Friday, August 7, 2009

Fall Tablerunner

It's me again! It's Friday!!!! The boys are in the pool with Chantal and Richard is putting together a tv stand for mom! She got a great deal, a few months ago she bought one of those 52" flat screens and yesterday we were at Walmart and they had one of the stands on clearance! Regular price $239 on clearance for $50!!!!

Not alot going on with me today! Did some cleaning and laundry! Washed all the bed sheets and hung them out on the clothesline to dry! Love the smell of laundry dried outside!

Here is a tablerunner that Lisa made and gave to me!!! How nice is that! All I had to do was quilt it and add the binding!!!

Probably put another quilt on the frame this weekend! Just a small one because I have two coming this weekend from a lady at church.

Hopefully, I can post again soon and respond to some emails!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Finally.....a couple photos!

I promise I am here and all is well with me and the family, my internet and phone are still just on and off! I have tried for 2 day to post and even today I can only get a couple of photos on! :( I am beyond fed up!!!
So this will be a quick one before I loose service again! Here is a cute little photo of Donkey and Smokey! Smokey got a new bed and as you can see, Donkey will NOT let him have it! :)
I have tons of quilting photos but can get them to post! Here are a couple! My friend Lisa made these blocks, she made enough for 2 quilts and sent me one set! I finally got them pieced together and got a border on it, makes a really nice lap quilt! I can't wait to get it quilted!

Thank you so much Lisa for the blocks! I really love the quilt!

I have been quilting a lot lately! Well, I was until the past couple of weeks! The boys started back to school yesterday so I was busy trying to get them ready to go back! Funny thing....they started school yesterday and today Hunter was already trying to fake a tummy ache!!! Silly boys!

Hopefully I can post more photos later! Love you all!!!