Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Quilts, Gifts, and Veggies

 Yesterday I quilted this KING size quilt.  Sorry it's blurry but it had lots of fun fabrics and a solid purple backing.  I enjoyed quilting it.  I quilted it with a beautiful purple Glide thread. 
I finished up the baby quilt that I had been working on and gifted it on Saturday.  I didn't end up going to the baby shower but I took it and dropped it off at Amy's house early that morning.  This is for her grandbaby.  She took it on to the shower for me.  I'm not going to post pics of them opening it as they were very emotional and just loved it.  I feel that it's kind of a private thing.  My brother and SIL, videoed and sent it to me and then others sent some pics.  :)  I'm glad it was well received. 
 The precious baby boy is due in January...or maybe it's February.  LOL!  I think I mentioned in a previous post that it was made with a few scraps of our Assistant Pastor's shirts and he passed away almost 2 years ago.  This would be his first great grandchild.  We are very close to this family and we grew up together. 
 First thing this morning, I need to do something with all of these peppers and green tomatoes...and a few apples.  LOL!  This is the last of everything!  This pic was taken AFTER my sister filled up a bag and took home.  LOL! 
 After I get all of this taken care of, I will be piecing a backing for another KING size quilt.  I do charge extra for that but I'll be honest...I don't like doing it at all.  Almost to the point of it making my nauseous.  LOL!  That's probably a little dramatic but I don't like doing it at all.  I think I am going to just tell people that I no longer do that and they need to piece it beforehand.  Like this one, it's 10 yards of FLANNEL!!!!  That I have to piece in 3 sections.  I just don't like doing it.  LOL!  Oh well....  I will also be using a new panto design for this quilt.  The customer bought it but I'm not sure how well that I will like quilt it.  LOL!  I'll let you know on that one too.

I also think I will be going to town with mom today.  She is still sick but feeling a little better.  I think she is getting stir-crazy and needs to get out of the house.  So honestly, if I go with her to town, take care of all of those veggies, and then piece that huge backing, load it on the longarm...that is probably all that I will get done besides my usual household chores.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Practicing some machine applique

 Yesterday didn't go as planned at all.  LOL!  I am running a tad behind on customer quilts and I could not make myself work on them at all yesterday.  I did play around with some applique!  LOL!

A few days ago Richard fixed my old Brother embroidery machine.  The automatic thread cutter was stuck and we could not get it to go back over no matter what we tried.  Out of 30+ machines this is my only computerized machine.  So as it stood, the machine was not working at all and was just useless so I told him to just break that thing out of there and if it worked...great and if it didn't, oh well.  He broke it out of there and the machine works perfectly except now I have to cut my own thread.  

Anyway...I was given this GO! Die so I wanted to play around and figure out the applique stitch that I liked best. 
 I cut out a few of them to just play around with to get my stitching adjusted correctly.  These are just from scraps and will not be used for anything. 
 This is the first one that I did.  I used white thread just so I could see it better.  I had to do some adjusting as the stitches were not even so I did a few more...
 By the time I did this red and blue one I was fairly pleased with the stitches and just stopped there with it. 
 I have several applique patterns that I plan on working on sometime in the future.  At this point, it will probably be after the holidays.  I don't have a huge selection of thread colors either right now so that is something that I will need to get.  

Mom had a doctor's appointment today with the orthopedic but she is sick and canceled it.  She is still off work due to her fall but now she has a bad cold/allergies.  It seems like very time that she gets sick like that she quickly ends up with bronchitis.  I am going to try to get her to go to her regular doctor later today if she will.  

Our original plan was for us to go together today in her car since we are still down to one vehicle and Richard is working today.  We were going to go to her orthopedic appointment which is about a hour away and then stop in town on the way back and do the grocery shopping.  If she doesn't want to go to the doctor for her cold then I will probably borrow her car and go do the shopping for the both of us.  At this point, I am just waiting for her to get up, call me so I can see how she is feeling and plan my day.  I can't wait for her to retire next Fall, I worry so much about her. 

