Friday, October 14, 2011

If only I had the time...

I had such plans for today but that all changed last night when Hunter woke up vomiting. :( It was a long night for us both, we spent most of the night on the couch and he ran back and forth to the bathroom throwing up. Needless to say, he did not go to school today. When Hunter gets sick he wants his "MOMMY" which is great for me. I don't like for him to be sick but I do love that he thinks he can't be without me. My sister works at the local pediatrician's office and I was telling her about him this morning and she said that they had a ton of kids coming in with the same stomach bug. Anyway....he seems to be feeling a little better right now he just says his "belly feels hot"

I had planned on quilting that camo fleece baby blanket this morning and loading another one on this afternoon but Hunter comes first. So I just thought I would update you on what I do have done. Remember my 4 Patch Flips that I was cutting out? Well, I cut 3 out of 4 out and got the blocks pieced for them. Hopefully this evening I can get at least one of the tops completed.

Here are 60 blocks enough for 2 lap quilts of these warmer tones.

Here is the pile of 30 bright blocks. Here is where I was trying to arrange some of them. I will probably try to get this one pieced tonight since I have already figured out my block placement with it. Then I just need to dig out borders for all 3 of them.
I still have my pile of blue scraps that I will cut out the 4th one in a few days. So in the end I'm hoping to have 4 lap size quilts to have on hand for last minute Christmas gifts, and not to mention I've cleared a ton out of my scrap basket.

I ran on to my box of pot holder blocks that I was working on last Christmas. I pieced a bunch of blocks from my string bin to make some pot holders for gifts and of course a few for myself. :) I found 22 more of the string blocks today that I had put away. I squared them up and they are ready to finish. I actually thought about piecing a few more and just making another lap size quilt but just decided to stick with the pot holders since I already have the 3/4 other lap quilts going. Here I went ahead and dug out some scrap cotton batting and my insulbright batting and layered them with some scrap backings that I had leftover from machine quilting. This orange was leftover from Hunter's Halloween quilt.

I'm hoping to work on the potholders later tonight, if I have time and Hunter is better. I didn't have enough scrap cotton batting for all 22 of them I think I ended up with 8 or so.

I'm sure I'm not the only quilter to feel this way but I am just itching to start a ton of new projects. Some of them I don't even have fabrics for yet, others are BIG projects that I think I would only to be able to work on it and nothing else. I want to start on this Red/White Quilt, I want to work on Andrew's Red and White Quilt, also that Scrap Quilt on the cover of Quilt Magazine. I've slowly started cutting on this one, just a little at a time as I am cutting other things from my Civil War stash. Oh and I can't forget.....I need to finish this. I have all 224 blocks pieced and sew into blocks of 4, now they just need to be pieced into a quilt top and the borders added. Oh......and I need to try to find more of this navy fabric so that I can finish this quilt. My mind is going a million miles an hour but my body can't keep up! :(

All of the leaves have turned their pretty fall colors. This is my favorite time of year but it always seems like it just goes from Summer to Winter. I will Fall would last a little longer. I took a few photos from the yard. Yesterday it rained and today it is windy and most of the leaves have fallen. :(

I guess that is all for this post, I need to get supper finished, work on doing some laundry and all of that stuff so that I can get back to quilting tonight...



Denise :) said...

Poor Hunter -- I hope he's feeling better soon. Enjoyed strolling through your pics -- you've still got some pretty colors in your trees! My DH took me for a ride out and about the camp this afternoon - our foliage is just starting to turn and fall. A couple more breezy days like today and you will be able to see the forest despite the trees! Hope y'all have a good weekend! :)

Rhonda said...

Glad your son is feeling better. Poor kid.
It looks like you managed to sort through and lay out some items... good for you.

Janet O. said...

Hope Hunter's illness is short-lived.
Your four-patch flip looks good. What a great gift!
Love the potholder idea, too. I've never seen string blocks used this way. Cool!
Fall is far too fleeting in my opinion, too.

Wanda said...

Even with a sick little boy you get alot done. I'm hoping he gets better soon. Stomach bugs are not fun.


Sew Unique Creations said...

Hope Hunter gets to Ferlinghetti 100% again soon! Poor little guy! Love your pictures today!

Libby said...

Awww! Poor Hunter! Hope he is much better today! I know exactly what you mean, I never want Cade to be sick...but I do like it when he has to stay home with me comforting him!
You are a machine girl! You are always so busy! I wonder if it's the cooler temps. that make us want to start new projects? I HAVE to finish my applique but I am so wanting to cut and piece something else!

snowlady said...

I too want to make the scrap quilt on the front cover of "Quilt" magazine. Great way to use up those scraps.
Hope Hunter is feeling well soon.

quiltin cntrygrl said...

Goodness I hope that Hunter is doing better. I know how he feels my belly has been on fire too but they tell me that is the pregnancy nausea and that it will go away. $ months in and I'm beginning to wonder. Love your 4 patch flip.. is there a pattern I can get? You have so many projects almost completed.. Your doing great!!