Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What a day it has been!

What a day it has been! I try to do the best that I can and always try to see the best in people but sometimes it is just impossible. Why are some people so stupid? I'm trying to be nice here and not say exactly what I am thinking in my head but some people are just plain STUPID! I hate trying to explain things to people and they act like they are too stupid to understand anything at all. Not to mention that you don't like this person to start with but you are trying to hold your tongue so that you don't hurt someone else's feelings.

I know this all probably don't make alot of sense to you all but I have been dealing with a PROBLEM all day long and from what I get it will not get any better for a while. I'm just on the verge of screaming! Screaming might help but crying doesn't because I've tried that most of the day and it doesn't make me feel better.

Anyway.....didn't get to take mom out today. One thing the weather was too bad and I also had to deal with the PROBLEM! She has a doctor appointment in the morning so if she feels like it maybe we can do something else to get her out of the house for a while.

I had planned on sewing on the Pepto quilt today but that didn't happen either. Right now I'm pretty nervous so I don't know if I will quilt any on it tonight either. Here is a photo of the quilting that I did on it yesterday. Can't wait to get it done, I think it is turning out pretty good.
I think I will try to settle down and watch some tv and try to get my mind off of the PROBLEM! Thanks to all for listening to me rant. I will try not to do that very often but today I just can't help it.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Quilting on the Pepto Quilt

It was back to school for the kids today. Hunter did not want to go, but that is nothing new. Here he is this morning looking surprised when I uncovered his head. He was trying to hide so he would not have to go to school.
I did not rest well the first part of the night because of my legs but the pain finally eased off and I am doing fine today. But I have taken it much easier today than I did yesterday. :)
Me and Richard pinned this quilt on the frame this morning before he left for school. This is a Christmas gift for my sister! She loves PINK! This quilt is ALL PINK! When I made this quilt, I was actually trying to use up all of my pinks because I'm not real crazy about pink but it seemed like I had alot of it. I kindly call this the Pepto-bismol quilt!:) Anyway, we got it pinned on and I quilted a couple of passes on it with the machine and called it quits. I will try to get it finished up over the next few days. I'll show a photo of the complete quilt once it is finished.
I got this panel in the mail today. I ordered it last week to make a quilt for my nephew, Zeph. Since this is just a panel and not as large as I need it to be, I think I will just add a couple of borders and quilt it.
Mom is feeling a little better. Now she is getting restless! :( I went out this morning and made her lunch, did her dishes and sat and talked with her for a bit. Chantal made her breakfast this morning and helped her get dressed before she left for work. So I figure that between me and Chantal we can take care of her. I think tomorrow we are driving in to town to get her out of the house for a bit if she feels like it. And then on Wednesday she has a doctor's appointment so that will get her out too.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Finally got it done...

I'll pay for it tonight and tomorrow but I finally got this big thing quilted. My right hip and thigh is throbbing right now. I've been quilting on this thing about all day, too much time on my feet. I knew better but I really wanted to get this thing done. It measures 96x106 so it is really big and heavy since it is flannel, but it will sure feel good to snuggle under it after I get the binding on. I probably will not work on that for a while. I have too much other stuff to do first.
I really need to sit down and plan out my time for December. I have so much to do and there are not enough days in the month to get it all done. I have several Christmas gifts to make and part of them are quilts that are being bought from me for others and some that are gifts that I am giving. Also I have doctor appointments and so does mom. And I will also be helping do things for mom. I feel like I am in a panic trying to get it all done.

Speaking of mom.....she seems to be doing a little better now. The pain is not as bad as it was, she seems to be tolerating it a little better now. But the bad thing is...she is starting to feel like getting off the couch a little now and wants to try to do everything but she can't. She is starting to get nervous because of it. So I will also be spending the next several weeks trying to occupy her! :) I told her that we would go driving or something to get her out of the house or maybe finish her Christmas shopping if she feels like it.