After getting the groceries and stuff put away, I will have to MAKE MYSELF go upstairs and get some quilting done.  I need to do a little quilting marathon to get caught up again.  That probably will not happen this weekend.  :)  Richard is off work this weekend and I never seem to get anything done while he is home.  Also Sunday after Church we are having a little family dinner here at the house.  Nothing at all fancy, just hotdogs with homemade sauce and such.  There will be 12 here counting us.  Andrew will not be here because he will be taking one of his clients to a football game in Cincinnati and that is several hours away.  That worries this momma to death.  A mother never stops worrying about her kids and all I can do is pray for a safe trip. 

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

I'm on a roll...

 Another customer quilt off the longarm!  YAY!  Now on to another...
I enjoyed quilting this one.  She pieced it really well so it was easy to quilt.  The bottom border did have a little fullness but I tried to ease it in as best I could. 
She wanted a simple stipple so that goes rather quickly.  

Today I will am going to try to load another one on the longarm and pick out all of that baby quilt that I botched the other day.  :(  I need it for a gift on Saturday so I don't have much time.  I also need to clean the sweatshop (aka quilt studio)  It is a horrible mess!  Barely a path through it because I have been so busy. 

The weather is cooling down a lot here.  It rained all day yesterday and was windy.  Fall is certainly here!  We have a few more things to tie up here on the farm before winter hits.  It is had to get things done when I am so busy with quilts right now, Richard and Andrew work so much, and Hunter is in school all day.  We will get it done...sooner or later.  

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Another one down...

My latest customer quilt is finished!  I'll admit this one was trying.  The fabrics were very stretchy.  The customer and I decided that an overall large stipple was best for it.  So many different fabric textures that it was just very stretchy to quilt.  In the end, I think it turned out pretty good.  Sorry the pics are blurry.
Last night I loaded another one on the frame so it is ready to go this morning!  It is a very pretty patchwork.  I'll post pics of it tomorrow.  

Have you ever been in a big hurry and messed something up so in the end it is just going to take you longer?  Shew....  A few days ago I got in a big hurry quilting a baby quilt and ruined it.  Yep, I either have to pick it all out or just make another one.  LOL!  I have quilted with Minkee a million times but I got in a big hurry and stretched it so bad that when I removed it from the frame it is just a big wrinkled mess.  That's what I get for trying to rush.  LOL!

Richard had been off work for the past few days and yesterday was his first day back.  He is getting ready for work today as I type this.  The boys are still asleep but Andrew will be getting up shortly for work as well.

I forgot to post about my Acorn Flour!  The first batch, I used about 1-1/2 gallons of acorns and in the end I have a little over half a quart of flour.  I used some in waffles, mixed it 50/50 with self-rising flour so that it would rise and it worked perfectly.  The taste is hard to explain but the closest thing that I can think of is "wheaty".  It has kind of a wheat taste.  Anyway, it is good and a fun little treat.  
I think I mentioned about a month ago that my momma fell and was off work.  She had another appointment on Thursday and the doctor put her off for 6 more weeks.  She is doing better but just not back 100%.  Her biggest issue that she is having right now is her shoulder and with her job being a cook she certainly has to use both arms and do a lot of lifting.  

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Fairs, Festivals and Quilting

 I finally got my aunt's quilt finished.  Not sure what the name of the pattern is but it's pretty. 
 I still need to clip some threads and bury some knots but I'll do that this morning.  I figure she will pick it up later today.  I used the panto called, "Slick" on it. 
 This past weekend I helped my brother John and SIL, Kellie at a local fair.  He sets up at fairs and festivals in his spare time.  He has a train that he takes kids for rides, a gem mine, cotton candy booth and now and lemonade booth.  He didn't set the gem mine up at this one but did the other three.  This was the first fair/festival for the lemonade stand and that is what I worked.  He drove the train, my SIL and sister, Chantal worked the cotton candy booth and I did the lemonade.  We had no clue how well or bad that it would do so this was a trial run.  Let me tell you....I was covered up!!!!  It was crazy!  They were very pleased that it did so well.  Some how I didn't get a pic of his train but here are the other booths....
 He plans on buying a yellow tent like the pink one for the lemonade, like I said this was a trial run with it.  I had a ton of fresh lemons that I run through the lemon dicer, then to the smasher, etc.  It was fun but very busy.  I had a great time!  There were a bunch of other things there I just didn't have time to take a pic.  LOL!  These pics were actually taken before it all started. 
 I have a ton of quilting stuff coming up so expect lots of posts and pics!  

