Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday's Progress!

Today I made a two more blocks for my Love Letters quilt. I think I am up to 15 now! But I still have over 100 more to go. :( I can't wait to get my new fabrics that I ordered, I got several more Browns and Pinks.

This is a paper pieced block from Carol Doaks BOM. I made this one for a quilt that we are making for Heather. She is in the Military and on her way overseas now!!!

Not a hard block but for some reason I screwed it up a few times. I really like the block so I may have to add it to a quilt of mine someday....I guess I will just have to add it to my LONG list of things that I want to make!
Tomorrow afternoon I am going to the heart specialist with my sister. I know Chantal is 23 yrs old but Mom worries so much about all of us kids so I promised her I would go with her. And I think Chantal actually wants me to go too, she gets nervous over things like that. After her appointment she is going back to work and I think I am going to take the boys shopping for school clothes. School starts back here August 5th!!!!!!! I dread getting Andrew's the most, he is 15 and is soooooooooo picky!!!!
I think since school is starting back in a couple of weeks and we have been so busy this summer working on the house...we are taking a little weekend trip. I'll post about it later when I get all of the details planned. As of right now we will be leaving on Friday evening and coming home Sunday evening. Just a short trip!!!!!! I'm not sure how much free time I will actually have but I think I will pack some yo-yo's or something to work on.


Crazy for Primitive Quilts and Gardens said...

Again, beautiful blocks! That is nice for you to go with your sister to her appointment. Enjoy your time together :o)

Carol VR said...

Wow, I can't beleive they go back to school arealdy tht soon. Ours are off till early September in CANADA.

Ruth's Place said...

The red and blue block is stunning!

Donna said...

I love that red, white and blue block. It is beautiful. I had the same kind of sewing day you did. I seemed to struggle with most everything I picked up. Not hard patterns just me. I'm hoping today is a better sewing day.

Hazel said...

Your blocks are beautiful I love the Carol Doaks block .You've been working hard enjoy the weekend off , you deserve the trip .

Guðrún said...

The star is beautiful. What about the new car, where is it?

Linda and Diva said...

HI Kristie!

Thanks for checking out my blog and if you would can you put a link to it on your blog?

Thanks ever so much


Inger Lise in Norway said...

Your block turns so nice Kristie. I love to see this quilt done

Julia said...

Just love your red, white and blue block!

A holiday will be nice for you and the family, enjoy it, and we hope to hear what you have been up to when you get back.
All the best for your sister.
Hugs Julia

Elly D said...

I love your Carol Doak blocks. Beautiful work and fabrics. I love CW fabrics. Thank you for the link to the shop you bought them from :) What a selection there. Cheers Elly