Monday, August 1, 2011

A few more blocks...

The past few days I was able to finish 20 more Courthouse Step blocks. This makes me a total of 60 of them so far. I still have a long way to go with them. Unless my mind changes or I get really tired of making them I plan on making 224 of them. I know that is funny that I say that because I'm sure I will stop long before I get to that number! LOL! Now I need to take a few days to cut more strips and sort them into sizes. But that will probably take longer than usual because we are still working in the hayfields. Today was the first day of school for Hunter! He is now in the 4th grade! He was NOT thrilled at all this morning. He doesn't like going to school he says it takes away from his playtime! LOL! He makes really good grades in school but just doesn't want to go. He is my little country boy, he would rather be outside running through the hills than be sitting inside. Andrew starts college August 22nd and hubby goes back August 15th. So this is a busy month for us. (Not sure why all of my photos have turned out blurry today) Anyway, it will probably take us all a few days to get back into the school routine.

Looks like it will be another scorcher today! I snapped this on the way to take Hunter to school this morning. I guess Richard and I will be back in the hayfields today. Actually Richard is already out there and I am heading that way in a few minutes.
I hope to get a little more sewing done between everything else that is going on.



Yvette said...

Keep going and don't give up on the blocks, they are coming out great.

WOW, school starts early there. Our kids don't start till after Labor Day. College here does start the 15th though.

Rhonda said...

The blocks are adding up!
Texas doesn't start school this year until late August! The hear here is scheduled for 104... OMG, I'm sweating already!

Janet O. said...

Kids go back to school here the last week of August and College starts in the latter part of September. When do summer vacations start there?
The courthouse steps blocks are looking good! I laughed when you tal;ked about how many you were going to make (maybe)--that is soooo the way I operate! : )

Vesuviusmama said...

My goodness they start school early! We have 3 more weeks and I plan to cherish these last few days with no homework!

Guðrún said...

The summer holiday is too short!

Narelle said...

One more block and you'll have 1/4 of them done :)

Texan said...

Yep its back to school time. Its hotter than hades here too 108 today, 109 tomorrow and next day then woowhoo we drop to 107 geesh... be careful hauling that hay in the heat girly, but I am sure you know that!

I want you to know I had a eye appt. in town today. Lordy how nice to be able to see again! New contacts, anyway ... I stopped at JoAnns and Hancocks, well ya know the van just pulls in those parking lots whether I want it to or not and Hobby Lobby. I did not buy one single piece of fabric or thread or zippo. Dry run today. Except for the contacts, whew its nice to be able to see again. Been two years and boy had my eyes changed a ton in two years!

Julia said...

Blocks are looking great..
Boy it's hot there...we're into winter and complaining about the cold..
Stay cool Kristie.
Julia ♥

lil red hen said...

Smiles to another lady who works in the hay; I rake for my husband. It's been so dry here all summer we're having a shortage in the hay crop; men are stopping in now to see if we have extra to sell. Today was 110*!!

Libby said...

Kristie!! BOO, to school starting back:( Cade starts back on the 8th
and while I like having a routine..I hate to see him go to Middle School. Kelsey goes back on the 12th..and I will be just so sad:(

You are my hero, working in the hay. It is so HOT! You be careful out there.

Love, love, love your Courthouse Steps. Those Civil War fabrics are so lovely!