Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Four more blocks...

Well in just a few short hours this year will be over!  Richard is working tonight and this will be our first New Year's Eve that we haven't been together.  :(  Andrew is out playing music so praying he has a safe drive.  So I guess it is just me and Hunter for the evening.....well....he is in his room playing the Playstation.  :(  So maybe it is just me!  LOL!  

Earlier today I worked on a few more Nearly Insane blocks.  I did 4 today so that makes a total of 7 blocks.  

Block #73 
 Block #10
 Block #6
 Block #78
 Now I don't have plans to work on this constantly but I figure I will do a few blocks a week and eventually it will get finished.  I have several other things that need to be finished too.  

Monday, December 30, 2013

Back to my Nearly Insane...

 I hope that I stay in this mood because I can't seem to sew enough!  LOL!  First off, I put my back out...again!  Nothing exciting but sadly just using the vacuum.  LOL!  Oh well, I've been doing a lot of sewing and using the heating pad.  

I've been working on my Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt.  I've just been moving around on several projects.  I printed out more triangle papers for the mystery quilt and hope to get those all finished tomorrow.  

I also made 40 more bow tie blocks too.  That takes me up to a little over 260 ( I think)  I loved the quilt in the magazine and I think it calls for 830, 3" blocks.  I still have a lot more to make. 
 Several years ago I started a Nearly Insane quilt in blue/white and I think I had something like 17 blocks done.  I just wasn't happy with my choice of colors so I stopped working on it.  Richard loved the quilt and has given me a hard time since then for not finishing it so I started over this evening!!!  :)  This time I am doing it in red/white.  I figure I will just work on a few blocks here and there until I get it finished.  

I did 2 blocks tonight...

Block #13 has 9 pieces in it.  It was an easy one. 
 Block #2 has 21 pieces in it, another easy one. 
 I am paper piecing these on my 1933 Singer Featherweight!  I just love this little machine. 
 Another little thing that I worked on yesterday was a few yo-yo's.  We had some company Sunday afternoon and I am one that always has to keep my hands busy.  I keep yo-yo's in a basket in the living room and work on them occasionally when someone stops by to visit.  My dear friend Mitsie even brought me a candle that she had made.  I love her candles as she adds extra scent.  This one was grape!  Anyway, the yo-yo's are for my 3rd yo-yo quilt that will be for Hunter.  I have 800+ of them done but I need around 2000. 
 I guess I will head back up to the sewing room as I am home alone!!!  Richard is working tonight and the boys are gone.  Andrew worked 12 hours today and as soon as he came home he asked if he could take Hunter to the movies.  I have the best boys.  They love spending time together.  Andrew doesn't work tomorrow and Hunter still has a few more days off school too.  

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Sewing my fingers to the bone....

 I've been in my sewing room for the past couple of hours sewing!  I popped in the movie Lawless and got to work.  In the photo below I just have it all pinned onto my design wall but I now have all 56 blocks sewn into rows and will probably assemble the rows later this evening.  I have also been auditioning border fabrics too. 
 I had one fabric in mind for the border the whole time and then once I put it up on the design wall, I instantly knew that it wasn't going to work.  It just looked....blah.  

The pattern is called, 4 Patch Flip.  It is one that I've made several times in the past.  I like it really well, it is easy and goes together really quick.

I hope that I can get the borders sewn on tomorrow after Church and call it done.  I've also been working on my Bonnie Hunter mystery during this too.  I'm using it as my leader/ender for this project.  After I get this 4 patch flip top completed, I will finish getting caught up on my mystery quilt.  :)

Here is a photo that I took the other day of Mammy.  She is 4 1/2 months now and weighs right at 51 pounds.  She is usually bouncing off the walls all day long but for once she was being really still and played with her little pet (a stink bug) for about an hour.  LOL!  If you look close in the photo it is right by her paw.  She loved it.  :) 
 I guess I had better get dinner finished.  Andrew is at a friends house playing music and will be home soon.  Richard is on his way home from town as he had to run to Tractor Supply for dog food.  Hunter and I are watching Frankenweenie as I type this.  :)  

Friday, December 27, 2013

Cutting and Sewing...

 I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  We certainly did.  Lot's of fun enjoyed by all.  

A few days before Christmas I was at Walmart and found this yarn marked down to $2 because the label was gone.  I bought it and made this scarf.  Not too bad for a first time, I don't guess. 
 Here is a close up of the yarn, you can see it has a tiny silver thread through it.  The yarn is actually called, Ribbons.  I love it. 
 One of the gifts that the boys got me for Christmas was a new mat and rotary cutter!!!  I was soooo excited as my mat was in horrible condition. 
 So what's a girl to do with a new mat and rotary cutter???  Pop in Gone With the Wind and....
 Cut out 3 quilts!!!  LOL!  Yep, that's what I did.  The first two piles, I still need to cut out the background fabric for those but the third one is all colored fabrics. 
 As I started cutting, I kept telling myself that I was just cutting kits for later use as I have a million other things to finish first but I started sewing the 3rd one together.  LOL!  I know, I really should not have done that but I did.  It is called, 4 Patch Flip. 
 I have also been working on my Bonnie Hunter mystery too!  That's all for tonight as I will probably head to bed soon.  Richard is working tonight and the boys are in there watching a movie.  

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Hunter's Nativities...

 The house is ready for Christmas.  We've had it decorated for a few weeks but I just didn't get around to posting photos on my blog.  The boys helped with the tree.  It was a nice fun time. 
 My little Hunter loves to decorate for Christmas so I pretty much just let him take over.  Here is his little village that he set up.  As you can see he made a big hill/slide down the center so he could push the sleds down.  :)  From time-to-time I have walked by and saw a few Hot Wheels cars that have crashed there too.  :)  Silly boy! 
 He set up my Jim Shore Nativity too.  I love this one, it has such detail. 
 This Nativity belongs to Hunter.  I bought it at a yard sale still sealed in the box.  He loves it. 
 Hunter has this thing for Nativities!  He loves them and wants our big tree to be decorated with nothing but Nativities and Crosses.  We have a few but the Nativity ornaments are hard to find around here.  So our plan is to collect them over the years and maybe someday he will have his tree full of them. 
 Actually found this one on the after Christmas clearance last year. 
 Mom bought him this one last year. 
 Another clearance find...
 Our large Jim Shore Nativity that he wanted to put on top of the grandfather clock.  :)  This is another one of my favorites. 
 Our big Jim Shore Santa...
 I have several more smaller Jim Shore figurines but I didn't put them all out this year as I was just too lazy.  :)  Next year the boys and I have big plans to decorate!!!  Of course, Hunter will be on the prowl for more Nativities.  :)

Hunter was also in the Church Christmas Play and the Christmas program at school.  I have them on my video camera but can't figure out how to get them on my laptop as I can't find my software disk to load on the laptop and my desktop will not work but it had the software loaded on it.  So I guess I will have to call JVC to see if there is something that I can download online to make everything work on the laptop. 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone has a wonderful and Blessed Christmas!!!

Sorry that I have been MIA since Thanksgiving.  I've just been really busy with the kids and stuff like that.  Not a whole lot of time to quilt, but hopefully all of that will change after the New Year.  Thanks for all of the emails sent, wondering if I was okay.  Nice to know that I was missed.  

I feel really bad that I haven't even took the time to read blogs.  I am so far behind on that.  I have on the other hand started working on Bonnie's Mystery.  I don't have all of the steps finished but I am slowly plugging away at them.  

Merry Christmas