Saturday, March 27, 2010

Quick post

Just a quick post to let you know that my internet is down!!! Should be back up by the first of the week! Right now I am at mom's and her internet just comes and goes.

Quickly.....Andrew made it home!!!!! Have tons to talk about on that, right now, I'm just glad that he is home. He had such a wonderful time!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another Block

Well.....I got Hunter on the bus this morning and Richard is at school this morning too. He will not be home until around 2pm!! So here I sit at the computer in my old stretched out sweat pants and t-shirt, eating cold pizza and drinking my diet pepsi!! Not exactly a pretty sight I'm sure but I've already got in my mind this morning that I'm not going to do anything except "what I want to do" LOL! I'm not even going to clean house today!!!! I've just been too stressed the past few weeks and I just need a break! I may sew a little, not sure yet.

I did finally talk to Andrew last night!!! He called and of course, I lost it as soon as I heard his voice. He kept saying "mommy, don't cry!" I finally got a hold of myself and calmed down! He sounded very tired but said that he could not explain in words how beautiful everything was! He also told me that someone stole his camera!!! He was very upset over that because it was a new camera and he had over 1000 photos on it from the trip already! His teacher said that we could copy all of his photos and that he had a lot of Andrew in the too. So that made him feel a little better. Today his is in Florence, Italy and will be heading through the Swiss Alps and should be in Paris by morning!! He will spend a few days in Paris and head for home on Friday but it will be well after midnight before he lands back here.

Yesterday evening, I finished another Civil War block. This one is called "Smuggling Letters" only 41 pieces and not real hard to do. I really like the fabrics used in this block. Paisley fabrics are my favorite so that may be why I like this block so well....

I have a few more fabrics pulled for 3 more blocks, not sure if I will get them finished today but we will wait and see how the day goes!!!!!


Monday, March 22, 2010

Civil War Diary Blocks....

Richard had class this morning and when he got home he was a little sick to his stomach. Nothing major, I'm sure just a little stomach bug. It seems to be going around right now. So he kicked back the recliner and fell asleep. While he was sleeping I couldn't really start up the quilting machine since it is right beside his recliner so I went over to my regular sewing machine and started working on something that I had not worked on for a long time!!! My CIVIL WAR DIARY BLOCKS!!!!

I was looking at the blocks that I had done and the last block that I made for this quilt was back in November 2008!!! Yep! A long time ago! When I stopped working on them I had 74 blocks finished and I need a total of 121 blocks so I had over half of them done.

So I made two blocks while he was asleep (and he is still napping)! Here is the first block that I made today.....this one is called "Gardening" Row 4-3 and has 45 pieces. Not a hard block but they are only 6 inches so they tend to take a little longer than larger blocks.

This is the second block...."Recovering Items" Row 8-1 and has 31 pieces in it. I really like the purples in this block.
Not sure if I will get anymore of them done today or not....I have to finish supper before Hunter gets home from school.
Still haven't actually talked to Andrew other than on Facebook. His teacher sent an email last night that they were having some phone problems in Rome and would call home as soon as they could. Today Andrew had a full schedule on his trip (I have a copy of his tour schedule) They were touring Vatican City, St. Peter's Square, Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel, St. Peter's Basilica, Trevi Fountain, and the Colosseum. In the morning they will be going to Florence, Italy. I can't wait to hear all about his trip when he gets home!!!! He told me last night on Facebook that he had a ton of photos and his exact words were "it is the most awesome place that I have ever been in my life!" Made me cry when I read that! And I want to thank everyone again for helping out. So many of you bought fabric from me when we first found out about this trip, some even sent a little extra and without that he would have never been able to go. He worked very hard to raise enough money for the trip and spending money. I am very proud of him for working so hard for it, not only raising money but for being a great kid and student. Ahhhh.....yes, I am having a MOMMY MOMENT!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Is is possible to choke your child when they are on the other side of the world??? LOL! Just playing around but I really could choke him if her were here right now!!! LOL! You all know how nervous that I have been for months over this trip, right??? Well....we took him to Cincinnati OH to the airport and he called when he landed in Philadelphia, but I have NOT heard a word from him since then!!!!!

From PA he flew to GERMANY and on to ROME, so the last time that I talked to him was around 2pm on Friday! Now, I know he is fine because I am tracking what he is spending with his debt card, and trust me, he is EATING WELL!! LOL!

