Monday, December 30, 2013

Back to my Nearly Insane...

 I hope that I stay in this mood because I can't seem to sew enough!  LOL!  First off, I put my back out...again!  Nothing exciting but sadly just using the vacuum.  LOL!  Oh well, I've been doing a lot of sewing and using the heating pad.  

I've been working on my Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt.  I've just been moving around on several projects.  I printed out more triangle papers for the mystery quilt and hope to get those all finished tomorrow.  

I also made 40 more bow tie blocks too.  That takes me up to a little over 260 ( I think)  I loved the quilt in the magazine and I think it calls for 830, 3" blocks.  I still have a lot more to make. 
 Several years ago I started a Nearly Insane quilt in blue/white and I think I had something like 17 blocks done.  I just wasn't happy with my choice of colors so I stopped working on it.  Richard loved the quilt and has given me a hard time since then for not finishing it so I started over this evening!!!  :)  This time I am doing it in red/white.  I figure I will just work on a few blocks here and there until I get it finished.  

I did 2 blocks tonight...

Block #13 has 9 pieces in it.  It was an easy one. 
 Block #2 has 21 pieces in it, another easy one. 
 I am paper piecing these on my 1933 Singer Featherweight!  I just love this little machine. 
 Another little thing that I worked on yesterday was a few yo-yo's.  We had some company Sunday afternoon and I am one that always has to keep my hands busy.  I keep yo-yo's in a basket in the living room and work on them occasionally when someone stops by to visit.  My dear friend Mitsie even brought me a candle that she had made.  I love her candles as she adds extra scent.  This one was grape!  Anyway, the yo-yo's are for my 3rd yo-yo quilt that will be for Hunter.  I have 800+ of them done but I need around 2000. 
 I guess I will head back up to the sewing room as I am home alone!!!  Richard is working tonight and the boys are gone.  Andrew worked 12 hours today and as soon as he came home he asked if he could take Hunter to the movies.  I have the best boys.  They love spending time together.  Andrew doesn't work tomorrow and Hunter still has a few more days off school too.  


Michelle said...

Ahhh...I started a Nearly Insane quilt a few years ago too. I think I have 15-20 blocks made. I don't know that I'll ever finish them all...I love your red and white version, that will look really awesome! Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

Janet O. said...

You have some intense projects going, Kristie. I don't start any project that needs 800 of anything, let alone 2000!! : )
I have that same "Vintage Quilts" magazine. Some nice quilts in there.
Your "Nearly Insane" quilt in blue and white sounds wonderful--I love blue and white quilts. But I know red and white seems more widely appreciated.
That is nice that yours boys get along so well.
Enjoy your quiet sewing time. : )

traditional_quilter said...

Your blocks are pretty. I love your projects! Happy New Year!

Regina said...

Lots of "little bit at a time" projects -will be fun to see them inch closer to completion!