Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Two New Quilters and Two New Blocks

 Took me all day to get two more blocks finished yesterday.  Feeling some better but still not good.  My day pretty much went like this....sew, bathroom, nap, sew, bathroom, nap.  LOL! 
 This is the first one of the day.  Hard to really tell from the pic but the coral squares have a silver metallic polka dot, so not my normal.  :)
 Next was the house block.  It went together pretty quick.  Total of 4 finished and I think they are up to block 12 or so.  I'm hoping today that I can actually get to the longarm.  I tried yesterday but I just couldn't do it. 
 Saved these little pieces from my cutoffs.  The 1.5" squares will go in my tub and the little triangle snippets will go to a new quilter...my little 3 yr old niece, Addie.
 The 2 new quilters that I mentioned in my title are my sister, Chantal and her little daughter, Addison.  This pleases me so much!  Mom is back to quilting so since she retired and you guys know that I always quilt and my sister hasn't shown any interest until now.  :)  Addie has a little toy sewing machine that goes with her Barbie's.  She pretends to sew and says, "I'm making a kilt"  LOL!  She's 3 so it comes out "kilt" instead of "quilt".  She then takes her little scraps and glues them to construction paper.  :)  So I am saving her all of my little snippets that are too small for me to use.  She glues faster than I can cut and sew so I'm having trouble keeping up with her.  She could go through a shoebox of snippets in a day easily.  Even at 3 she needs to be encouraged to be creative.  My plan is to buy her the little Janome machine when she gets a tad older.  For now I plan on getting her the toy Singer machine in the toy department.  She will love it!
 As far as Chantal, we were all out shopping and mom and I needed to stop by Joann's.  We were looking for a new thimble for mom and looked across the store and Chantal was looking at fabric.  So I nudged mom and the conversation went like this...
ME:                "ummm...mom, look"
MOM:            "what is she doing?"
ME:                "no clue, has she said anything?"
MOM:            "nope, go see why she is looking at fabric"
ME:                "whatcha looking at?"
CHANTAL:   "well, I don't know.  I was thinking that I might want
                        to make a hexagon quilt for Addie so that she will
                        have something that I've made."  

So then it was on!  LOL!  We were in that store forever!  :)  First we were trying to figure out what she had in mind and went with it.  This is her progress so far...
 She seems to be enjoying it.  We've told her that it is not a race and just do what you want, when you want.  It doesn't matter if it takes 6 months or 5 years to just enjoy the process.  :)  

In other quilty news... I had a good mail day yesterday too! 
 Both of these are from the Fat Quarter Shop.  The bundle on the left is for my stash.  I signed up for their monthly subscription of reproduction fabrics.  It's 12 fat quarters of a new line.  The other bundle is for a custom customer quilt that I have coming up in a few months but wanted to go ahead and order the fabric.  Sadly it is 5:45am and I don't remember the name of either and I'm not in the mood to climb the stairs.  LOL!  

Oh and one last thing...I talked to Addie last night on the phone and she asked that when I was feeling better if I would come down to her house and play baby zombies with her.  LOL!  That should be interesting.  Hehehehe!  I live on top of the hill and she lives 1 mile away at the bottom of the hill.  :)


---"Love" said...

i'm sure your sister and little niece will learn a lot and enjoy quilting with you. With the experience you have, you will be able to share a lot with them, besides just the fun. ---"Love"

Janet O. said...

That is so fun that you have new quilters in your family climbing on board. The hexies with lots of purple are looking very nice! :)
Good job on the two new blocks.
Fun new fabrics--I especially like the bundle on the left.