I guess that I am done sewing for today. There is so much that I need to get done but just done feel like it after quilting that big thing. I think I will go take me a good hot bath and soak in the tub for a while. That will probably feel good on my leg anyway.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Little Bit Of Quilting

Didn't sleep very well last night, woke up about 2am with some throbbing in my right leg again. I know I seem to complain alot about it but it is so much better than it was to start with. When I think back to how bad it was months ago, this is nothing. Anyway, I didn't get up, just flipped and flopped trying to find a comfortable way to lay. Then we finally got up around 6am.

I started quilting on my UGLY flannel quilt today. Like I said in my previous post this was pieced about 12 years ago from some flannel scraps that someone had given me. It will be very warm when it is finished. I am quilting it with some large loose leaves, a very quick panto to quilt. At this point, I just want to hurry and get it off of the frame so that I can load a couple of Christmas gifts on to quilt. I only quilted 3 passes with the machine before I stopped.
After I did that little bit of quilting, Hunter got up and I was sleepy. Richard was gone so Hunter and I got back in the bed to snuggle and fell asleep. It felt really good to nap but I really didn't mean to sleep that long. When I woke up I realized that I didn't have much time to get the desserts ready for dinner with Richard's family. So the next few hours was spent in a whirlwind of fixing desserts and everyone getting showers and getting ready to go. Dinner was at 3pm and we made it just in time!!!! Whew!

We had a nice late Thanksgiving dinner. I took my camera but forgot to take any photos we were all too busy talking and eating. It was nice to be with everyone again.

So this evening I haven't done anything major, I did start cutting out for Bonnie's mystery quilt (Quiltville) I'm getting a late start on it and will probably stay behind on it because I have so much other sewing that needs to be done before Christmas. I always love her mystery quilts but this one probably will not get done until after the new year.

Here are some of the pieces that I have cut so far. I have my browns laying out to be cut next and I still need to cut some more pinks.

I probably will not cut anymore out tonight since it is getting late and I just don't want to clean up the mess. I think I will just kick back and enjoy the rest of the evening with the family in front of the big cozy fire we have going in the fireplace. It is supposed to get down to 20 degrees tonight so I will probably throw some extra quilts one all the beds.

Friday, November 26, 2010


Why does nothing ever go as planned???? Got up this morning actually feeling pretty good, I should have known that was a bad sign! :) Jumped in and straightened the house up and then decided to sew. Well...it just went down hill from there.

I posted yesterday about a Christmas gift that I was piecing, but I really wasn't in the mood to work on it today. I have several tops that I would like to have quilted by Christmas and since I was able to do that lap quilt the other day I figured I could load another quilt on the frame. So first I tried to find the top that I wanted to quilt but searched high and low for the backing and could not find it anywhere. Then finally I decided to quilt one of the other ones that I needed to get done. So I asked Richard to help me pin on a HUGE quilt! He thought that was a mistake anyway and maybe that would have me standing too but but I assured him that I would take lots of breaks.

I made a quilt top about 10 YEARS ago and it still isn't quilted. Mom loves it and hinted several months ago that she would like to have it for Christmas. So I had a backing that was 120" and I ROUGHLY measured the quilt top and come up with 114" (told you it was HUGE) We pinned the backing on which took a while since it was 120" then we started to pin the top on, I didn't want to float the top since it was so big, just thought it would be easier to have it off of the floor. Well, we started pinning and the quilt top was LARGER than the backing! Yep! The top measures 122" Please don't ask why I made it so big, I don't have a clue and like I said I've had it for about 10 years.
So this is the quilt top that was too big. I will have to try to pick up something larger when I can.
I really didn't want to have to take the backing off of the frame after all of that work so I decided to dig through my tops and find something that would work with that backing. And I found this... I know it is ugly but it sure will be warm. It is flannel.
This top is about 12 years old. Someone gave me a bunch of flannel scraps and I pieced this top. I just want to get some of these older ones done.
This one is big too, it measures 96x106. Now I have it loaded on the frame but I am too tired to start quilting on it! :) But this does nothing for my Christmas list because this is just a quilt that I will keep and use for myself.
Maybe tomorrow I can start quilting on it unless something else goes wrong.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Missing Ole Jim...