He wanted to take his cell phone and I decided against it because I knew that if he had his phone that I would call him constantly and ruin his trip! Funny that I know myself that well, right? So I got him a phone card through the tour company and a lot of the other kids had the same thing. I figured at least he could call with that, but he hasn't!!!! Like, I said, I know he is fine but I would like to hear his voice. Richard says that he is just a 17yr old boy that is having the time of his life and we are the last thing on him mind!!! Which I'm sure that is what is going on.

Lexie was here yesterday! We had a wonderful day! She spent a few hours home with me and Hunter while Richard went and picked up a load of hay. It was very nice to have the extra "girl" time with her. After Richard got back, he took Lexie and Hunter out walking in the woods! They were gone for several hours and walked several miles. By the time they got home I had the BBQ ribs finished and supper was ready.

To keep me busy yesterday, I worked on this new BOM. It is a gift from Richard for my birthday. I really wanted to do it and when you sign up for it, you get the blocks quarterly. This is the first one, it is called "WEE RIVER OTTER"

It has a ton of pieces in it but I do like it. My next one is a WEE BLUE HERON, can't wait to start it but after this first one, I'm just not up to doing the heron today. This BOM is from Silver Linings Originals

You should really check out the website, if you like paper piecing, they have some beautiful patterns and they are very detailed.

*******I'm back....Andrew just posted on his facebook that he couldn't get the phone card to work!!!! LOL!!! Oh and he said that he was having a wonderful time and that he needed CASH!!!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Trip to the Airport

Here is a photo that I took yesterday of Andrew and his Great Dane, Dozer while they were playing around in the yard! I posted this on Facebook so some of you have seen it already. Hard to believe that Dozer is not even a year old yet, but Andrew treats him like a big baby!
Well after much stressing on figuring out how they were getting to the airport we ended up taking him at a minutes notice. Well, not actually last minute but late last night we found out that we would be driving to Cincinnati OH which is about a 3 hour drive from here. We left early this morning, stopped for breakfast and he had to be at the airport by 10am. Yes, I am a big crybaby!!!! I broke down last night before bed and a little this morning before we left. Right before we got in the car I took the medication that the doctor gave me for panic attacks.....knocked me out in the car and I slept for about an hour!!! LOL! When I woke up, Andrew was in the backseat asleep too! Poor Richard said that we were both snoring!!!

So we get to the airport and I'm doing great at this point. They are all in a group now and start checking their luggage in. Richard and I are sitting down waiting for them to finish and low and behold, the lady beside me, which was a mother of one of the kids, starting crying!!!! And I mean very loudly!!! I could not even look at her, because I was trying to hold it back myself, I even have marks on my hands where I was making a fist and my nails were digging in my hands. I felt at this point that if I took a breath I would cry! Richard said, "let's get up and take a walk" I just love that man for taking such good care of me. So we walk away and I get ahold of myself and we go back to were they all are. Andrew then walks over to us, after checking in his luggage, has his ticket in hand and his hands were shaking! He would never admit it but he was really nervous too. So this was as far as the parents could go with them because they were getting ready to go through security. He gave me a BIG hug, told me he loved me and left!!! As soon as the hug was over, I had to just turn and leave because I did not want him to see me upset.

We walked quickly to the car and I lost it! Of course, I knew that I would, but I am glad that I did not do it in front of him, giggle, or his friends! But a lot of the other mothers were crying too. So we are in the car and starting home, I am crying so hard that I'm on the verge of vomiting. Richard stops so that we can get something to drink and calm me down. So I finally get ahold of myself and now I am FINE!!!! Well, not fine, but I'm not crying! LOL!

So Andrew calls a little after 2pm and he had landed in Philadelphia. He said the flight was great and he loved it. I was worried about this being the first time for him to fly but now I feel better knowing that he liked it so well. They had a layover in Philadelphia and then flew out to GERMANY about 30 minutes ago. They should get there around 8am tomorrow. From there, they will fly to Rome and move from there!

Hope nobody gets bored with these posts about his trip but I'm thinking that it may help me deal with it a little better by posting my thoughts.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My morning!

