Friday, March 19, 2010

Trip to the Airport

Here is a photo that I took yesterday of Andrew and his Great Dane, Dozer while they were playing around in the yard! I posted this on Facebook so some of you have seen it already. Hard to believe that Dozer is not even a year old yet, but Andrew treats him like a big baby!
Well after much stressing on figuring out how they were getting to the airport we ended up taking him at a minutes notice. Well, not actually last minute but late last night we found out that we would be driving to Cincinnati OH which is about a 3 hour drive from here. We left early this morning, stopped for breakfast and he had to be at the airport by 10am. Yes, I am a big crybaby!!!! I broke down last night before bed and a little this morning before we left. Right before we got in the car I took the medication that the doctor gave me for panic attacks.....knocked me out in the car and I slept for about an hour!!! LOL! When I woke up, Andrew was in the backseat asleep too! Poor Richard said that we were both snoring!!!

So we get to the airport and I'm doing great at this point. They are all in a group now and start checking their luggage in. Richard and I are sitting down waiting for them to finish and low and behold, the lady beside me, which was a mother of one of the kids, starting crying!!!! And I mean very loudly!!! I could not even look at her, because I was trying to hold it back myself, I even have marks on my hands where I was making a fist and my nails were digging in my hands. I felt at this point that if I took a breath I would cry! Richard said, "let's get up and take a walk" I just love that man for taking such good care of me. So we walk away and I get ahold of myself and we go back to were they all are. Andrew then walks over to us, after checking in his luggage, has his ticket in hand and his hands were shaking! He would never admit it but he was really nervous too. So this was as far as the parents could go with them because they were getting ready to go through security. He gave me a BIG hug, told me he loved me and left!!! As soon as the hug was over, I had to just turn and leave because I did not want him to see me upset.

We walked quickly to the car and I lost it! Of course, I knew that I would, but I am glad that I did not do it in front of him, giggle, or his friends! But a lot of the other mothers were crying too. So we are in the car and starting home, I am crying so hard that I'm on the verge of vomiting. Richard stops so that we can get something to drink and calm me down. So I finally get ahold of myself and now I am FINE!!!! Well, not fine, but I'm not crying! LOL!

So Andrew calls a little after 2pm and he had landed in Philadelphia. He said the flight was great and he loved it. I was worried about this being the first time for him to fly but now I feel better knowing that he liked it so well. They had a layover in Philadelphia and then flew out to GERMANY about 30 minutes ago. They should get there around 8am tomorrow. From there, they will fly to Rome and move from there!

Hope nobody gets bored with these posts about his trip but I'm thinking that it may help me deal with it a little better by posting my thoughts.


Suzan said...

I know you are a nervous wreck over this and I am sure he will be fine but no one is going to convince you until your baby is back at home!! Hang in there, Mama!

Amelia said...

If necessary post several times a Mothers we understand the stress you are going through. Richard sounded so calm - but yet I am sure he was somewhat nervous about it too...after all he has been around Andrew for so many years and has been such a great father role model for him.

You are loved by many people and we will let you cry on our shoulder anytime.


Hazel said...

Cry away ,we mom's have to stick together .God knows I've spent my time crying in airports .

Libby said...

He is going to have such a wonderful trip!! Keep on posting..I know all of us Mom's would be feeling the same way!

Yvette said...

What a great opportunity for him! He will have memories that last a lifetime.

Michelle said...

We love you Kristie. Post all you want. I know Andrew will have a great time, and you will be so happy that he got to go.

Darci said...

I had a hard time last month sending my son to Japan all by himself (and he's 24!). The worst of it was that the night he was supposed to catch the flight home was the day we got the tsunami from Chile and rumor had it that the airport in Narita/Tokyo was closed because they were supposed to get the tsunami after we got it. All ended well, tho, and he got home on time.

Andrew is going to have the time of his life.

Narelle said...

Keep the posts coming .... my turn is coming up!

Texan said...

Hey this is what Mom's do! You are just worrying like a Mom and crying like a Mom... Don't even worry about it ... :O)