Well my belly is full and I am miserable! But that is how it goes during Thanksgiving! We had a nice dinner at my mom's with the family. My dear sister did most of the cooking. I felt so bad, I thought we had planned on doing most of it early this morning and have dinner at 4pm. She started getting nervous, I guess, this was her first big dinner to cook. She stayed up until 3am this morning cooking! When I went out there this morning she had the turkey in the oven and most everything already done! All I had to do was the dressing and the potatoes. She did a wonderful job and I am very proud of her.

My brother and his family came for dinner too, so that made it really nice. Of course we all catered to mom. She wasn't feeling the best but tried not to say anything. We all tried to make sure that the kids did not bump her shoulder but you could tell she was happy to have the grandkids there.

So after dinner I came back home and got a little restless. Did a little bit of sewing but nothing major. I'm restless but too tired to do much. I can't really show the big photo of this project until after Christmas but this will be a gift. Can't wait to get it finished and quilted.
Even though I have had a wonderful Thanksgiving with the family, I'm still a little sad. This has been on my mind all day. If you have read my blog for a while you will remember my precious old mule, JIM. He passed away last Thanksgiving.

I miss him so much! He was my big baby. If you remember most of the time we didn't even have him in a fence, he just wandered around the farm, yard and anywhere he wanted to go. He loved Honeycomb cereal, animal crackers and Chicken McNugget Happy Meals! Yep, he loved to eat that stuff. People would laugh at me for feeding him that stuff but he loved it. I will never forget that wonderful old mule. I can remember several years ago, I went through a really bad depression and all I wanted to do was cry and stay home. I would sit outside in the yard in a chair and he would stand or lay down beside me and I would pet or brush him and tell him all of my troubles. It was almost like he understood everything I was telling him. I know he didn't really but I do think that he sensed that something was wrong and it made me feel better that he was there with me. I would stay out there for hours.

I rode him all over this country here. He was my trusty ride! There was no place that we wouldn't go. He was also trained to work, we used him to pull logs to the sawmill and pull beams to the house spot when we started building. He loved to work and seemed to feel very proud to do it. I miss him very much and he is buried in a very special spot here on our farm. I also have put back one of his mule shoes to hang over the front door on my new house when we get it finished. He will never be forgotten. It is funny how an animal has that much of an impact on someone but everyone loved him from miles around.

Okay, enough crying, Hunter is starting to ask me what is wrong...

I will probably head on to bed soon, I have alot to do for the weekend. We are having Thanksgiving dinner with Richard's family on Saturday. And I need to get some quilting done before Christmas gets here.

Thanksgiving Blessings

I pray that everyone has a safe and Blessed Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Midget Block #1

Today has been a long and busy day. Last night I did not sleep very well, my hips and right leg ached and hurt about all night, but I guess that just goes along with it. My legs are getting better but nowhere near 100%....maybe soon.

Chantal was off from work today because of the holiday. She took mom to her doctor appointment this morning. They removed the staples, which mom said HURT, but they said everything looked good and for her still not to move it at all and all of this bad pain that she is having is normal for this type of surgery. She goes back to the doctor next Wednesday.

Tomorrow Chantal and I will be fixing Thanksgiving dinner at mom's house. I hope that mom is able to just sit back and enjoy the fact that she does not have to cook this year. Wish us luck!!!

This evening I started working on my Midget blocks! This is block #1, which is the Ohio Star. The block finishes at 4 1/2 inches so they are very small. I plan on doing these in Civil War fabrics, I just love that type of fabric so much. Jill is doing this quilt and there is a small group of us doing it together.
I guess that is all for tonight....Richard needs the computer for some homework!!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful and Blessed Thanksgiving!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Back to quilting...slowly...

