Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Gift From My Aunt

Well my sister, Chantal, finally decided on a quilt pattern!!!! She picked a "friendship star" We were working with the blocks and some fabrics in EQ and as I was changing some of the colors, she said "that's it!!!" It will be very bright and in the colors that she loves. Lot's of PINK! Anyway, I will post photos of her progress as she works on it. Hopefully, she will be picking out fabrics this weekend! I will help her cut it out and then with mom's help we will show her how it goes together! Should be lots of girlie fun!!!

Now to my surprise, my favorite aunt made me a gift! I think I have mentioned my Aunt Deb on here before, she is my mom's sister and I just love her to death! She called me the other day to tell me she was sending over an email with some photos of a new quilt that she was working on and a couple of sewing machine covers. I just loved the bunnies, they are so cute! At the time I didn't know that one of them was for ME! On Monday she sent it home with mom for me! I did take a photo of it on my camera but Andrew had the camera last night and now I can't find it. But here is the photo that she sent in the email.
I think she said she had it over her lamp shade in the photo. It really covers my machine really well and the carrots are pincushions! How neat is that! It is hard to tell in the photo but the blue fabric is actually a small gingham. I just love it!!!

Still waiting for my machine part, should be here today or tomorrow!!! :( This is driving me crazy!

Been on the phone all morning with the county garage! :( So irked right now! We live on a little dirt road and after all of this snow and the bad winter weather that we have had it is a MESS! I have been calling for months for them to bring some gravel to put on it. It is getting so bad that the school bus is starting to refuse to come back here to pick up Hunter! So finally after getting hateful, which I really hated to do but I just couldn't get anything done, they tell me that the computer shows that they brought 3 loads of gravel on January 19th!!!!!! OMG! We have NOT had gravel on this road since early FALL!!! This made me very upset! Don't have a clue who ended up with OUR gravel but it did NOT come here!! Now they say, they don't know when they can get any back here because they are low on funding!!! And right on past my house the culvert is falling in and they will not do anything about that either!!!


Rhonda said...

Hi Kristie....that's terrible about your road....I don't know if your county people operate like the ones in Texas but....we, the people, can go to the monthly meeting for the county road commissioners court (local courthouse) and complain...that usefully gets results....just a thought.

Guðrún said...

The computer says that they have done it, how stupid is that, can´t they come and take a look, and what about the schoolbus, are they going to drive the boys home?

Amelia said...

Too bad about the road situation...yes the funds probably are low in the county coffers...but your road is in a bad situation is hoping it dries out soon.

The rabbit is so will have fun with quilting with your sister.

Enjoy the rest of the week.

jillquilts said...

I think that the Friendship star is another great projects for beginner's!! Nice choice!

Sorry about the issues with the gravel. Sounds like a big headache!!

Love the bunny!!!