Thursday, July 31, 2008

Anyone want to laugh at me????

I'm not even sure where to start! I have been in the bedroom cleaning my fabric mess! Anyone want to take pity on me and quilt some of my tops for FREE??? Giggle...I found 77 quilt tops!!! Yes, you read it correctly....77!! I'll have to tell the story behind that. See I few years ago we decided we would build a new house. I decided then and there as soon as we got in the new house I would buy a quilting machine. So instead of sending them off to the longarmer to be quilted I just started piling them up for me to do when I bought my quilter. Then we decided we would buckle down and pay off our land first before starting the house, so more time and more tops started piling up. so now we are building our house but honestly we are doing it all ourselves and paying for it as we go so we will not have a payment when it is finished but it is a slow process. It will probably be another year or so before we have it finished. So now I have 77 tops piled up waiting to be quilted. I would say 20 or more are baby quilts, so I could do those on my little machine and get those out of the way. I'm thinking that may be a project for Winter, to get some of these baby tops out of the way.

I had to laugh at myself, I have fabric stuck everywhere....I even found some in a suitcase!!! :)

Here are a bunch of quilts that I have in a wardrobe. I got all of them out, refolded them and put them back. I think there were 15 quilts in there.

Here is the pile of quilts that I usually have stacked agains one wall. Hubby calls it my wall of quilts. I threw them all on the bed, refolded them, and stacked them back up. I don't have a clue how many are there, I didn't even count them. But there is another stack behind these that you can't even see in the photo!
This is a tote full of seersucker and other odd fabrics that were given to me. I wasn't sure about quilting with the seersucker, but I asked a couple of people and everyone seems to think it will work just fine. So back into storage it all went. There are several yards of each of them.

This is a tote full of "everythings" I just started throwing bits and pieces of everything in it. I finally sorted through it and ended up with the photo below.
Here is what I ended up with after sorting through the tote. Just mostly solids with a few other odds and ends.
This is an old Army trunk that I bought several years ago at a thrift store. Open it up and there are 27 quilt tops in it.
Here is is opened. I counted 27 tops here. I also have tops in a huge box and another cabinet. So in all I counted 77! I'm sure if I kept digging, I would find more.
Another tote of yardage, I think there is a total of 3. This is not counting my fabric that is under 1 yard. I also found 19+ backings! I don't think I got a photo of that, but I didn't realize I had that many. Storage is so limited and I have everything in totes, I think I just go buy backings instead of digging for what I do have.
And I ran on to this. This is a quilt that I started hand quilting a few years ago and put it back in a box. I left it out so maybe I can get to work on it soon.
This is a photo of the top of my closet. 1000+ Historical Romance novels that I haven't even read yet! I plan on sorting through them in a few days since I have boxes of them stacked in the corner too. Just don't have room to store them all. But I do read, so I don't want to get rid of all of them. Giggle...and to think I bought a new book last nigh! CRAZY!
I think before I start on new projects I will quilt a baby quilt or something. Like I said there are several of those and little by little that will take my stack down. I plan on donating most of the baby quilts anyway. Most of the baby tops came from UFO's that I didn't want to finish so I would make them crib size and call it done. I figured that would be better than not getting them pieced together.
I think all this has something to do with my OCD! Or at least I will blame it on that. I never buy just one of anything. Didn't realize that until the other day, hubby mentioned it to me and after we started talking about it, it is true! He laughed because I found some little wire baskets on clearance the other day and I thought they would be great for scraps or blocks so instead of buying one, I bought 9!!!!
Well, break time is over so I really need to get back to cleaning!!!!! If you don't hear from me for a few days, you'll know I'm buried under the mess!!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Restless Day

Seems like such a long day! I guess I am just feeling lonely. Hubby has been off from work since last Thursday and has to go back to work tomorrow. The boys start school on Tuesday. I asked Richard what I was supposed to do and he said " Sew! That's what you always do" Oh well, I just enjoy them being home with me.

Anyway, today I started trying to clean and sort my huge double closet that I keep my fabric and things in. I think I made a bigger mess!!! :) I dragged most of it out and then got tired of sorting and just left it in the floor until tomorrow :) I have all of it stored in my bedroom, you should have saw hubbys face when he opened the door to go to bed!!! He just looked at me and said "I don't want to know, do I?" I told him to just step over it and go to bed!!!

Here is a bunch of the mess that I had piled on the bed. Of course, had move all of it before he went to bed.

This is a tote that I filled with yardage. I think in the end I should have at least 3 of these if not more. Then I have a ton of fabrics that are 1 yard or less, I don't even want to think of that right now. I even filled on of the 22gallon totes with backings! Didn't realize I had that many backings. And to think I go buy them when I need them instead of digging for them.