Well, I'm finally back with a post! I have been sitting with my mom through the day until my sister gets home from work. Mom is still in alot of pain and is not doing the best after this surgery. But the doctor assures us that all of this pain is normal for that type of surgery. She is on pain medication and that makes her dizzy and silly. So we have been helping her walk anytime she needs to get up because she is lightheaded. Not that I could keep her from falling because my legs still are not 100% but I think it just makes her feel better that someone is there with her. She goes back Wednesday to have the staples removed. And then they will tell her how much she can move it.

So while I am sitting with her through the day and she is sleeping, I have been working on yo-yo's and bindings. Here are some of the yo-yo's that I did.

The other day Richard helped me pin a quilt on the frame. Right now, I have the frame almost against the wall and it hurts my legs to try to stretch and get to the back roller so he was a sweetie and helped me. I thought that since I am doing some short walks that I would be able to stand there and quilt at the frame for a few minutes at a time. I didn't want to start with anything large so these are lap size quilts.

These are nothing special just fabric with a border sewn on it. This first one is for my nephew, Gabe for Christmas. He likes Thomas the Train. I also wanted to quilt them with a very large and loose design so that they would go faster and I would not have to stand there that long. The quilting design is called "Happy Times" It did feel great to be back at the frame again, although I had to do some major cleaning to my machine it had set too long.
This is the other one. Remember the horse fabric that I bought at Hobby Lobby the other day?? I loved it but did not want to cut it up so I just sewed a border on it too. I quilted it with the same design....big and loose!

Here are some cute little photos that I took the other night. Hunter has always loved falling asleep in his daddy's lap. I know he is 8 but he still enjoys it. So I look over there and this is what I see....Richard with Hunter laying asleep across his lap and Jazz and Festus asleep on top of him. Anymore and I think his recliner would fall!!!

Here is a close up of Hunter....he sleeps with his eyes half open!!!
And of course, Donkey cuddled up in my batting pile snoozing!!!! My stepdaughter, Lexie started a blog!!!! I noticed earlier that I was her only follower so far which I'm sure that will change soon...you know how teenagers are they have a ton of friends.

Oh before I go, I have to brag on Richard. He has been so sweet. He knows that I am needed at mom's so before he goes to school he has been doing the laundry, dishes and all of the housework! When I got home the other evening he even had a big fire going in the fireplace! He is the best!!!!!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mom Had Her Surgery...

I'm sitting here at mom's house right now. She had her surgery yesterday and she is in so much pain right now. We are taking shifts with her. Chantal, my sister, works through the day so I came out this morning right after Hunter got on the bus and Chantal left for work. So I will stay with her through the day and Chantal will be here during the evening and night.

Yesterday for her surgery they tried to give her a "block" or that is what they called it. It was supposed to numb her arm and shoulder for 10-12 hours but it did not work so she was at the hospital most of the day yesterday while they were trying to get her pain under control. She also has a hard time waking up from the anesthesia anytime she is put to sleep so she was forgetting to breathe on her own. They said that was due to the anesthesia and all the pain medication that they had given her.

The surgeon said it was worse once he got in there than he had first thought and he had to put in TWO anchors instead of one. She goes back to see the surgeon on Friday morning.

Right now she is resting on the couch and I am on the laptop at the kitchen table. Nothing much to do while she is sleeping since her house is clean anyway. I did bring out a book to read and some yo-yo's to work on while she slept.

Please keep her in your prayers as she has a long painful recovery ahead.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Party for Lexie!

Just a couple of birthday photos from today! We had a little cookout for Lexie, she is now 14! Here she is eating her own personal cake just for her. Isn't she pretty???? :)
Here is her other cake that everyone else got to eat!
And this little cutie is our great nephew, Braxton! He is so sweet, I just loved holding him.
We had a great day and we are all very tired! Lexie is spending the night and she and Hunter are going FULL BLAST!!! :) It turned out to be a wonderful day but I am really tired and ready for bed.
Thanks to all for the prayers and well wishes for my mom.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Mom's Surgery

I know I showed this photo earlier but this post is about mom so I am posting the photo again. This photo was taken back in the early spring at a family day for her company that she works for. Chantal, Mom, and Me...Mom went back to see the surgeon this morning. Long story short....She has surgery scheduled for 7:30am Tuesday morning. She has a torn rotator cuff that needs repaired and he said the actual surgery will take about 45 minutes. She will be off work 8-10 weeks and she is NOT allowed to move her left arm at all for 6 weeks, then a few weeks of physical therapy. He said even when she does go back to work she will not be able to lift that much or anything.