As you know I have mentioned that I have been having problems with my BP as usual. When I went to the doctor last week he changed my medication did some blood work, urine tests and an EKG. So when I checked my BP a few minutes ago this is the reading that I got. 152/104 which is a little high but not near as high as it has been lately.
And my pulse rate was 134. I feel real like I'm in a panic this morning so I figure that is why it is like this.
I've been in a fizzy all morning over this trip. He leaves out in the morning! :) I am excited and nervous at the same time. The doctor did give me something to help with panic attacks so I figure I will be using that over the next few days. :) But I can't do that this morning because I have to make a trip in to town this morning. Just a few last minute details that I have to take care of.
I still can't access my Yahoo email and I have a bunch of emails from his school in there about his trip so while I am in town I will have to stop by the school and pick up all the necessary papers that I need.
I have plenty to work on while he is gone on his trip and hopefully that will help me! I did finally get my part in for my quilting machine so now I can finish the customer quilt that I have on there. I got it about halfway quilted when my hook broke, so finishing that quilt will be the first thing that I do. I also have another customer quilt, actually it is my aunts and I need to get it quilted too. Oh and I have a Easter costume to make. It is for our good friend, Todd. He is in an Easter play at their church and he will be playing the part of Peter. I have it cut out but not sewn together. I'm not big on making clothes, they make me nervous, I guess because I'm just not used to making them. I have 2 blocks for a BOM that Richard got me for my birthday. They are paper-pieced and have a zillion pieces in them so not sure how much of those I will get done. :) And at the end of my list is a shirt for Richard!!!! Actually it probably will not get done!!! Hehehehe!!! I've had it for about a YEAR and he asked me about it the other day. I did get it out but that was it! LOL!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Well, I just sat down to answer some emails and can't get logged in to my Yahoo email!!! :( Been messing with it for a while now and can't get it to work. So if I don't respond to someone it's not that I am ignoring you, I just can't get in my email!!!

Anyway, I have been going over the last minute packing list for Andrew and it looks like he is pretty much ready to go on his trip. He is very excited and I am excited for him!

Other than that nothing is going on, just too nervous to get much done and my house is a wreck! :( I really need to get my butt in gear and do something but for now......I think I will play on Facebook for a while!


Well let's see.....My grandmother came home from the hospital to my mom's for a bit. She had another heart attack and had to have 2 stints put in and now has to have oxygen 24/7. Mom is feeling a little better, still weak from being so sick and taking care of my grandmother. My sister, Chantal had an appointment yesterday with her heart doctor and has to wear one of those 24hr monitors and they changed her raised her medication. My BP is soaring again, but I know it is mostly due to stress. Right now I am having to do one of those 24 hr urine things. :( Just checking my kidneys again because of the BP. So other than all that not a lot going on here! :)

Andrew leaves for Europe Friday morning!!! I am very excited and proud that he gets this oppournity but as a mother I am scared to death about him traveling so far away. He is sooooooo excited about this trip so expect tons of photos when he gets back. Seems like we have been packing for a month! He has never been on a plane before so he is a little nervous about that.

Hopefully, I will be back in a few days...

Monday, March 8, 2010


My mom has pneumonia, my grandmother had a heart attack and is in the hospital and my great aunt, which is my grandmothers sister is in the same hospital with chest pains!!! Geez! I wonder why my blood pressure is running high!!!! Need your prayers please!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

House Update!

Thanks for all the nice comments on my last couple of posts! It is great to know that I am not the only one that gets in a slump. Still not in the mood but hopefully it will hit me soon! :)

No quilty photos in this post but updated house photos! This first photo is on that I snapped in the living room. This shows how it will be open all the way to the second story roof. The small supports in between the large beams will be removed as soon as we get the other huge beams up that connect from these and go to the roof. Not sure if that makes sense but there are more beam supports that go there. If you have been following my blog for a while you know that we have been building this house for a few years now and paying for it as we go so that it will be completely paid for when it is finished. Some times I get disgusted because I want it done but I will just wait it out. I would rather wait to move in so that we don't have a house payment. Anyway the living room here is 20 x 20ft and it will have a 24ft ceiling because it is open. The big opening up there is the doorway that will go out on the upstairs balcony. And the other opening up there behind the 2x4 wall is a window in the girls bedroom. The window is in and we have the door, it is just not put in yet!
For some reason this photo is blurry, but this is the kitchen! Richard got the plywood down on the floor for the kitchen and hallway today!!! Oh and he added the beam that stands as a support. My kitchen island will be there at the beam so it will not look so odd. Anyway the kitchen measures 20 x 20 also.
Another view of the kitchen, I couldn't get it all in the photo. This is the back side, the window is where my kitchen sink will be and don't ask what that thing is standing in the corner, it is something that Andrew was building for a dog or chicken or something! :)

