Saturday, October 29, 2011

The past few days...

There hasn't been a lot of sewing going on this week....well actually NONE! LOL! But I do have lots of goodies to show you! First off here is that fabric book that I made a few weeks ago that I kept forgetting to post the photo of. This will be a Christmas gift for my great nephew. Very quick and easy to put together. Here are the goodies that I am sooooooo excited about! This quilt pattern is called Appalachian Memories Quilt. I LOVE IT! If you like the quilt blocks on barn then you will like this pattern. It has 12 embroidery blocks and a pieced sashing. I think you can also purchase the cheater panels instead of doing the stitching on the blocks. Click here and you can see a better photo of the quilt pattern. I don't plan on starting this anytime soon. This will be a winter project for AFTER we get settled in the house. I'm thinking that I may actually start on it next winter.

I also ordered a few reds for my red and white quilt. These are 1/2 yard cuts and I got 5 different fabrics. I ordered them from Whittle's. They have great prices and quick shipping. They are located in KY and so am I so it only takes like a day to get them!
This one is my favorite out of the five fabrics. I'm thinking that later, if they still have it, I would like to order more of this one and save it for another quilt. Here is a photo of Donkey. He is getting sooooo fat and lazy. His health is failing....only a little. He now has glaucoma and even with his meds he just isn't the same cat....but he can sure eat! Richard was trying to work on his homework and Donkey wanted his attention.
And last but certainly not least! Say a little prayer for Andrew that he will have a safe trip. He is in Tennessee picking up his new horse! This is his new baby! He is a 5 or 6 month old Tennessee Walker with champion bloodlines. I'll post more about him once he gets home.

Andrew and his uncle left out at 5am this morning with the horse trailer to pick him up. Andrew has work tonight 8pm so he will be cutting it pretty close on time. I know he will be so tired this weekend. He will be on the road probably 13+ hours and then has 12 hour shifts at work tonight and tomorrow night. Not sure if I had even mentioned about his job. He is going to college 3 days a week with a full schedule. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday he has classes all day and then he works 12 hour night shifts on Saturday and Sunday nights. He is working at a behavioral health service place and is working with brain injury and autistic patients. He loves it and the best part is, this is the line of work that he plans on going into.

I had better get off the computer and get some things done.



Libby said...

Pretty horse! Andrew is probably so excitied that he won't sleep for a week!
I love your Christmas book. Did you get that fabric this year?

Yvette said...

What a beautiful horse! How exciting for Andrew.

Donkey is so adorable. Poor guy, he has been through a lot lately.

Love all your reds. I need to check out that shop.

Emi said...

I do not speak English, but your blog is very nice, congratulations.
hugs from COSTA RICA.

Texan said...

I love those little people fabric books! After doing some for my niece as a baby gift I am totally in love with them. Where did you find that fabric for the Christmas Story one? What great gifts that would make!