Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Beautiful Cardinal Quilt

 Yesterday I quilted this beautiful customer quilt.  I just love it!  She did an awesome job piecing it too.  As I was quilting it I kept thinking that I needed one of those Cardinal panels.  I may end up buying one but then again who knows when I would have time to sew it up.  :)  Anyway...I enjoyed quilting this beauty. 
 We decided to use this quilting design because she didn't want the quilting to compete with the cardinals.  That's also another reason that I love Glide thread.  It's so fine that it doesn't take away from the quilt. 
 She also requested that I do the binding for her.  She wants it done by hand.  I got it all sewn on by machine last night so I will work on the hand sewing today. 
 Oh I almost forgot... I've used Hobb's 80/20 batting for years and never had any issues but look at this mess that I found today.  :(  I had to cut around the area because there was no way that I was going to try to quilt through that.  It was very hard so I would probably have broken a needle not to mention it would have felt horrible in the quilt.  From now on I will double check all of the batting.  I buy it on the big rolls and as I said this was the first time seeing this.  Thank goodness that I caught it.
 A few nights ago I was up late and on Pinterest.  Pinterest always gets me in trouble.  LOL!  I cut and pieced this block just to see how I liked it.  It's an 8" block.  Right now it's just a block up on my design wall for me to ponder over for a while.  It will NOT be a project for the near future as I have too many other things going on right now, but it was fun to make.  Maybe someday...
 Last night before bed I worked on this UFO.  I just pieced a few strip sets.  I hope to press and subcut them today.  These go into a two color quilt.  I absolutely love two color quilts!  I have several that I would eventually like to make.  :) 
 So my quilting plans for today are to press and subcut these strips sets.  I also would like to get most of the hand sewing done on this customer quilt.  I also hope to get another block pieced of the Lori Holt Block Along.  We will see how it all goes because Richard is on vacation starting today so who knows....  LOL!   

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Janet O. said...

That is a gorgeous cardinal panel! The piecing around it sets it off well.
I would never get it bound in a day if I spent every minute on it. I am so slow!
I try to stay away from Pinterest as much as I can. I Pin things, but rarely go surfing there. Too dangerous! :)
Wow--I've never seen that in batting, either. Almost looks like the poly part of it melted or something.