Oh...and I almost forgot...on Richard's way home from work Thursday night the Jeep motor blew up!  :(  Not at all what we needed.  :(  It's always something it seems...

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

What"s Next? Garlic Knots? Windmills? or Now or Later?

 Soooo....what quilt of mine am I going to work on and try to finish up next?  I've been trying to decide and first I dug out my "Garlic Knots" and after spreading it out on my bed I've decided that I still need about 48 more blocks to make it the size that I want.  I know that if I don't make it a little larger than it is right now then I will never be happy with it.  I love this quilt so far and I have 120 of the blocks sewn together here in a 10x12 setting.  I think I want to add 2 more rows to the side and 2 more rows on the bottom...then add a simple border. 
 As I was looking at this quilt top I noticed that I have one of the blocks turned wrong.  See the blue block below.  This is on the edge and I will take that out and fix it as it will bug me. 
 I had a few more of these blocks cut out so I decided to sew a few of them up...
 Then I sewed a few more...
 Then I found my windmills!  I love these!  I have several hundred of these sewn into blocks of 16. 
 I sewed a few of these that I already had cut out...
 Then a few more...
 And more...
 Then I ran out of what I had cut and could not find my acrylic template to cut more.  So this will go on the back burner until I find my template.  

Then finally I dug out my "Now and Later" or "Now or Later"  LOL!  I don't remember the name exactly.  :)  This one being a very simple pattern will not take too long to finish up.  It looks like I have all of the lighter squares cut and some of the colored rectangles cut.  I would like to make it a row wider and as you can see it needs to be longer.  I will probably add a simple border on it as well. 
 So I guess that is the plan...to work on this between customer quilts.  Speaking of customer quilts...I need to get back working on them as I haven't for a few days.  It is hard to concentrate on them while dealing with this toothache stuff.  I have started an antibiotic and will probably going to the dentist in a few days.  

Monday, October 9, 2017

Quilt Top Assembled! YAY!

Yesterday I got all 80 of the blocks assembled into a quilt top!  That felt great to do some sewing for myself.  That only happened probably because I am a procrastinator and I should be working on customer quilts instead of something for myself.  LOL.
 I still need to sew on a border and I think I will used this blue since I have a bolt of it. 
 I hope to get the border sewn on within the next few days.  Now I'm wondering what I want to work on next for myself.  I have some UFO's that need finished but sometimes you just can't get in the mood to work on something that you are tired of at the moment.  I'm thinking that I may jump in and finish up my Garlic Knots.  I definitely need to concentrate on customer quilts right now but I also need to throw something in between to work on for myself. 

Richard had to work yesterday but is off today.  I didn't go to Church yesterday as I have been battling a toothache fora few days.  I just sorta hung out here at home with Hunter and worked on my quilt as I felt like it.  

Friday, October 6, 2017

Feeling Accomplished!

 I feel like I got a lot accomplished yesterday!!!  YAY!  I am exhausted but I was well satisfied when the day was over!  Then I got in bed and a million things went through my mind that I needed to do.  LOL!  

