Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A few goodies...

So tired after yesterday that I missed my doctor's appointment this morning. I just didn't feel like going so I will have to reschedule it. Yesterday Andrew and I had to make a trip to the college that he will be attending in the fall. It is just a couple hours away but we were gone for a total of 12 hours!! He is now all set and ready to start August 22nd. There were several classes that he will not have to take because of his test scores so he was very excited about that. I'm not sure if I had posted them but here is one of his senior photos, this one is one of the proofs that I got from the photographers website, I'm just too lazy to scan one. So while we were out yesterday I stopped by the little red hen quilt shop in Ashland, just little over an hour away. I had received a flyer last week that they were having a big sale. Since I had to drive right by there I just had to stop. LOL! They had fat quarters on sale for $1 each and they are only $1.50 regular priced. I only bought 15 of them, I was in a rush to get back home but I am pleased with what I bought. You know how I like Civil War Repro fabrics so I was very excited! Of course it is all quilt shop quality fabric and is only $5 to $6 per yard regular price!!!! Hunter stayed home with Richard yesterday while I was gone and they worked a little bit on my ceiling in my quilting room. I'm loving it!!! After he gets it all finished he will be going back over it and touching up the screw holes with stain. See those yellow electric wires hanging down? I will have 3 recessed lights there and they will be centered over my frame for extra lighting. I can't wait to get this done and get the trim up!!!! It is hard to see in this photo but the ceiling goes from 6.5ft up to 12ft in the center. What you see here in the photo is the short side.

Have a ton of housework to do today so not sure if I will get any sewing done today. And I might just be a good little wife and go help Richard out in the house today too.



Libby said...

Your Andrew is one good looking Guy!! He is going to love college;)
You did very good with those fabrics! They are beautiful and such a great price!
Have Fun..I'm cleaning house today too:(

Yvette said...

Now that is a great deal on fabric!!! The shops here now charge $3.00 a fat quarter. I refuse to pay it and wait for sales.

Rhonda said...

LOL Kristie.... I think we all have a built-in radar when it comes to quilt shops.

Janet O. said...

So Andrew is all ready--the question is, is Mom ready to send this guy off to college? I remember standing in my driveway crying as my oldest daughter left for her apartment for college--5 miles away!! I hated to see my kids go.
What a bargain on fabrics, and what restraint you demonstrated!!
That ceiling is looking great. I can feel the excitement from here!!!

Guðrún said...

Will Andrew be staying at the school, i.e. not coming home in the evenings?