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristi, I love Civil War Fabrics. I use to work at a quilt shop and I would always study the fabrics. I did made a winter quilted coat out of the fat quarters I collected.

Sandra Henderson said...

don't you love the plum colors from that era? I actually have a small plate, like the blue & white you see, but plum & cream.... I'll have to find it. I love Judie Rothermel fabrics, see her EVERY year at Jacksonville, Quiltfest, she and Bob (her husband) are ALWAYS there and get all my $. I've got to get back over here and go through your blog! IT's a treasure !