Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Destressing with a new project...

Look who was there to greet me this morning as I went to get some hay for the horses. Festus!! And also my girls were peering through the wire trying to see if I was getting hay for them too. :)Today I am just trying to DESTRESS! Wow! Friday afternoon we get a call that Richard's brother had been in an accident at work and was being flown out to a better hospital that are more able to deal with traumas. So at this point we are in a panic! He is okay nothing really life threatening but very sore and tons of stitches in his face and head. His wife said that yesterday he couldn't understand how bad that he looked at the hospital before they did surgery on him. I was trying to email them the photos that Richard took but couldn't get them to go through so I had to put them on facebook. So if anyone was wondering WHY I would post something that looked that bad, it was so that he could see for himself how he looked. Anyway...we got home around 3am.

I'm still having trouble sleeping and it is starting to wear my body down. I am dragging! I think I mentioned before that I do NOT deal well with change of any kind. I think it is probably because EVERYONE has started back to school here and everything is on a total different schedule. Hunter is in the 4th grade now and I so enjoyed having him home during the summer. Richard has started back for the Fall Semester and his schedule is 5 days a week, all day long. Then when he gets home, he eats, changes clothes and works on homework until somewhere around midnight.

And....Today is the first day of class for Andrew! I know that I am not the only mother in the world that her son has gone off to college but man I miss him already!! And I know that it will get easier as time goes on, but today I am sad.

Andrew has asked me for the past couple of years for a RED & WHITE Snail's Trail quilt. So whatelse could I do but to start his quilt TODAY! Here is the pattern that he picked out a while back. It is a Judy Martin pattern, it was published in a quilt magazine several years ago and that is what I have but it is also in one of here books too. I just don't remember which one. It is called Shakesphere In The Park. I have 2 Snail's Trail blocks finished...And 2 of the star blocks...I have all of the red pieces cut out and very few of the white pieces. I need to pick up a few more yards of white. But I'm not in a hurry, he has several years of college and this will be my "missing Andrew quilt" I'm not going to set a deadline on it to have it done, as long as I get it done before he graduates! LOL!

Now I am too tired to work on it anymore today. Think I will watch some tv or something, this lack of sleep makes it hard to concentrate on anything for very long. I have a ton of emails to respond to, so if you have emailed me in the past few days I will try to get them all answered today or tomorrow.

Oh, before I go....I have been sewing a little more on my Courthouse Steps. What I like most about them is that since I am paper piecing them, I don't really have to put much thought in them, so they are the perfect thing to work on when I can't sleep. I am up to 160 blocks now!!!!


Libby said...

WOW!! Those are some beautiful blocks! I love 2 color quilts.

I know you miss your Andrew:(

Wanda said...

Wow that is amazing. I love that quilt. I hope you get to sleeping again, it's rough when you can't sleep but still need to do things during the day.


Regina said...

I've been wanting to make Shakespeare in the Park, too... maybe I will get it started and finish it before Andrew finishes school???? ;-P Love it with the red!

Yvette said...

Andrew's quilt will be a beauty! I love red/white quilts. I hope you get adjusted to the change soon.

Emma said...

I love the Snail's Trail blocks! That quilt will be stunning! I've been considering doing a quilt like that for my dad, since it's M.C.Escher-esque, and he loves M.C.Escher.

As for the sleeping, the best way to adjust to change for me is to not take a nap. It's hard the first few times, but you will tire yourself out so much that you will eventually sleep at night. Oh, and chamomile tea (or if even that doesn't work, get a bottle of melatonin pills) an hour before bed and NO SCREENS for at least an hour prior. The color from TV and computer screens actually wakes up your brain.

Janet O. said...

I love that Snail's Trail pattern--it has always been a favorite of mine (I have so many favorites!). The addition of the stars really makes it come alive and the red and white coloring makes a bold statement. A great guy quilt, and a good "missing Andrew" project.
Sounds like your courthouse steps project is really coming along, too.

Melodie said...

Isn't it funny how different quilter's are? I would never paper piece courthouse steps, I cut my logs to size first, and then it's easy from there. Paper piecing hurts my brain!

Kelli said...

Your blocks look amazing. That will be a beautiful quilt. He is lucky to have a mom that misses him so much! Hope you start sleeping better soon.. changes like that are very hard on mothers I think. My son is only almost 5 and I have anxiety if I think about him going off to college. It just goes by so fast. It's good that you have a project to work on for him when you miss him.

vtquilter said...

Love the quilt Kristie.. that is one of my favorite patterns and I have the book from Judy Martin. Just haven't gotten around to it yet. Maybe that will move up the list for me watching you work on it!
Hope all is well with you after the quake. I'm with you on the not sleeping well... hope your schedule adjust soon and you can sleep again.

Michelle said...

I've always loved the Shakespeare in the Park pattern! Red and white will look great! I hope things settle down for you soon....my youngest son starts his LAST year of college on the 30th. I also keep asking myself where the time went.