Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Fairs, Festivals and Quilting

 I finally got my aunt's quilt finished.  Not sure what the name of the pattern is but it's pretty. 
 I still need to clip some threads and bury some knots but I'll do that this morning.  I figure she will pick it up later today.  I used the panto called, "Slick" on it. 
 This past weekend I helped my brother John and SIL, Kellie at a local fair.  He sets up at fairs and festivals in his spare time.  He has a train that he takes kids for rides, a gem mine, cotton candy booth and now and lemonade booth.  He didn't set the gem mine up at this one but did the other three.  This was the first fair/festival for the lemonade stand and that is what I worked.  He drove the train, my SIL and sister, Chantal worked the cotton candy booth and I did the lemonade.  We had no clue how well or bad that it would do so this was a trial run.  Let me tell you....I was covered up!!!!  It was crazy!  They were very pleased that it did so well.  Some how I didn't get a pic of his train but here are the other booths....
 He plans on buying a yellow tent like the pink one for the lemonade, like I said this was a trial run with it.  I had a ton of fresh lemons that I run through the lemon dicer, then to the smasher, etc.  It was fun but very busy.  I had a great time!  There were a bunch of other things there I just didn't have time to take a pic.  LOL!  These pics were actually taken before it all started. 
 I have a ton of quilting stuff coming up so expect lots of posts and pics!  

Oh...and I almost forgot...on Richard's way home from work Thursday night the Jeep motor blew up!  :(  Not at all what we needed.  :(  It's always something it seems...


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

sorry about the jeep if it isn't one thing its another isn't it - the fair sounds fun

Janet O. said...

Looks like your brother has some great enterprises going. The yellow tent will coordinate nicely with the product--as the pink does. :)
Ouch--sorry about the jeep!