First off, I watched my 2 nephews and my niece for about 9 hours...ages 11, 8, and 2.  They were really good and I always enjoy spending time with them even though they exhaust me.  :)  So while watching the 3 kids, I pieced this very simple baby quilt.  I know it is hard to see the cream background fabric against the design wall. 
 You can it a little better here.  Nothing at all fancy but I'm hoping it has great meaning to them.  The plaids are from shirts that belonged to the great grandfather.  I made a Cross memory quilt last year and I had a few leftover pieces.  The baby's father, Ryan was very close to his grandfather and really took it hard when he passed. 
 The baby shower is October 28th so I still have a little time left to quilt it.  I hope to throw it on the frame between customer quilts.  I'll probably just do a simple stipple or something like that.  I think I will use this blue minkee for the backing only because I already have it.  :)
 I took photos of all three of the kids but the others turned out a bit blurry.  This is Addie (messy hair as she just woke up from her nap) She was so proud of working her puzzle.  Love that precious little smile.  Love all 3 of those kids! 
 If you look folded on the back of the couch is one of my quilts that needs the binding sewn down on it.  I thought I would sew on that while I watched the kids but I never touched it!  LOL!  This is the same quilt that I took to the beach in July and planned on doing the binding then....but never touched it then either!  LOL!

Also while the kids were here, I peeled and canned 14 pints of pears!  Someone gave my MIL some pears and she sent them on to me.  I already canned pear butter a few months ago so I just canned these in a light syrup. 
 For giggles....here is a little more of my canning.  Pears, jellies, jams, apple butters, peach butters, pear butters, candied apple sauce and who knows what else in there.  :)  Bottom shelf has pints of pickles, green tomatoes, green beans w/mushrooms, carrots, carrots & potatoes. 
 More pints...carrots & potatoes, beets, chicken vegetable soup, salsa, sweet potatoes, banana peppers, and fried apples.  Under the towels on the bottom is some of my kraut!  This does NOT even show my QUARTS of goodies that I also have canned.  I'll get a pic of those later. 
 So in the end it was a good day.  I was very tired but happy.  

Today...cook, clean, quilt....story of my life.  LOL!  Actually, I have to take Hunter for a haircut and then he wants to take his girlfriend out for lunch.  Since he is 15 and can't drive, I will be taking them.  :) 

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Blocks are finished and some baking

 I got a little more quilting done on this customer quilt.  It belongs to my aunt. 
 Here is a larger photo of it.  I am about halfway through right now.  I hope to finish it up today.  I forgot what she said the name of it was but it's very pretty.
 I also finished piecing ALL 80 of my blocks!  I hope to slowly assemble this between customer quilts.  These blocks are so fast and easy!  A friend of mine used Halloween fabrics in these blocks and it turned out super cute. 
 Today I am going to try to piece the baby quilt that I need for an upcoming baby shower.  I'm going super simple so it will only take a few minutes to actually piece it.  Then hopefully load it on the frame and quilt it before I load the next customer quilt on.  Actually, it will take me longer to pin it on than it will to quilt it.

I got my bread baked yesterday.  Nothing like the smell of fresh baked yeast bread straight out of the oven.  I try to stretch these loaves out for the week but it never seems to last that long.  :)  We had some last night with baked spaghetti and we are having leftover baked spaghetti tonight. 
 Someone asked me a while back how I got my crust "glossy"  LOL!  Well...I rub butter all over it while it is still hot to keep the crust softer and to add a little extra butter taste.
I guess that's all for this post...time to get my morning chores done and get started quilting.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Blocks, Quilts and Cookies

 I did get a little sewing done for me yesterday!!!  YAY!  I have a couple of blocks pinned above my machine to make sure that I sew them together correctly.  The one on the left is my Garlic Knots and I need to make more of those blocks to get my quilt top a large queen size.  The one on the left is the blocks that I am working on right now.  They are pretty much the same other than the size, one is made from all squares and the other is squares and rectangles.
 This little pile of blocks should go together quick!  I would at least like to get all of the blocks finished today!  Then I can work on assembling the quilt top.  I also have a customer quilt on the frame that I need to get done as soon as possible.  It belongs to my aunt and it is a beautiful quilt.  I have a ton of other customer quilts lined up as well.  I am booked up through Christmas!!!! 
 Some of the customer quilts I can post pics of as I finish them and others I can't as they are gifts and those people read my blog and Facebook.  Those will be posted after Christmas.  I have several custom orders for making quilts.  One lady wants 9 memory pillows and 3 of the full size cross quilts made from her husband's shirts that passed away.  

