Sunday, March 21, 2010


Is is possible to choke your child when they are on the other side of the world??? LOL! Just playing around but I really could choke him if her were here right now!!! LOL! You all know how nervous that I have been for months over this trip, right??? Well....we took him to Cincinnati OH to the airport and he called when he landed in Philadelphia, but I have NOT heard a word from him since then!!!!!

From PA he flew to GERMANY and on to ROME, so the last time that I talked to him was around 2pm on Friday! Now, I know he is fine because I am tracking what he is spending with his debt card, and trust me, he is EATING WELL!! LOL!

He wanted to take his cell phone and I decided against it because I knew that if he had his phone that I would call him constantly and ruin his trip! Funny that I know myself that well, right? So I got him a phone card through the tour company and a lot of the other kids had the same thing. I figured at least he could call with that, but he hasn't!!!! Like, I said, I know he is fine but I would like to hear his voice. Richard says that he is just a 17yr old boy that is having the time of his life and we are the last thing on him mind!!! Which I'm sure that is what is going on.

Lexie was here yesterday! We had a wonderful day! She spent a few hours home with me and Hunter while Richard went and picked up a load of hay. It was very nice to have the extra "girl" time with her. After Richard got back, he took Lexie and Hunter out walking in the woods! They were gone for several hours and walked several miles. By the time they got home I had the BBQ ribs finished and supper was ready.

To keep me busy yesterday, I worked on this new BOM. It is a gift from Richard for my birthday. I really wanted to do it and when you sign up for it, you get the blocks quarterly. This is the first one, it is called "WEE RIVER OTTER"

It has a ton of pieces in it but I do like it. My next one is a WEE BLUE HERON, can't wait to start it but after this first one, I'm just not up to doing the heron today. This BOM is from Silver Linings Originals

You should really check out the website, if you like paper piecing, they have some beautiful patterns and they are very detailed.

*******I'm back....Andrew just posted on his facebook that he couldn't get the phone card to work!!!! LOL!!! Oh and he said that he was having a wonderful time and that he needed CASH!!!!!


jillquilts said...

Good call about not letting him take his phone. I'm sure he is having a great time! I do hope he calls soon though!

LOVE that block!! It is precious!!!

Amelia said...

I am sure Andrew is having so much fun...and he should be!

Kristie, the Otter is simply do have a talent for doing paper piecing.

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

The otter blocks is gorgeous!!
Glad Andrew is doing fine, maybe a teacher could let him use their phone for just a few minutes? (Just to give Mom some reassurance:-))) and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

marit said...

What a great otter!!! It looks alive-LOL! We have otters in the river here every now and then, and it's fun watching them.

Don't worry about Andrew! As long as he is doing fine, he will not call! My oldest (will be 18 in July)has been away in boardingschool, on a ship, for nearly two years...I miss him a lot, but he has a great time there. It is 12 hours away by bus and boat...he's coming home Friday for Easter holidays:-) He calls maybe once a week, I send him a textmessage every now and then, but I know he's doing fine, so neither of us finds it neccesary to call daily...

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Kristie, what great blocks to keep you busy while your son is gone. He'll be back in no time with so many memories and stories to tell you about.

Hazel said...

You out did yourself with this block its beautiful .
One thing you can be sure of kids will always call home if they need something LOL It sounds like Andrew is having a blast ,did I tell you I have a grandson named Andrew he is 21 and right now is working his way across Canada he's having the time of his life ,my daughter is a wreck LOL

Vesuviusmama said...

Wow, that otter is great - so intricate! Did it come with the fabrics, or did you pick them out? I like the shading on the body. Just how "wee" is it, by the way?

Oh, and glad you have "heard" from Andrew! I know this must be terrifying to have him be half a world away.

Tazzie said...

I love your pieced Otter block, it's just adorable Kristie. And I'm just so thrilled that you've heard from Andrew, I bet he's having the time of his life!

Chocolate Cat said...

Both of my kids have done school trips to China and although I missed them a lot I always said no news was good news and at least they weren't homesick and phoning home in tears all the time. Your otter block is just gorgeous, a good distraction to keep you busy, looking forward to seeing the heron.

Guðrún said...

I am glad he is doing fine :) That block is gorgeous, and so many tiny, tiny pieces.

Vals Quilting said...

You otter block is amazing, I do love to paper piece also and so does my mum, I'll be sending this site to her. I think your description of your thoughts is so funny about your Son, keep me posted, I'm a new reader that is hooked :)

Texan said...

ewwwww love love love your otter block!!!

QuiltedSimple said...

LOVE the otter block! It looks so lifelike. And I'm glad Andrew is having fun, even if he is not calling home enough:) lol. This has got to be an amazing trip for him, and I'm sure he will have a wonderful time