Monday, February 8, 2016

What's on my design wall?

 What's on my design wall?  So if you are wondering why I have been having videos on my started out as a school project for one of the boys and then they really enjoyed editing and such so the videos have continued.  

Please watch this little video...
 This is a pic of my design wall before I put up the 3D Bow Ties.  The blocks below are called Grandmother's Choice.  I have all 216 of these blocks so now I just need to assemble the top. 
 This is a photo of the Yo-Yo class that I taught a week or so ago.  I mentioned that the place double booked so I had to teach the class in the entry/hallway.  It was so crowded but they didn't seem to mind.  I have another class this evening but it may end up being cancelled because we are under a winter weather advisory. 
 Anyway...back to the 3D Bow Ties...they are fun and fast little blocks. 
 I actually have a few more blocks on the wall since this photo.  Have you ever just played around with a block and then one turns into several and before you know it you are working on a quilt?  LOL!  That's how this happened.  I have several more blocks cut out and ready to piece. 
 So it's 6:15am...Richard left for work about 30 minutes ago and now I need to get the boys for school and the other for work.