Mom is not one to sit down and do nothing. She is already getting agitated just thinking about not being able to use it for so long. She can't even raise her arm right now and this just happened. I can imagine how stressed she will be by the time this is all over. She has lots of books to read but after a while that will get old to her. I told her that when the weather was nice enough we could go walking a little. Mom helped take care of me when I fell and fractured my legs so I will be more than honored to help her.

So my plan is to have her at the hospital by 7:30am, Richard will get Hunter on the bus. Stay with her while she has surgery, take her back home and stay with her that day until Chantal gets home from work and then she can take over. I figure that first day she will pretty much be out of it.

Tomorrow we are having Lexie a birthday party cookout. Nothing major just burgers, cake and ice cream just not up to doing anything too big. Richard will grill the burgers for me. She is now 14!

Also this weekend, I hope to get something ready to take with me to the hospital to work on. I have my hexagons and yo-yo's but not sure if I want to work on those or not. We'll see how the weekend goes, maybe something else.

So if you don't mind, please keep my momma in your prayers that she makes a speedy recovery!! I do love her a whole bunch ya know!!! :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

More Binding...

It has been a long week! Just really tired and a lot going on here. Anyway, I've been doing a little walking, which is good for me but I hate it. It really burns in my hips and makes my legs hurt but I guess that it what it takes to get my legs stronger.

Mom had her MRI yesterday and goes back to the surgeon tomorrow to see what needs to be done. She is still having some pain and we are having trouble making her keep her sling on! Hopefully we will find out more tomorrow. Her appointment is at 8:30am and I will be going with her.

Yesterday, Hunter had a dentist appointment in Ashland which a little over an hour away. All went fine with his appointment, then I took him to the mall for a haircut and a comic book. Just in and out at the mall I knew there was no way that I was going to try to walk around in there!

After the haircut we had lunch at the Golden Corral, he loves to eat there. Stopped by Hobby Lobby again while I was there. Here's what I got....

I bought the dark grey from there, thought it would look good for a border on the horse fabric that I got the other day. The other two fabrics were bought across the road from where I have to pick up Richard's sawmill blades. The green is 2yards and the blue is 1/2yard just for the stash.

Also picked up these for the stash, just some background fabric. The lighter one is a 1/2 yard piece and the Christmas fabric was on the remnant table 1/4 yard for .40 so I got it too.
Here is the quilt that I just finished the binding on. It is called "A Coat Of Many Colors" it is lap-sized. Still have several more that needs binding.
I'm thinking that I might try to get the borders on that horse fabric this weekend sometime and try to get it on the frame. I figure that if I can walk a little easier now then maybe I can stand there long enough to quilt a lap-size quilt. May get Richard to help me pin it on, that would help some. Well, just have to wait and see how the weekend goes. We are having Lexie a birthday party on Saturday. The weather is supposed to be nice so hopefully we can do it outside. We are planning on a small cookout.
And now, I want to leave you with a photo of Donkey and Jazz. You don't see them together often so I had to snap this photo! Smokey was in the recliner with Richard, Smokey doesn't like either one of them! :)
I guess that is all for now, got to get supper done.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Story Of Jazz's Return

I know I posted this photo the other day but just wanted to show Jazz again! I have had several people ask for the story of his return. November of last year he followed Ida Belle (our black lab) off. Here is the post from last year. We were all so upset and missed him so much, he is such a sweet little thing with lots of energy!
If you read the post from last year you will see that we looked and looked for him and even went down to the main road and ask around at the houses there. Don't know exactly what happened about that because......here is the story....

