Thursday, March 18, 2010

My morning!

As you know I have mentioned that I have been having problems with my BP as usual. When I went to the doctor last week he changed my medication did some blood work, urine tests and an EKG. So when I checked my BP a few minutes ago this is the reading that I got. 152/104 which is a little high but not near as high as it has been lately.
And my pulse rate was 134. I feel real like I'm in a panic this morning so I figure that is why it is like this.
I've been in a fizzy all morning over this trip. He leaves out in the morning! :) I am excited and nervous at the same time. The doctor did give me something to help with panic attacks so I figure I will be using that over the next few days. :) But I can't do that this morning because I have to make a trip in to town this morning. Just a few last minute details that I have to take care of.
I still can't access my Yahoo email and I have a bunch of emails from his school in there about his trip so while I am in town I will have to stop by the school and pick up all the necessary papers that I need.
I have plenty to work on while he is gone on his trip and hopefully that will help me! I did finally get my part in for my quilting machine so now I can finish the customer quilt that I have on there. I got it about halfway quilted when my hook broke, so finishing that quilt will be the first thing that I do. I also have another customer quilt, actually it is my aunts and I need to get it quilted too. Oh and I have a Easter costume to make. It is for our good friend, Todd. He is in an Easter play at their church and he will be playing the part of Peter. I have it cut out but not sewn together. I'm not big on making clothes, they make me nervous, I guess because I'm just not used to making them. I have 2 blocks for a BOM that Richard got me for my birthday. They are paper-pieced and have a zillion pieces in them so not sure how much of those I will get done. :) And at the end of my list is a shirt for Richard!!!! Actually it probably will not get done!!! Hehehehe!!! I've had it for about a YEAR and he asked me about it the other day. I did get it out but that was it! LOL!


Libby said...

I am praying for ya'll Kristie! Trust me, take the midication that the Dr. has ordered for the anxiety! When Joey was 16, he went to a military academy 3 hours from our home, he was gone for 6 months. The first 3 days, I could not get out of bed. I finally got some meds...wish I had them sooner!
Keep saying positive thoughts in your head and pray!! I pray that God will give you a sense of peace for this trip!

Praying hard for you,

QuiltedSimple said...

Oh Kristie! I'll be thinking of you guys. Take the meds and do what makes you happy the next few weeks! Have a great weekend

Becky said...

Oh Kristie, I'm so sorry you are having such troubles. The meds will help a lot with the panic attacks.
Please remember that God is in control...he already knows what is going to (and NOT going to ) happen. That is where we get the opportunity to rest in Him...He will get us through anything and everything. I'm keeping you and your family in my prayers.

vtquilter said...

I'll be thinking of you while Andrew is away. It was my first time flying when I went to Europe in High School too. He'll do great (you've raised a great kid!) and hopefully his Mom will be ok while he is gone. Hugs.

spidr said...

I like to read your blog and I just want to say your boy is going to have the most wonderful trip! I know it's hard to send him on the first one but he's going to grow so much and you are going to love all the stories he tells you upon his return. It's SO exciting to watch the wonder in our kids' eyes when they get an opportunity such as this! Trust me, I've sent mine around the world too so I know how you are feeling. I will say a prayer for you! Thanks for sharing your heart and your world with all of us in blog land! Erica in Canada! (where it was snowing today!)