Thursday, July 3, 2008

Another Block And A Little Competition!!

I got alot accomplished today, or so I think I did. First off, I made another block! This one is called "Dark Gloom" it is from the first row. This makes me 49 blocks!!! This 6 inch block has 32 pieces in it. I also cut out all of my lattice strips, 220 of them to be exact. And I also got all of 100 cornerstones cut too! I went ahead and sewed all of my top row together and a few blocks on the second row. I just couldn't wait to start getting it together. I'll post a photo of that later.

Now, I have some numbers for you. Since I started this quilt back in March I have been keeping a notebook of my progress. So here we go...I have a total of 49 blocks finished, 1122 pieces, and over 41 hours in this so far!!!!

Anyway, enough of that. Regina and I decided to have a fun little competition. We are keeping track of how many sewing hours that we can get in this month. I had 5 1/2 hours in before today, so I still need to add those...Watch out Regina!!!!! Well, I'm off to sew some more!!!


Inger Lise in Norway said...

I like your fabrics in your block Kristie. Is it CWD or CWL you make? I like poping in to your blog. Happy quilting

Guðrún said...

Another beautiful block.

QuiltedSimple said...

Another wonderful beautiful block - you are moving right along. And am I reading that right - 200 hours in July???? Good luck - you'll be busy,

Jen said...

Good luck on your challenge. I'd be scared to take you on!!