Friday, July 8, 2011

Weekly update...

It's been almost a week since my last post, just been a little busy. So here we sister came and spent the night one night this past week! I really enjoyed her being here even though she lives on the property that connects to mine. LOL! It was nice to have her here and just sit down and talk. She will kill me for posting this but here she is when she feel asleep on my couch! LOL! I am almost finished with the antique quilt that I was quilting. I should have been done with it a long time ago, but had some problems with the quilting and I am still have to go extra slow because of thread breaks but it is much better after I changed battings. You can see a little of the quilting in the photo below. I always wonder about the people that piece these quilts, what were they like? What was going on in their lives? Did the fabrics have special meanings to them? Stuff like that. I still have not cut out the last two rows of my Civil War Wreaths quilt that I showed in my last post. I just needed a break from it for a few days. So meanwhile, I have been cutting up the fabrics in my scrap basket. I started cutting fabrics for a "Road To Jericho" and a "Windmill" I've make them both before but they make great scrap quilts and with what was left over I cut 2.5" squares to put in my bin. Not sure when I will start piecing these quilts but they go together quick and are nice when you need a top to quilt as a gift or something. Now on to a house update. We have been doing a lot of cleaning and sweeping. Everything gets piled up and messy when you are building. Tomorrow we will be buying the electric wire that goes from the electric pole and runs to the fuse box in the house, that wire alone will cost us $400. And this week we have plans to start installing our wood ceiling over the living room and my quilting room. That will be a total of about 1000 sq ft of wood ceiling to put up. My job will be staining the wood and Richard will be installing it. He makes me nervous when he is up high, but he says that is only because I am afraid of heights! The ceiling over the living room is 22 ft high. But I am excited about getting it done.

I am a person that has to actually see something, I'm not that good at imagining how it will look so that has cause Richard some extra work in the kitchen. See, he is building my kitchen cabinets and I know what I want but I also need to see it just to make sure. LOL! Anyway, he set my bottom cabinets up TEMPORARILY. They are just tacked together, now that I know that I like them, he will actually build them. The front framing is what he will use but has to build the backing, sides and shelving....and then the doors. Upper cabinets and my island will come next too. But at least you can get an idea of them in this photo.

Let me explain them. Just so you know that microwave will not actually be sitting there! LOL! But on the end beside that microwave I will have a floor to ceiling cabinet there but he just didn't frame it up when he did the rest of them. My sink goes under the window and on the left of the photo my stove will go in that section where I have the boxes with my lights in them. And then there will be one cabinet (as seen in photo) between my stove and refrigerator. And of course, upper cabinets over top of them and my island will go there where that beam is and it will be a pretty good size too.This is the view of the kitchen by the big window where my table will be. You also see my back door and the doorway behind it is my laundry room. See that cabinet there along that side wall? Richard built it for me too!

Speaking of Richard building stuff... I had mentioned that I wanted a desk in my quilting room for a computer and papers and stuff. He built me one the other day!!!! See, just another reason that I love him so much! LOL! As you can see, Donkey likes it too! It is actually 5 ft long and has a small drawer in the center, it will work perfectly. Since I'm showing photos of my sewing room, I hung a wall hanging up the other day. It is not exactly centered but I will take it down and reposition it, it is only pinned up with stick pins. I made it several years ago but never used it. It fits perfectly between the two closets up there. And the closets still need doors and trim but all that will come with time....and money! :) Anyway, my frame sits right in front of this, you can see part of my machine there.

That is all for now...hopefully in a few days I will have more quilting and house photos!!!!



Yvette said...

I just don't know how Richard gets done so much. Your house is going to be so wonderful. I am sure he is going to be so happy when he can sit back and relax.

Me and My Stitches said...

Great progress!

jillquilts said...

The house is sure coming along! I love seeing the pictures of the work that you guys are doing! :)

Now, get that quilt done and outta there!!

Wanda said...

Wow Kristie, your husband has been busy. I love the way your house is turning out. I also love the fact your wall hanging fits perfectly inbetween the closets (did DH know you were putting it there and build accordingly LOL). As for the quilt you are working on, sometimes slow and steady get you there faster, neater and with less hastle. Keep it up.


Janet O. said...

Your kitchen photos bring back such memories of when mine looked like that about 8 years ago. I love my long counter (like yours) and my big island (like I'm guessing yours will be).
That little quilt is beautiful!