Here is a pic of a customer quilt that I quilted and had not posted on my blog.  I love the blues...  It is backed with a soft blue flannel.  This was a gift for the customer's elderly aunt. 
 I did more cleaning yesterday but I didn't get a lot accomplished.  I am a routine girl and when something throws me off like my busy week last week my ADHD kicks in and I have a horrible time concentrating, staying on task and getting back into my routine.  So yesterday was a struggle.  

Hunter is out of school this week for Fall Break.  I did let him sleep in yesterday.  The first half of the day he just kind of took it easy.  Then he did his daily farm chores and split more firewood for winter.  He will be working on the wood all week.  He also asked me if I would make him some No Bake Cookies.  I like to make sure that both of my boys can cook enough to take care of themselves so I had him to make them and I supervised.  :)  He did an awesome job.  We all love them but of course, I can't really have them....I did sneak a bite of one.  :(  Today is "bread day"  I usually try to keep fresh baked bread made.  I take a day or two a week and bake fresh loaves of bread.  My family absolutely loves it!  As most of you know I have stomach issues and I can actually digest the homemade bread so much better than store bought.  I guess it is the preservatives and such.  I still have to watch about my blood sugar but I can cut is as thin as I want so that helps.  I'll post pics of it tomorrow.  :)
Soooo....plans for the day..... Cook, Clean, Nap, Quilt....story of my life.  :) 

Monday, October 2, 2017

Customer Quilts and Some Piecing....

 Here are the blocks that I have been piecing.  I'm just piecing a few here and there between the canning, quilting and just life in general.  

I found these blocks and I had cut them all out a few years ago but had not pieced them.  The pattern is called, "Lattice Bones" and it came out of a quilt magazine.  Weird name really but cute block. 
 I have more of the blocks done than this but I was just throwing them up on the design wall.  The plan is to piece 80 blocks for an 8x10 setting.  I think I still need to piece 20 of them.  Hopefully that will get finished soon.  Then I will also sew on a simple border.
 Here is another beautiful customer quilt that I quilted!  I love a Dresden!!!  I've quilted several of them for this lady.  She does an awesome job on the piecing.  This was also a king.  Actually this was pieced by the same lady as the red log cabin in my last post. 
 Saturday evening we went to a birthday party for 2 of our great nephews.  The party was held at Richard's brothers house.  It was great to see everyone as it had been several months since seeing some of them.  After we got home I canned some vegetable broth that I had simmered before we left for the party.  I ended up with 7 quarts of that.

Sunday after Church I quickly changed into my comfy clothes and got to work!  LOL!  It had been a busy week and my house was a total mess.  So while I was cleaning the kitchen I put 7 quarts of pinto beans in the pressure canner.  My busiest quilting time of the year is coming up so I like to have a lot of fast meals on hand.

I mentioned my busy week that I had last week...well here it goes...

Monday- Richard was home so I never get anything accomplished in the house.  LOL!

Tuesday- I watched my precious niece Addison all day.  She is 2 so you know that I didn't accomplish anything that day either.

Wednesday- I spent most of the day with mom.  My sister called me late Tuesday night and said that mom had fallen on the porch and was still on the porch.  By the time I got out there she was up but in a lot of pain.  So to make it short....Wednesday morning she decided to go to the doctor.  She has injuries to her right arm and left knee.  The knee is doing better and the arm is slowly improving ...well if she would stop trying to use it.  I was so worried about her.

Thursday- was payday!!!  LOL!  So I spend the biggest part of the day grocery shopping and running errands.

Friday- NOTHING!!!  LOL!  I just couldn't seem to get my crap together to get anything done.  I did go out and visit with mom for a while.

Saturday and Sunday- I already mentioned that above.  LOL!  So in the end...my house is showing neglect!