Monday, October 10, 2011

Working on 4 quilts at once...

I was up in my sweat shop on Saturday loading a quilt on the frame and I kept looking at my scrap basket. My scrap basket holds anything smaller than a fat quarter and everything that has not been cut up into smaller squares and put away in tubs. When starting a scrap quilt this is the first place that I go before cutting into my yardage. My basket was running over! I had fabric piled around it. So last night I decided to start cutting my scraps to clear my basket out. Well I didn't get it cleared out but at least it is more tolerable. This is the "after" photo. I decided to cut my scraps up to make a few "4 Patch Flips" I've made a couple of these quilts in the past and they are quick and easy to do. Here is a blue and pink one.

And this one is just made from scraps.
So I decided to cut out a couple of lap size 4 Patch Flip quilts. My plan was to make the lap size and have them on hand for Christmas, never know when you will need a last minute gift. Anyway.....3 of them cut out and a pile of blues to go through for another one. So in the end I should have 4 of them.

Last night I had trouble sleeping so that is what I did. Now these quilts are so simple to cut and sew that I actually got a lot done. I was up cutting and sewing until 3am!

First I dug out all of the brighter fabrics that were in the basket. I had several pieces from various other projects. I don't use these fabrics often so I just kept moving them around in my basket so it was time to get rid of them! I'm more comfortable using warmer tones. So the funny thing is, I had this pile laying on the table this morning while Richard was having breakfast. He asked what I was working on and I told him my plan. He looked at this pile of brighter pieces and said "You are donating that one somewhere....right?" Giggle....he doesn't like the fabrics either! Anyway I have enough of these brighter pieces for one quilt. I have enough cut for two quilts using these warmer tones.And here is the stack of "blues" that I plan on cutting later for a 4th quilt.
This what I was loading on the frame Saturday. A lady bought some camouflage fleece and some fuzzy brown stuff, I'm not even sure what it is called. As you can see in the photo that it has a longer nap. She wants it crib size and also wants batting in it too. I've never tried to quilt something this thick with my machine so I'm not sure how it will go. I haven't started it yet but that brown seems really stretchy! I've quilted "minky" and didn't have a problem but this is soooo much heavier than that. Hopefully I will work on it tomorrow. I've been dragging all day from lack of sleep so I don't figure I would be in the mood to quilt it if I started having problems with it so I will wait til tomorrow. I also had a lady drop off another quilt to be quilted. It is a king size and really pretty. It is a log cabin and that is one of my favorite designs. I'll show a better photo of it as I load it on the frame later. It will probably be a couple of weeks, I had to order the backing and I'm waiting for it to come in. Over the weekend Richard and I worked on the drywall. This is a photo of bathroom #1. My job was to mud all of the screw heads and Richard all of the hard stuff...the corners and seams. My job was easier so now ALL of the screw heads are covered in the whole house and ready to sand when he gets the corners and seams done. Anyway, I didn't do the screws around the tub because it will have the tub surround over them.

And a photo of Hunter sleeping. He got up at 5am Saturday morning so that Richard could take him deer hunting. He was soooo tired later in the day and fell asleep on the couch with his Halloween quilt. I got the binding done Saturday morning. Anyway he didn't get a deer. He was getting ready to pull the trigger and forgot to cock the hammer back on his gun so it wouldn't fire. By the time he got it pulled back the deer was gone. :( Oh well he is a trooper and loves going hunting.

Well my post ended up being longer than I had planned....sorry if I bored you. :) Now I have to go finish up my sister's birthday cake! She turned 27 today! I baking her a "Better Than Sex Cake" also called "Paul Newman Cake" I call it the "Paul Newman Cake" it sounds nicer than the other. LOL! It is soooo yummy! Mom is working and they celebrated Chantal's birthday last weekend. Mom bought the stuff for this cake and asked me to bake it for her since she would not be here.



Libby said...

Good Grief Girl!! You are always so busy!! I need to cut out 82 more 4 1/2 squares for my applique quilt and I am moaning and groaning about that!! and you cut out 4 quits??!!
I love that log cabin and want to see more of it!
p.s. we love that cake too..though we use crushed up butterfingers instead of Heath bars.

Janet O. said...

I'm with you on the quilt colors. I love the warms and the blues you have gathered for these 4-patch quilts. The finished products you showed look great. What a fun gift.
The log cabin for your customer looks like a beautiful quilt. I love log cabins quilts. I own one, but I haven't made one. Got one started in a class once and never worked on it after class. I need to dig it out someday!
Did you have to mention that cake? I had never heard of it, so I googled the recipe. I think I gained 5 lbs. just reading the ingredient list. That will have to fit in my holiday meal plans somewhere!
Hunter looks very cute and content wrapped in his Halloween quilt. Good Mom to make it for him with all the other work you have to do!

Kentucky Granny said...

I keep following you here and watching your progress on the quilts and the house. If you need to get rid of some of that energy, you can send some my way!

Did you ever get the list of Christmas projects?

Denise :) said...

Gosh, look at all that fabric! I'd have a tough time keeping it all straight!!! :)

quiltin cntrygrl said...

Still loving those 4 patch flip quilts that you are working on. You know we had trouble at the store with the thickness of minkee and a quilt top on an APQS machine. I bet if you left out the batting you wouldn't be able to tell.