Sunday, March 7, 2010

House Update!

Thanks for all the nice comments on my last couple of posts! It is great to know that I am not the only one that gets in a slump. Still not in the mood but hopefully it will hit me soon! :)

No quilty photos in this post but updated house photos! This first photo is on that I snapped in the living room. This shows how it will be open all the way to the second story roof. The small supports in between the large beams will be removed as soon as we get the other huge beams up that connect from these and go to the roof. Not sure if that makes sense but there are more beam supports that go there. If you have been following my blog for a while you know that we have been building this house for a few years now and paying for it as we go so that it will be completely paid for when it is finished. Some times I get disgusted because I want it done but I will just wait it out. I would rather wait to move in so that we don't have a house payment. Anyway the living room here is 20 x 20ft and it will have a 24ft ceiling because it is open. The big opening up there is the doorway that will go out on the upstairs balcony. And the other opening up there behind the 2x4 wall is a window in the girls bedroom. The window is in and we have the door, it is just not put in yet!
For some reason this photo is blurry, but this is the kitchen! Richard got the plywood down on the floor for the kitchen and hallway today!!! Oh and he added the beam that stands as a support. My kitchen island will be there at the beam so it will not look so odd. Anyway the kitchen measures 20 x 20 also.
Another view of the kitchen, I couldn't get it all in the photo. This is the back side, the window is where my kitchen sink will be and don't ask what that thing is standing in the corner, it is something that Andrew was building for a dog or chicken or something! :)

Here is another view of the other side of the kitchen! As you can see we have to put in some 2x4's on that wall, I was going to have a small window there so we had it ready for it and then I got this bigger window that measures 4x6ft. I plan on putting my table front of that window.
I didn't get a photo of the hallway, but it has plywood down on it too! Now only 10 more rooms to go!!!! Richard is on Spring Break starting tomorrow so hopefully he can get more of this done. His goal for tomorrow is to get the plywood down in Hunter's room.
We still have 3 more windows to put in. We have them, we just haven't put them in yet. Two more in the living room and a double window in Hunter's room. After the windows and plywood on the floors we will start putting in the electrical. Not bad to have $5200. in it so far!!!! But we have worked out butts off building it!
I don't think I posted this photo of Richard yet! I know I did on my facebook but not on here. This his Richard ready to start his clinicals!!! I am so very proud of him!!
I guess that is all for tonight! Oh and Hunter lost another tooth! It is one of his top front teeth! He looks soooooooooo cute!!!


Yvette said...

That is just so awesome. I can't imagine building my own home.

Michelle said...

Your home is coming along wonderfully, and I will say it again...what a handsome husband you have! Have a great week!
love ya, Michelle

Libby said...

Your house looks GREAT!...and so does Richard!!!
Have a great week!

Amelia said...

wow, the house is big...and coming along...I know you are so excited about the progress.

Have a great week!

julieQ said...

We did the same thing, Kristie, our farmhouse was built by my dear husband too...and it was worth the wait!! Clinicals for??

Hazel said...

The house is really coming along .Richard deserves a pat on the back ,not many men would go out of their comfort zone and tackle a new adventure like this .Good luck .

Purple Quilter Queen said...

So is this a new home or are you remodeling the one you currently live in? It's going to be awesome!! Can't wait to see more pictures as it comes along further. Jenn

QuiltedSimple said...

oh this will be so awesome! i love how open it will be!

Narelle said...

Did you know your building my dream home? lol
I'll just have to have regular virtual visits.

jillquilts said...

WOW!!! The house is looking great!!! I love seeing the pics!!

Texan said...

Your home is going to be so worth it!!! Hang in there!!

I am so tickled that your DH is going to school... that takes a lot of discipline at our ages ... I know you guys are a bit younger but still..its hard to go back after you have a life and family and such...GOOD for him!!!

Guðrún said...

I just love to see pictures of your progress on the house. I know what it feels like to stand in the room and imagine that it is ready and you have moved in.

Vesuviusmama said...

I love that your rooms in your new house are going to be so big! I absolutely love a huge kitchen where the family can gather. It will be worth the wait - hang in there!