Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!
Have a wonderful and Blessed Christmas!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Civil War Wreaths video

Today I am posting a little video for you!  LOL!  Hope you can understand me with my sinus infection and my Kentucky accent.  :)  Didn't feel like typing it all out so I just made a short video you will understand why when you watch the video (tendonitis). 
Hope you have a wonderful and Blessed day.  No to get some cleaning done before Christmas!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Checking in

 Hi guys!  I thought I would check in and let you all know that I am still around.  :)  I've been dealing with some tendonitis in my left wrist.  So I took some time off from sewing to let it heal.  I am doing much better now.  It's not perfect but better.  I did a tiny bit of sewing during this but I really couldn't sew for very long at a time.  I have a little more done than this photos shows so I need to take a new pic. 
 Got our tree up!  It's 9ft tall and since I am only 5ft tall, I had a hard time decorating it.  LOL! 
 My little tree in the main bathroom.  I used my old wooden thread spools on it along with a tape measure, scissors, bobbins and such. 
 Every year, Hunter sets up the Christmas Village for me.  He enjoys doing it and he does a good job.  This sets on my buffet in the kitchen.
 Last Friday we took Hunter to the park to see the Christmas lights.  Andrew met us there.  Silly Hunter just being a boy and acting like a dog peeing on a tree.  LOL!
 I took this photo at the Church across the street from the park. 
 A funny pic of my girl, Addison!  Hard to believe that she is 8 months old now. 
 Speaking of Addison, Chantal asked me to make some bows to match her outfits that she was having her Christmas pics taken in.  So here are pics of those...
 and yet another...
 I also got my hair chopped off again!  I had about 7 inches cut off of it this time.  No makeup in this pic but that's me most of the time anymore.  LOL!  Anyway, my hair is so thick and heavy that it felt great to have it cut short again. 
 I will check back in with you several more times before Christmas.  I have lots of cleaning to do before Christmas.  Dinner is at my house on Christmas day with Richard's side of the family.  I am expecting 22 guests!!!!