Friday, July 29, 2011

Searching for fabric and got some goodies...

I took today off from the hayfield so that I could finish up some school shopping. Hunter's school starts Monday, August 1st. I had everthing for him except for his new shoes so Mom and I took him shopping for them today. While I was down in Ashland, we stopped by the quilt shop so that I could pick up a tiny bit more of this blue for this quilt. If you remember, I had just enough to finish the quilt but cut some triangles the wrong size. :(Well wouldn't you know....they were out of that fabric!!! So now I have to try to find it online and it is an older Marcus Brother line so I hope I can still find it. While we were there, Mom fell in love with the little shop. They still had their sale going on so I picked up more fat quarters. I got 15 for $15, can't beat it for $1 each!Yesterday I spent all day in the hayfield and I am still exhausted! As you can see that big ole sun ball was blazing! It was soooooooo hot out there! See this little opening in the trees? I know it is hard to see it but that is the trail to walk back home. I kept wondering how long it would take Richard to miss me if I slipped off and went back home. LOL! I did take some yo-yo's to work on while I was taking my breaks. I really didn't get very many of them done but I am one that has to always keep my hands busy.

I left the field before Richard did and I snapped this photo as I was driving off the hill from the hayfield. See the lake! That is just a small part of it but I think it is something like 2300 acres.

I guess tomorrow I will have to get back to the grind.



Texan said...

I hope you find your fabrics! I bet you can online :O)...Its so green there, its burned up brown here. Just awful. Sadly we are starting to loose big old trees. The severe drought Texas is under is just to much for some of these trees. I just hate that. I hope with fall coming maybe we will get rain soon and whew some break from this heat!

I have my box of yoyos I work on as well. I just saw a quilt in a magazine that I am wanting to make using yoyos!

Janet O. said...

You are a hard working woman!!
I sent your pattern and rulers to you today--by priority mail.
I wish we had a fabric store like that here!
If you can't find the fabric online maybe you could post a closer picture of it. Someone might have some in their stash. I tried to enlarge the photo, but it wouldn't.

Narelle said...

Fantastic bargain and lovely fat 1/4's.
Gorgeous view of the lake.

Yvette said...

Now that's a bargain!!! I just picked some FQ's online for a sale, they had CW's for $1.50 a Fat and I thought that was good. $1 is a steal!!

Suzan said...

I can't even imagine working outdoors in this heat. If I were you I would be sneaking off to that lake!

Connie said...

What a great bargain on FQ's! Hope you find the one you need online. I hope you are doing the big round bales and not the little square bales. Either way that is a lot of hot work!

Guðrún said...

I wish I could buy fq for that price! How big is your land?

Michelle said... hardly ever see FQ's for $1 anymore. I remember many shops would have $1/FQ sales. Your courthouse steps blocks are looking great!