These are a few blocks that I did on my Storm At Sea wallhanging. I have most of it cut out and ready to sew. It is all paper piecing, which I love at the moment! These blocks don't look that hard, but they are only 3 inchs so they have very tiny pieces. Hope to have more of that to show later.

After Richard went to bed, I started feeling restless so I loaded the boys up and we drove to town!!! HeeHaw!!! As most of you know I don't leave the house alot. I usually try to make one trip to town a week! But like I said, I was restless...we stopped for something quick to eat, stopped by the Dollar Store, Dollar Discount, Food City, and Walmart! I hate our Walmart, they don't have much of anything. But I did pick up these magazines and a book!!! Doesn't this book look YUMMY????

I don't know why on earth that I bought it. I have over 1000 of them in the bedroom, that I have not even read yet!

I also picked up the County Sampler. I love Country Sampler! This is the style of decorating that I love, hope to get some good ideas for the house. And of course, I love looking at their wood furniture. Hubby hates when I buy these because it only adds to his list of things to make for me!!! :)
And then I picked up this issue of Fons & Porter's Magazine. I haven't looked through it yet, but I'm sure I will get to it later tonight!

Hunter is not feeling well. He started getting sick while we were in town. He is complaining of a headache, his eyes are all red and he now has a temp. Nothing major I'm sure, you know how these little ones pick up little bugs all of the time. I gave him some Motrin, but now he needs some MOMMY TIME!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Another Day On The Layne Farm!

Here are a couple more blocks to my Love Letters quilt. I think these bring me to a total of 26 Love Letter blocks and still 55 Diary blocks!

Jumped up this morning and rushed around to fix breakfast! Seemed like I was running late all morning. Richard has been home from work since last Wednesday evening. His work truck is down and they don't have an extra one for him to drive. But that is okay because he is still getting paid for it!!!! Anyway, I love him being home, but were I'm not used to it, it throws my routine completely off!!!!

So I rush off to my quilt guild meeting with Hunter in tow. Had a great time there. So many talented ladies. Talked about several projects that we have planned, then next one in August is a Stack-n-wack 4 patch.

Here are some photos that I took at guild this morning. I think I would like to make this quilt, I have a ton of scraps and this would be a great way to use some of them up. The lady standing there in blue is the one who made it. And if you look real close you will see my Civil War Diary and Love Letter blocks on the table behind it.
These are some photos of our Mystery Quilt that we did a few months ago. I still haven't finished mine. I really need to get back to that.
I think this one is Brenda's. I was sooooooooo pretty, she embroidered bugs and butterflies on it! It really made a difference in the quilt.
I left quilt guild expecting to come home and have to unload several rolls of hay. I pulled in the driveway and the hay was unloaded, walked in the house and I got a big shock!!!!! Andrew was running the vacuum and Richard was running water to do the breakfast dishes!!! Now, Richard and I have been together over 8 years and this is the first time I have ever saw him in the kitchen for anything except to get into the refrigerator!!!! It's not that he doesn't think he should do any housework, it's just that he works 16-18 hours a day so that I can be home with the kids, so I just feel that all the housework should be my responsibility! I know it is silly, but I got really upset, I jumped in and done the dishes. I said if you all do my job then what am I needed for??? So then I got this big lecture from him and the boys about how important that I am to them and I'm not just needed to clean the house! I guess I was just being whinny! You know how moody we ladies get from time to time! :) But I'm over all of that now!

So now all the housework is finished and we took the boys to pick apples!!!

This is an apple tree down by the pond. We picked about three 5 gallon buckets full, for now. There are still plenty, and I will get them later. With the ones that I got today, I am peeling them and putting them in the freezer for apple pies and fried apples. When I go back later and load up, I plan on making apple butter, applesauce, and apple jelly! Right now, I only have 4 quarts cut up and in the freezer, just taking a break, my fingers are cramping!!!

Anyway, I'm off!! I think I will sew a block or two before I get back to my apples!!!


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Back From Our Trip!

We are home and sooooooo tired! Everyone had a wonderful time. I just wanted to share a few photos that I thought you all might like! First off, there is the thing called Kentucky Quilt Trail that has quilt blocks painted on wood and placed mostly on old barns. Actually, this first one is the cover photo on the website! Very pretty! While we are down around Carter Caves I found a few. Actually we have some here in Louisa too, I will have to get some photos of those in a few days.

This one was on an old church and we had lunch there. They had this little tiny stand and served cheeseburger, icecream and things like that. Look were we ate!!!You could sit on the swing and eat or at one of the few tables to eat.
I thought it was so cute!!!
If you look real close you can see a quilt block on their barn in the background.
This one was on a building in the park!
Here is a photo of me and the kids standing by the lake.

