Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Civil War Battle Of Middle Creek

Anyone who knows us personally, knows that we love anything to do with History. Our favorite is probably the Civil War. Not only do Richard and I love it, but the boys do too. Hunter is so fascinated with it and has been wanting to go to a reenactment for a long time. So a few weeks ago we had a little family outing. Andrew wasn't with us because he had a Beagle Trial Meet that same day. So it was just me, Richard and Hunter.

This is the Battle Of Middle Creek, this is the actual battlefield and it is located about 45 minutes from the house. Once a year that recreate the battle. I don't have the photos in any certain order so I will try to explain them as I go...

Just a few soldiers getting ready...

This is the main part of the battlefield, Hunter is in there somewhere!

The picture says it all...."Lord Lest we forget Keep our hands doing your work"

Here are some quilts that were in the main tent, I just love the red and white one, I would love to make one like that.

Richard snapped this photo of me talking to some of the ladies about the quilts!
A few of the tents...
Some of the officers and soldiers taking a photo with Hunter, he is in the very center.
Hunter standing by the tree...
Richard and Hunter. These cannons were soooooo loud. When the battle actually started, they would jar your chest when they shot the cannons.
Hunter with a few more of the nice people...
I must say, we had a wonderful time and Hunter will never forget it. I've never been to a place were everyone was soooooo nice! Giggle, it must have been because they were doing it because they loved History and not because it was a job! :)

Monday, September 28, 2009

2 Customer Quilts

Wow! Two posts in one day!!! Here are some photos of two customer quilts! Calico Cat did an amazing job on the piecing and it was a honor to quilt them for her! She posted on her blog about them back on July 28th, so it has been a while. :)

The purple one is my favorite, I think because the quilting looks like it floats on top of it. The circles are appliqued to the purple fabric. The quilting I did was a very tight and flat stipple. The quilting is "one inch or less" apart!

This one also turned out nicely! They were both quilting with the same quilting design.
This is the backing. It had 4 large pieces and blocks through the middle, that were the same designs as on the front of the quilt.

It was a real joy to quilt this quilts for her, she is a very talented quilter.

I will try to post more photos tomorrow! I have been trying to sort through my 8000+ emails, so if I miss an important email from someone, just send it again.....please!

Where Have I Been???

Where to start????? I sure hope you all remember me! :) It has been a while! I will try to cut this internet story as short as possible! It has been a mess! I have NOT had phone or Internet for a while now. Today was their deadline to have it on by 4:30pm. So Friday at 4pm I got my phone working but not the internet! They kept telling me that I had internet sevice but I did NOT! So this morning, I find out that they need to replace ports and add more ports, not really sure what that means but needless to say that my DSL would not work without it. So they put me on temporary DIAL-UP until they get all of that fixed!!! :( I did not remember how slow that dial-up was until I started trying to use it. Hopefully, it will not be too long until I get my DSL back, in the meantime, I will have to deal with dial-up! :(

This have been a very busy Summer! I really don't know where to start! Let's see....Hunter is doing fine and so is Richard. Andrew hurt his shoulder weightlifting at school. Now we are trying to avoid surgery! :( He messed up the rotator cuff and something else in there, so everytime he tries to move his shoulder it wants to pop out of socket and pop out the back! :( Very painful for him! So tons of doctor appointments and has physical therapy 3 times a week after school! Now to add to it he has to have his wisdom teeth cut out on Friday! So I have really been staying busy with him. So if you don't mind say a little prayer for him...

Been working on the house sooooooooooooo much! I will have to dig photos out of it to show the progress. Trying to get a lot done on it before Winter!

Now on to the you remember Gertie the fainting goat? Well.....Gertie got out of her goat pen, got in the horse pasture......fainted.......and was trampled to death!!! :( So I lost her! Saphera, the colt, got kicked in the eye by her mother. Vet thought she would loose the eye completely and at one point it was on the verge of rupturing! Anyway, she is doing better now, she does have some vision loss and it looks a little cloudy but at least the bad part is over. Now on to Dozer, the Great Dane, pup that Andrew got. He got sick and had pneumonia, almost died, was taking breathing treatments around the clock and thankfully, pulled through.

Now on the some photos!!!!! :)

First here are a few photos of some vegetables that I put up....blackberries, HOT HOT HOT peppers, and okra! Put up lots more but didn't get photos of them...

Here are a few of my quilts that I have quilted. Been quilting for others too, so that is keeping me busy! :)

This is a quilt that I quilted for my Aunt Deb, she made for her Granddaughter.

I finally got my Hole In The Barn door blocks all sewn together and got the borders on Chantal's Pink Bargello, now they just need to be quilted.

I also sewed some simple borders on these fabrics to make donation crib quilts where my sister works, they are great to practice my new quilting designs on.

This is a paper-pieced star that I did, not sure if it will end up in a quilt or not, I was just bored one night.

And last but not least, here is a photo of Hunter and Smokey!

I have tons more photos so expected lots of posts!!!!!
Have a wonderful and Blessed Day!