Here is another view of the other side of the kitchen! As you can see we have to put in some 2x4's on that wall, I was going to have a small window there so we had it ready for it and then I got this bigger window that measures 4x6ft. I plan on putting my table front of that window.
I didn't get a photo of the hallway, but it has plywood down on it too! Now only 10 more rooms to go!!!! Richard is on Spring Break starting tomorrow so hopefully he can get more of this done. His goal for tomorrow is to get the plywood down in Hunter's room.
We still have 3 more windows to put in. We have them, we just haven't put them in yet. Two more in the living room and a double window in Hunter's room. After the windows and plywood on the floors we will start putting in the electrical. Not bad to have $5200. in it so far!!!! But we have worked out butts off building it!
I don't think I posted this photo of Richard yet! I know I did on my facebook but not on here. This his Richard ready to start his clinicals!!! I am so very proud of him!!
I guess that is all for tonight! Oh and Hunter lost another tooth! It is one of his top front teeth! He looks soooooooooo cute!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

OMG! I just realized that I have NOT bought any new fabric since November 6, 2009!!!! Maybe that is why I can't get in the mood to sew! :)

Lost it...

Well, I just can't get in the mood to quilt! This post may seem jumbled and not make a lot of sense but here we go anyway....

I'm still waiting on the piece for my machine! :( That really irks me! I have a customer quilt on the frame and can't finish it because I am waiting for a new hook that goes in my bobbin area.

So since machine quitling is at a stand still for me, it would be a perfect time to work on some piecing, but I just can't bring myself to do it! Anyone else ever get like that? I have a ton of blocks and tops to work on but none of them interest me. My sewing machine actually has dust on it. Last night while Richard and Andrew were doing their P90X workouts, I sat on the bed and sorted through some drawers of fabric....nothing interested me, so I put it all up and went to bed.

I did this once before a few years ago. I never turned my sewing machine on for over 6 months!!! But then I started back at full force after that! I do have a lot going on trying to get Andrew ready for his trip to Europe in 2 weeks but that is not really it, I just have LOST INTEREST!!!!!

So what do I need? A break? New inspiration? New fabrics? New patterns?

Anyone else ever get like this???

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Gift From My Aunt

Well my sister, Chantal, finally decided on a quilt pattern!!!! She picked a "friendship star" We were working with the blocks and some fabrics in EQ and as I was changing some of the colors, she said "that's it!!!" It will be very bright and in the colors that she loves. Lot's of PINK! Anyway, I will post photos of her progress as she works on it. Hopefully, she will be picking out fabrics this weekend! I will help her cut it out and then with mom's help we will show her how it goes together! Should be lots of girlie fun!!!

Now to my surprise, my favorite aunt made me a gift! I think I have mentioned my Aunt Deb on here before, she is my mom's sister and I just love her to death! She called me the other day to tell me she was sending over an email with some photos of a new quilt that she was working on and a couple of sewing machine covers. I just loved the bunnies, they are so cute! At the time I didn't know that one of them was for ME! On Monday she sent it home with mom for me! I did take a photo of it on my camera but Andrew had the camera last night and now I can't find it. But here is the photo that she sent in the email.
I think she said she had it over her lamp shade in the photo. It really covers my machine really well and the carrots are pincushions! How neat is that! It is hard to tell in the photo but the blue fabric is actually a small gingham. I just love it!!!

Still waiting for my machine part, should be here today or tomorrow!!! :( This is driving me crazy!

Been on the phone all morning with the county garage! :( So irked right now! We live on a little dirt road and after all of this snow and the bad winter weather that we have had it is a MESS! I have been calling for months for them to bring some gravel to put on it. It is getting so bad that the school bus is starting to refuse to come back here to pick up Hunter! So finally after getting hateful, which I really hated to do but I just couldn't get anything done, they tell me that the computer shows that they brought 3 loads of gravel on January 19th!!!!!! OMG! We have NOT had gravel on this road since early FALL!!! This made me very upset! Don't have a clue who ended up with OUR gravel but it did NOT come here!! Now they say, they don't know when they can get any back here because they are low on funding!!! And right on past my house the culvert is falling in and they will not do anything about that either!!!