About a month or two ago, I was talking to a friend, that is the 1st cousin of my SIL and also a teacher at Hunter's school. She was asking me if I wanted a Basset hound, she was trying to give it away to us because she knew that we had plenty of oustside space for it to run and play. I told her that we didn't want it. She said she wanted to keep him but she lives with her mom and they have their Yorkie inside and her mom didn't want another dog. So we started talking about Yorkies! I was telling her about Jazz and how much we missed him and all of that. She said "Kristie, I know where your dog is!" It was cold during the nights when he left so we figured he had died or someone had picked him up. Of course, when she said this my heart started pounding and I asked where.

So the story is...he showed up late one night at a house down on the main road, half starved and had a cut on his foot. They kept him for about 2 weeks and gave him to another teacher at Hunter's school. Now the house he showed up at was also a teacher! How weird is that??? Anyway, I really didn't know what to do or say, so I had to think about how to handle the situation. So I contacted her, not to really ask for him back, but to see how he was doing. I just didn't feel right asking for him back after they had cared for him for almost a year. So I gave her the link to my post from when he was missing. She was very nice and said I will call you back in a few minutes. She called back and said that she had told her children (teenage) and they thought the right thing to do was to give him back to us! She said that if it had been her dog to start with and had went missing she would hope that they would give it back to her. So she asked if we could meet her in about an hour. Of course we said "yes" Now the boys did not know anything about it because I didn't want them hurt if she didn't give him back. So we met her and she gave him to us, and his toys that they had bought. I really felt bad, because they were all crying but my family had been upset too. She was very nice about it all and everytime she sees Hunter at school she asks about him. They had cut his hair because it was tatted real bad while he was lost. But he was fine and they took great care of him.

When we got home, I brought him in the house and the boys went wild! They knew instantly it was Jazz! Jazz was so excited and happy, he ran right over to where we always kept his toys trying to find them. It was a good day and it is nice to know that there are great people in this world!!

So that is the story! He was gone for almost a year and is back home now!!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

A Little New Fabric

Mom had her doctor's appointment this morning at 10:15am. It was an hour drive so we left about 9am. I hate riding in the car that long, makes my legs hurt. But this trip was for mom so I tried not to complain, I know she was in pain too. Still don't know anything more than we did before, still waiting for them to schedule the MRI. He said he could tell more about what needed to be done after he gets that. Also her BP was 162/120!!! I could not believe that they let her walk out of that office and it that high. She is on BP medication, they said it could be from the pain but still that is just too high. She said she didn't really feel bad but I was freaking out over it.

After her appointment we stopped by The Golden Corral to eat. Let's just say we ate toooooo much. I was miserable. Right beside the the Golden Corral was Hobby Lobby! So we HOBBLED in there for a minute. Neither one of us felt like looking around much, so we just went straight to the fabric. I picked up a few pieces. These are all 1/2 yard cuts just to add to the stash, except for the Thomas The Train fabric. It is for my 2yr old nephew, thought I might try to make him a quilt with it, he likes Thomas. I have some solid red fabric that I thought I would just add a border to the train fabric and call it done. Nothing special, but didn't really want to cut up the trains since he likes them so well.
I also bought a couple of yards of this fabric! I fell in love with it when I saw it. Thought it would make a nice Christmas time throw for the kids. I will probably just add a border to it and call it done too. I really don't want to cut this up either.
So we made it back home and I went straight to bed around 2:30pm and did not get back up until 6:30pm, I was pooped and my legs were throbbing.
Not doing anything tonight, don't even feel like sewing so I will probably head back to bed in a little while...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

House Goodies!

Today Richard and I had some errands to do. I sat in the truck most of the time and worked on these!!! Just figured I would do a tablerunner or something out of scraps. Just something to do while waiting on him.