Inside one of the caves.
This was some of the people in the pioneer camp! The funny thing about it, we were talking to these nice people and then come to find out I knew him! His name is Joe and about 20 years ago he and my aunt lived together!!! She has now passed away and he remarried and has a son that is 15. His wife is so nice and seemed like such a sweet lady!
Here is a photo of Richard out exploring while me and the kids are taking a break!
We took over 150 photos but I won't bore you with all of them. I added a slideshow on my sidebar, if you want to see more photos of our trip. Just click on it to make it larger. I am trying to rest up today. I have a quilt guild meeting in the morning, so I need to get my things gathered for show and tell.

Friday, July 25, 2008

My Stressful Night!

Started packing our clothes and look what I found in the suitcase!!!! My baby wants to go with us, doesn't he?? I think he is going to miss his Mommy!!! Chantal is going to take care and feed all of our animals while we are gone!

On the trip back from picking up Breanna, I hit a deer!!!! No major damage, but the bad thing is, I wasn't driving my car!!!!!! I was driving my sister's Ford Escape!!! I called here after I got home and she didn't even come out here to look at it, she just said "Don't worry about it, at least no one was hurt" I just felt so bad, she only has 4 payments and it will be paid for! Richard is going to fix it, she said not to worry about it, but I feel like we should fix it for her!!!

Well, I'm off to bed, we have to get up in about 6 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just ordered a few new patterns!

Yipeee!!! Two posts in one day!!!!! Okay, now I know that I really need to get off of the computer and finish packing, but I started looking through some websites and here is what I ended up ordering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got these first two patterns from the Cotton Vault. I have been looking at this Butterscotch Pie pattern for a few weeks now, so I finally decided to order it. I also ordered the tote bag pattern, I thought it was really cute!

I also ordered this pattern from Laundry Basket Quilts. I really like it too, it is paper pieced. Not really sure but this one looks like it would take me a long time. I actually ordered this one a couple of days ago.
I know that I need to start another project like I need another hole in my head, but I just couldn't resist!!!!! I can't wait to get these patterns!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!! Gotta go pack!!!

Still Sewing Along...

Here are the blocks that I finished yesterday!!! I used some of my new fabrics in them. I think I will need to purchase a few more Pinks and Browns to be able to spread them out better! I am trying to make sure as I piece them that I don't have the same fabrics next to them. I know have a total of 24 Love Letters blocks and 55 Diary blocks!
I cleaned and oiled my old machine that I bought, did a few little adjustments and tinkering and it is sewing!!!! That is a good thing! I would still have loved it even if it didn't sew, just for the looks of it. I'm not sure where I will sit it, I am really cramped on space right now, but when we get in the new house, I will display it there! I still had it sitting in front of the fireplace while I cleaned back through the house and when I came back into the room, I saw this....
Yes, the Army has taken over!!!! This was not all of them, I just couldn't fit them in the photo! So Hunter's Army has claimed my new sewing machine and Donkey has claimed my new chair that I bought! He has found a new place to sleep! I had the chair sitting there until I took it outside to the outbuilding when we tried to move it, he hung on for dear life!!!! So I guess for now the chair stays in the house!
Late this evening, I will be making the trip to pick up my step daughter, Breanna. We are taking a little family trip this weekend. Since we had worked on the house so much this Summer we didn't get to take a vacation. We decided to take the kids on a little weekend trip before school starts back August 5th.
We are going to Carter Caves! It is a Kentucky State Park, has several cave tours, swimming, a lake, horseback riding, lots of nature things to do. Also this weekend they are having a "Pioneer Life Week" Since we all love history, this will be perfect for us. Basically it is a "Revolutionary War Camp" Everything will be set up as it was in 1812!!!!! Hopefully, I will get lots of photos to share!! Don't worry Regina, I am taking some yo-yo's to work on in the car and at the hotel!!!! So I will still be getting some sewing hours in!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Good buys and New Fabric

Yesterday I stopped by the Junk Store!!! Picked up a few things....first off, I bought this sewing machine for $20!!!! As you can see in the photo of the door, it comes with a full box of things, oil bottle and the orignal manual! Can't wait to get it cleaned up!!! I didn't have room in the car yesterday to bring it home so I just took photos of it in the store. My sister is picking it up for me today! It is called a New Home by Westinghouse.

I also picked up this chair for $5. I really like it, not sure where I will put it, I may have to store it in the outbuilding until we get the house done. My outbuilding is overflowing with junk!

While I was in the Junk Store yesterday, I snapped a photo so that you could see the junk you have to dig through! And this is just one room of it. I think there are 3 big rooms.Recieved my new Civil War fabrics in the mail today!!!! I love them! Can't wait to start cutting into them! I have a couple of things to do today before I start sewing. Clean house, do some laundry, and put up another wall in the new house! Hubby is home today so we are going to try to put up another wall! Then I am free to sew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!