Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Handquilting Day!

This has been a great quilty day!!! I have been hand quilting on my great grandmothers quilt about ALL day! Just taking small breaks to rest my eyes! This is a photo of it that I posted a while back but hand quilting is so hard to photograph that I just posted the same photo!

My fingers are so sore that I had to apply some of this liquid bandage. This stuff is amazing! I remember when I worked in the sewing factory making jeans we used it alot. The jean material is so rough on your hands and when you are hemming several hundred pairs of jeans a day, you have to have something for your hands. They would get so raw!
If you get a chance hop on over to QuiltDad's Blog he has a wonderful giveaway. Very beautiful bags! He is a very talented quilter!!! The fabrics that he used are sooooo nice!!
I know this post is short, but I have more handquilting to do! I have already quilted for almost 6 hours today!!!!


KyQuiltlady said...

You sure have been quilting a long time. Don't overdo it. My mother-in-law did that about 6 months ago and her hand still hurts really bad. She can't quilt now. You sure have been putting a lot of things together lately. I don't know how you do all that you do. I love your Civil War blocks. I have been busy doing some things for our pastor. I did get a chance to quilt a wall hanging today.

QuiltedSimple said...

What a beautiful treasure you have in your grandmother's quilt - enjoy it!


Sara said...

I love that quilt, and it has to be special to you since it is your grandma's! Good luck with the hand quilting!

Guðrún said...

Quilting for 6 hours, how can you?

vtquilter said...

Wow! Lots of hand quilting....my hand would be very sore. Thanks for the new-skin idea... I may need that once I start to hand quilt my DH's quilt... although I am picturing 30-60 minutes a day in the evenings. Just need it to cool down so I can baste it...way too hot and muggy to do it today. How is donkey while you are quilting?

The Quilting Pirate said...

Thanks for the new skin idea! I plan to do lots of binding by hand this weekend and this will really save my finger tips!!

Julia said...

How lovely to have your great grandma's quilt to work on!
I'll have to look out for some new skin, I have never seen it here,
Thanks Kristie.


Carol VR said...

I don't see the post I'd intended to comment on. Your Yo-Yo quilt looks fantastic.

Did you use a Yo-Yo maker to make them???

I thought it may be something Dakota would enjoy.

Jen said...

Ok, keep in mind I DO read them as you write them. I was just really slow in the commenting department! Your grandmothers quilt is looking great. I tried to find that nu-skin but our walmart doesn't carry it. I'll have to check in walgreens next time I'm there.