I did get out at the Home Surplus store and look around! Found a FRENCH DOOR for my master bedroom for the house. Still need to stain it but it will go out on to a private deck from my bedroom. Got a great deal on it, solid wood and only $269!!! I was happy with that!Here are a few other house photos that I took while they carried the door inside. This is the flooring that will be in my laundry and all 3 bathrooms. Right now we just have them laying there still need grout between them but we made these from molds, concrete, and concrete coloring! You can find the molds on Ebay. I really like them, they are actually about 3/4 inch thick!
Here are my kitchen lights that we bought a while back! You know me.....found them on clearance!!!! This large light measures 36 inches, it will go over my island. Regular price...$148....Clearance price....$37!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep! $37!
This is the light that will go over my kitchen table. It matches the island light! Regular price...$88....Clearance price $22!! I was very happy to get these for the price! Got them at Lowe's.Oh and as I was walking back out of the house, I took a close-up of the front door! What do you think? Should I leave it this color???? I know it still needs another coat of paint, but does the color look okay?Very tired, had a long day! I should sleep well tonight! :) Richard has to pick Andrew up at school tonight around 9:30pm. They should be back from his trip by then. He has to get up early and head back to school in the morning. He has another FFA field trip during school tomorrow. I'm sure he will be tired this weekend.
Mom has another doctor's appointment in the morning. She will be seeing an orthopedic surgeon. I think I will go with her. Maybe between the two of us we can get there and back! I have a bad leg and she has a bad arm!!! Hehehehe!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cute Little Pics

It has been a long couple of days, just really depressed and want to cry over everything! Anyone else get like that? Oh well....I guess life goes on.

Mom fell yesterday. She fell on her rock walkway and hurt her shoulder. She can't raise her arm up. Finally talked her in to going to the doctor today. They said they didn't see a break but thought the rotator cuff was torn. She goes back to a different doctor tomorrow and then I think they want to do a MRI or something. She was scheduled to go back to work on Friday but now it will be a few more days.

Andrew is gone again on a school trip!!! He left today after school for Hardinsburg, KY which is all the way across the state, I think about 6 hours away. It is the FFA Land Judging Competition. I think this is the state competition for it. He will be back late Thursday night and will head back out Friday for something else to do with FFA, but he will be back late Friday. I sure hate all of this traveling that he has been doing but he enjoys it and these school things are good for him.

Here is a couple photos of Hunter that I took last night. I had been working on binding for this quilt and left it on the couch. Hunter fell asleep petting Festus (Festus is a stray cat that came here and we let him in to eat and put him right back outside but Hunter sneaks him back in sometimes) And as you can see Jazz was jealous and had to get up there with them.

Hunter didn't like this photo when I showed it to him. He said "ewwww....his butt is on my head!" Hehehehehe.
Anyway, I did get that binding done late last night and started the binding on another one. Maybe in a few days I can get Richard to help me spread these quilts out and take some photos of them. This black one is a "trip around the world" The one that I am sewing the binding on right now is a "bow-tie" quilt. I still have several that needs binding.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Two Small Finishes!

Yesterday after I slept half the day away, we decided it was about time to go see our new Great Nephew. Richard's niece gave birth 3 weeks ago and I felt terrible that we had not made it over to see him before now. His name is Braxton and he is such a cute little thing. He slept most of the time that we were there.
While we were there Hunter was outside playing with their dog that looks so miserable!!! She should be giving birth any day now. Look how huge she is!!! She loved playing with that rope with Hunter! On the way home, I was pooped! So we went through the drive-thru at Long John Silvers, took it home and had supper!!! After that I went back to bed!

This morning, I was a little bored so I made two little mini's! This first one only measures 9 inches. Actually this started out to be a small wallhanging and I planned on making 4 of these basket blocks but that was about a year ago and it still sat unfinished. So this morning, I attached a small border on it, quilted it on my regular machine and did the binding. Start to finish....less than an hour!

Another mini! This one measures 11 inches! This was an orphan block, I added the border, machine quilted it and did the binding. Another finish in under an hour!
I know they are very simple and the blocks were already done before hand but even though they are small finishes, it felt good to do something.
Richard is at class now and should be home around 4pm, so I think at that time we are going to try to take a short walk! :( We had planned on doing it this morning but I thought it was just too cold. I have got to get my legs better, this is driving me crazy!!!