Monday, March 11, 2019

Lot's of quilt pics!!!! Getting caught up!

 WARNING:  Lot's of quilt pics!  :)

It's been a few days since my last post so I will get you caught up on everything.  I'm finally over the stomach virus and so is Richard.  Thank goodness that Hunter did not catch it. last post left off showing this customer quilt that I was quilting.  Here it is finished and on it's way back to Texas today.  This scrap beauty belongs to the awesome queen of scrap quilts...Julie from JulieKQuilts!!!!  She is awesome! 
 This is a horrible pic because of the bright sunlight coming through my window but this is a secret quilt project.  My SIL is making a quilt for my brother and wants to give it to him on their anniversary April 1st.  So here is her brother is a big Civil War buff and loves to metal detect battle sites.  So she found this battle scene panel and wants to have it in the center of a bunch of Civil War fabric tumblers that she is sewing together using the EPP process.  So while she is working her fingers to the bone doing a bunch of tumblers, I tried to square up the panel, add a small borer to frame it and get the tumblers started around it for her.  I'm sure she could do this herself because she is awesome but she just doesn't have enough confidence in herself.  So expect more pics on this quilt in the next few weeks. 
 This was what we woke up to Friday morning.  You can see the time there 4:15am.  I had just woke up and was being lazy, so I just grabbed my phone and hit the security cam to check for snow that they were forecasting.  LOL!  We got a few more inches than this but it all melted later in the afternoon.  Needless to say that Hunter did not have school but Richard did work.  He just drove very slow.  His Jeep goes really good.   I am soooo ready for Spring!!!

 Back to quilts... this was a customer quilt.  This little elderly lady is one that I have quilted for before and is a friend of the family.  She is a retired teacher and loves to quilt.  It is an older top with a few stains and some fullness in the sashing areas but in the end it quilted up pretty good only a few issues.  It is a cross stitch quilt.  She just wanted a simple stippling done.
 Next up was this beauty!  She requested stippling also and wanted it quilted with WHITE thread and over the applique. it is!  :) 
 The backing that she sent was this coral fabric.  The flowers in the backing fabric are a lot like the Dogwood flowers in the applique. 
 Here is a better pic of the backing fabric. 
 A pic of it finished!  I got both of those quilts quilted Sunday!  Shew...I was tired but I am a little behind after my back issues and then the stomach virus.  I so need to get caught up. 
 Sooooo....Saturday was my birthday.  Not a big deal but I feel very Blessed to have another year in the books.  :)  I got several gifts over the past few weeks.  A dear friend sent me some quilty gifts a couple of weeks ago.  I file cabinet that I had been wanting for my sewing room to get a little more organized.  I also got a super nice makeup case and a few other things but mom got me a mini fridge for my sewing room!  I may never leave that room now!  LOL!  
I know it is full of Diet Pepsi but don't judge!  :)  Oh and the Reese's Eggs are not mine, Hunter put those in there.  LOL!

Probably the most precious gift that I got was from my 3 yr old niece, Addie.  In my last post I mentioned that she is obsessed with little pieces of fabric and pretends to make quilts, this is what she made for me.  She glued all of those on construction paper for me.  She was so proud and I just loved it. 

 That's all for now...need to catch up on some housework and then get back to quilting. 


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I hadn't realized you were back to blogging and just now scrolled through to see what you have been up to- sounds like you have been busy!! Hope all the sickness is gone in your house now and that your sister is recovered from the gall bladder surgery - my daughter had the surgery 2 months ago and had every complication you could thing of and finally now back to work and on the road to recovery

julieQ said...

I do love that quilting...whoop!!! What a fun lot of projects you have in the works!

Janet O. said...

Julie is awesome, and her quilt is beautiful!!
I am glad you are finally feeling better.
Sounds like you were well treated for your birthday, and it looks like you are keeping plenty busy!
What a sweet gift from Addie. :)

---"Love" said...

Julie's quilt is really pretty, and I'm sure your quilting enhanced it even more. I love that Civil War panel, and it is so nice that you are helping your SIL. The other projects are pretty too. Be sure to keep Addie's "first quilt" safe to show her when she grows up. ---"Love"