Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekend update...

I've been working on bindings! Both the Country Wife and Baby YBR are getting bindings. So no boring photos of that. I do enjoy working on bindings, I find it very relaxing. It is so cold this morning....33 degrees at 8am. :( But it is supposed to get back up into the mid 70's later in the week.

Some good news! I sold a quilt!!!! But for the life of me, I can't find a photo of it! I have it written down that I quilted it last November, but it doesn't show on my blog or in my photos. I'll have to do a little more digging. Anyway it was scrap bow tie with a blue border.

In other quilty news....I bought a magazine the other day and found a pattern in there that I really like. Sorry they are sideways but I could not get them to turn. :(
It is also shown on the cover of the magazine, American Patchwork & Quilting, December 2011 Issue. I'm thinking that I may start collecting REDS for this one. Red is something that I don't have that many of.

On to the house....I hope you all are not too bored by this but this is a huge part of my life right now. We got the wood stove installed and going! We sat out there for hours that first night just watching it burn. I know it was probably silly but we got the fire burning in it and I started crying! I think Richard was confused but I was just happy and overwhelmed. Funny how something like a wood stove made me cry but I was just thinking that we have worked so hard these past few years trying to build this house and this was just one more step closer....maybe I was just being hormonal...Here is my "house project for the week".....finish painting the front door before the weather gets too cold. This is how it looked last FALL. You can see the primer ( the lighter color ) and then the final paint color....but for some reason I never got it finished. It is supposed to get up into the mid 70's so I had better get it finished before it gets too cold outside. BTW....this door was a FREEBIE! Some friends of ours was replacing their front door and installing one with a glass panel in the middle....they asked if we wanted it.....we took it! LOL! And last....a photo that Hunter snapped! Awww.......mommy and daddy sharing a kiss! :)

Richard is installing my kitchen countertop as we speak! I'm soooooo excited!

Now to spruce up the house quickly, we have a couple of good friends coming to visit this afternoon. I plan on working on my binding while they visit. She is good friend of mine and I always enjoy talking with her. He and Richard have been friends or years and they used to work together.



Suzan said...

Congratulations on your quilt sale! Those are always so exciting. I love seeing what is happening with the house. I have been reading your blog for so long I feel like I am on the journey with you! I understand completely why you cried when you lit the woodstove in the new house. Exciting times!!

Libby said...

Yay You!! The first fire in the new house IS exciting! I love that red quilt..and I really want to see a pic of the one you sold..I know it's a pretty one!

Yvette said...

I can't wait to get my magazine in the mail. I adore red/white quilts.

Your house is really coming along. Enjoy your company.

Narelle said...

I also like binding quilts, especially just sitting and hand stitching on the back.

Never sick of house updates and I can totally understand why the lighting of the fire would bring your emotions to the surface. You're almost "home".

Lady of the Cloth said...

I'm exited for you! Funny thing, I painted my front door this weekend too, bright red and I love it.

bernie said...

Its okay to get all "hormonal" :) you have worked hard to get to this point. I think it is exciting (lots of work too). We have a wood burning stove and it is pretty on a cold winter night. Happy for you that you sold a quilt. Bernie