Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hunter's Trick-Or-Treat Night

Trick-or-Treat went fine, just really tired and having some pain this morning. Actually I think after this post I will probably hit the bed. Anyway Hunter had a great time! We live out in the county so we have to travel in to town to trick-or-treat, about a 20 minute drive or so. First we stopped at McDonald's. I'm not real crazy about McDonald's but it is Hunter's favorite.
After leaving McDonald's we quickly put his costume on so that we could you can see he was Darth Vader from Star Wars! He is a big Star Wars fan!
Here he is trick-or-treating at one of the houses. I didn't make it the whole trip, had to go back to the truck but Richard was with him.
After he was finished we stopped by Grandma's (this is Richard's Grandmother) She always waits for us to stop by every year after Hunter gets finished. She likes to see his costume and always has him a big treat. She is very special to us all, she is now 90 yrs old and she raised Richard.
Here she is with Richard. She is crazy about Richard and Hunter! To her, Richard is her baby! She recently had surgery, ( a couple of months ago ) She had cancer on her forehead, actually it covered over half of her forehead. They removed it and pulled the remaining skin together the best they could. You can still see a little scaring and her hair is just now starting to grow back in from where they shaved it.
We did have a great evening but now I'm off to bed for a while. Maybe later I will feel like working on some bindings...

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bindings, Bindings, and more Bindings

I really hate to sound like I am bragging but today I seem to be feeling pretty good!!!!! :)

As I mentioned the other day I was working on some bindings. I have a big stack of quilts that still need bindings. I haven't counted them but I would think there are probably 5 or 6 more. Here are 3 of them that I have finished. I am working on another right now and several more to go.
This one is a crib quilt that will be donated. It is quilted with "on the forest floor" pantograph. I think this was my practice piece for that panto. Anyway the binding is done and ready to go.
This one is a bed size Hole in the Barndoor and it is also quilted with "on the forest floor" pantograph. The binding is now done on this one too.

This one is a bed size "Stacked Coins" quilt. It is quilted with the "fleurs" pantograph. The binding is now done on this one too.
I took a spell a while back that I would quilt them and throw them in a pile to do the bindings later. Now.....I have a huge stack that needs bindings but I will get to them.
This is the one that I am working on right now. It is a bed size "Trip Around The World" All done in solids. I was trying to think which panto that I used for quilting but I can't remember the name right off. Anyway, I just started the binding on this one last night.
After my shopping trip with mom, I slept most of the day yesterday. I was really tired. It has been a while since I actually slept that much in one day. So far today I am feeling pretty good. I got up this morning and baked 3 loaves of Banana Nut Bread. I sent one loaf to Mom and Chantal, one for us to eat today and the other loaf went in the freezer. This evening will be Trick-or-Treat for Hunter. I plan on going with him, but if I can't walk that much I will sit in the car and Richard can go with him. Wish me luck!!!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Day With Mom...

I spent most of the day with mom! We had a great day, but now I am paying for it, my legs hurt and my hips burn! :( She picked me up around 9am and we headed to town. First we stopped and had a late breakfast at Lisa's Front Porch. A very yummy little restaurant. Then we relaxed with a hot cup of coffee. We had several stops but most of the time I sat in the car.....until we stopped at Walmart! Oh my, I got plenty of exercise in there! Good thing I had the shopping cart to hold on to, that really helped me with walking. Mom kept asking if I was okay and I said that I was but boy when I got home I was hurting. But I guess it was really good for me anyway. We had a great day and I always enjoy spending time with her.

After she dropped me back off at the house I quickly changed clothes and got ready for a nap. I really needed to stretch out in that bed. Then she called and said she was on her way back to my house. The UPS truck had ran and she had ordered something for me and it was delivered. So this is what I got....A Jim Shore Snowman!!!! I had mentioned before that I would like to start collecting some of the Jim Shore things so she bought me my first one. This one plays "Deck The Halls" I really like it!

So after she left, I hit the bed for a few hours and set the alarm on my cell to get up about 10 minutes before the school bus ran! Needless to say, we only had frozen pizza for supper! :)

Tonight I have been sewing a little bit of binding down on another quilt but I think I will head off to bed soon. I've got to get plenty of rest for the weekend! Hunter has "Trick-or-Treat" Saturday evening. I do plan on going with him. Richard is going too so I can stay in the car if I start hurting too bad.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Block 2

Well, I'm still having some trouble with Blogger but oh well! Not a lot going on here today, took 3 naps and sewed ONE block!!! Hehehehe! This is my Block 2 of Thread Head's Quilt Along. I need to make 2 of these blocks but as of right now only one of them is done. My points are not perfect but at least it is done.

Here are the other two blocks that I did several days ago. They are the first blocks. I showed them earlier but that post is still missing. :(

Here is my little Hunny Bun! Hunter busying doing his homework!
Now off to do some leg stretches!! :( Richard is home now so he makes me do them!!!!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

House Update!

Anyone else having problems with Blogger? I am having trouble posting and loading photos and have lost several past posts. Sure hope they are not completely gone. :( is an update on the house. My sister calls me from work earlier and said "you don't have your house photos on your blog" So here they are...

This is the front view. The porch and porch post are not stained yet but the siding and trim on the front are done. Richard got that done a few days ago.
Here is the front door. Yep, it is not finished yet! Still has the paint and primer both on it. Too windy to finish the painting right now, the paint was drying before it could be spread. He also go the lights hung too. Not too bad considering this door was FREE! Some friends of ours were changing their front door a couple of years ago and we took their old one. It just needed to be sanded and repainted.
Up close photo of the light and siding. Still have the paper on the door windows until the painting is finished.
It is getting a little closer to being finished. A little at a time...
Waiting for the big storm to hit here in a little while. The wind is horrible right now but will be getting worse.
Richard has classes tonight, so it will just be me and the boys! Hunter and I will be stuffing his treat bags for his Halloween party at school.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Civil War Log Cabin Quilt

I finally got Richard to take some photos for me. He had to take it out to the new house to hang it up because there is not room in here. It measures 90x90 and is pieced in MOSTLY Civil War Reproduction fabrics. A lot of the tans are not Civil War fabric, I just used what I had and thought would blend together. The coloring is still off in the photo but at least you can get an idea of it.
I paper-pieced all of the blocks, it is easier for me to do them that way and at least I also know that they all come out the same size.
I tried several different setting but finally settled on this one. I pieced this quilt to hang from the upstairs balcony if we ever get moved in our other house.

So mom took it in for the September Art Contest during September Fest. I was shocked to find out that it won first place in the Machine Pieced category. This took place at The Painted Cow Gallery. I was not able to make it for the photo but my name is listed on the list of winners. You can click on the links to check them out, they also have some beautiful artwork for sale.
Richard took me in for my physical therapy this morning. Not too bad today, he just wanted to check out my strength and movement. Wants me to go back and see my doctor again for possible MRI and some other stuff. So it is just the same old thing there. Haven't went walking yet, I was having a little extra pain the past few days and Mom is having some problems with migraines. She has a doctor's appointment for that Wednesday.