Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Courthouse Steps

Just a little sewing today. I had planned on starting another big project quilt as soon as I got my red & navy Civil War Wreaths quilt finished. But now that I have to wait a week or so before I can finish it, I really didn't want to drag out everything to start something big. And besides, I have several other things that need to be finished also. For one, I have an antique quilt top that I need to try to salvage some of the blocks out to make a table runner or a lap quilt. That is for a customer. I also have two other customer quilts that need to be quilted. One is a T-shirt quilt and the other is another Musical quilt. This will be the 3rd Musical quilt that I have quilted for her. And I have one of my tops that need to be quilted by the 3rd week of August. Plus all of the farm, house building and hay stuff! Speaking of hay....the next couple of weeks will be filled with HAY!

So today I cleaned up my sewing table and did get out one of my UFO's. I figure I will work on it for a while in between all of this other stuff. I don't have any plans on finishing it right now but just something to work on during the evenings. See, my frame and most of my sewing stuff are out in the new house in my sewing room and then I have another sewing machine set up in here on my kitchen table. I had a few blocks finished and I have several more almost finished. At this point, I'm not even sure how big I will make this quilt. I do love paper piecing these little guys. These measure 6 inches, if I can stay interested in them I would love to make it as large as I did my Civil War Log Cabin quilt last year. I think I made 144 blocks for it.

Yesterday Richard and I worked some on the house. He worked on some drywall and I stained more wood for my ceiling. Here are a few of them but in all there is a little over 1000ft of boards to be stained. :( But it will be worth it to me in the end. I also got one coat of stain on my cabinets. He doesn't have them all built yet but I just couldn't help myself. LOL! Oh and I stained that big support beam in the middle of the kitchen too, actually that will be where my island will be. I can't wait to get the upper cabinets built and the island. I think my island will be 7 or 8ft long. I'm excited about that because I've never had an island before! :)And last I will leave you with a photo of my little one....very dirty after a day of play outside. :( Now he is all clean, freshly showered and ready for bed! LOL! Hopefully I can get a few more Courthouse Step blocks sewn in between everything else!


Janet O. said...

Fun little Courthouse Steps blocks.
I love my 8' kitchen island. I often use it to measure and cut border strips!

Yvette said...

Oh wow! Those blocks are fantastic. If this quilt is anything like your Log Cabins it is going to be stunning.

You really must have a huge CW stash.

lil red hen said...

I love reading about your busy life. The stained wood looks very pretty. We did some kitchen remodeling in 1998 and my husband built my kitchen cabinets from oak, harvested from our farm. Saved a lot of money that could go into other things, like a farmhouse sink. I know you're very anxious to get moved in.

Me and My Stitches said...

I love your Courthouse steps blocks - they are yummy! The staining looks great and you will like your big island. Mine is the perfect place to baste quilts for hand quilting.