Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My machine has been humming....

I finally got my aunt's boat quilt finished yesterday! I started on it Monday evening and finished it yesterday. I did not get a photo the finished quilt, she was here right before I got it off the frame and I just forgot to get a final photo. Actually in this photo, I am standing behind the machine quilting it. Richard took the photo but I looked horrible! LOL! If you are wondering....I have the end of my machine off, I was cleaning it and just didn't put it back on. :)I finished the boat quilt up around 11am and loaded this little lap quilt on the frame. Nothing fancy, just some Halloween yardage with a border sewn around it. Hunter asked me if I was going to get it quilted before Halloween THIS YEAR! He wanted it quilted last year but I just didn't get to it. It is still on the frame and I will finish it up in a few minutes! Yesterday while I was quilting it, I took a short break and just didn't get back to it. So my goal for today is to get it off the frame and get the binding ready to go on it.

Other quilty news....The baby YBR that I made and quilted a few days ago was given as a gift. A lady that Richard goes to nursing school with is having a baby boy in a few weeks. They had a small baby shower for her yesterday. He said the quilt was "well received" It is always nice to know that people appreciate the work and time that goes in them. Oh and I am still working on the handwork part of the binding on my Country Wife quilt.

Monday I had to make a trip to Ashland, I stopped by the quilt shop and picked up a few little things. The larger piece is a 1/2 yard cut and the others are fat quarters. I also picked up a few red fat quarters for the red and white quilt that I want to make....someday. Not sure I like all of these red/whites but maybe they will blend in with other fabrics that I use. I guess they are just not my usual style of fabrics. The shop didn't have a huge selection of reds so I'm not sure how I will come up with enough red scraps/fat quarters to make the quilt.
Here is a photo of Donkey that I snapped last night. I have been packing and sorting stuff and I have a huge pile of boxes near the front door, Donkey loves to lay on them. :)
He looks like he is hiding or in "time out" LOL!

House news.....Richard got my countertop, sink, and faucet installed!!!! As of right now I have 20 ft of countertop! That may not be much to some but since I currently only have 8ft...I am excited. We still have a 7ft island to build but that will come later in the Spring. Oh and I sink is deeper than the one that I currently have too. This new one is 10 inches deep, with the tall faucet it should be great for big pots and stuff. I know it is still all dusty but with all of the work going on out there you just can't keep things clean.
It is almost 9:30am, I think I will go up to the sweatshop and finish quilting Hunter's Halloween quilt!



Suzan said...

Your aunt's quilt is really pretty. Looks like you have been crazy busy!

I have a deep stainless sink in my kitchen and love it. You can get a lot of dirty dishes in one of those!

marth225 said...

It all looks great - you are so busy it wears me out. Sink looks good - you are so going to love it

Honey Bear said...

The boat quilt looks very nice. I am so glad you are making so much progress on your house. You will be so excited to get moved in. We lived in a house while we remodeled it and it was a chore. It was an old church and we made a house out of it - 2400 sq feet.Sure do miss it since we moved and downsized.

Rhonda said...

Kristie, your kitchen is really coming along. What a great sink... deeper is better and that wonderful hardware will make things easier to wash up. You can never had too much counter space and it seems you will have a good area to work with. I'm so excited for you!!!

Texan said...

I am behind on blog reading, studying a lot has thrown me behind on many things lol. Your house stuff is just moving right a long I see from your last few post. I can understand exactly why you would cry a little over with the wood stove :O). You guys have worked so hard and now its almost there :O). The red and white quilt is lovely.

Janet O. said...

Glad you finally got your Aunt's quilt done. That was a big one! And good that you are getting the Halloween quilt ready to please Hunter this holiday. It looks like really fun, cute prints--great quick combo!
So excited for your kitchen! I think the tiny kitchen I had initially was similar in size to what you are in. I graduated to 16 feet of counter space and an 8 foot island, so we made (will make) similar leaps. You will love it! I have had this kitchen for seven years now and when I am cooking up a storm, or cutting quilt borders on my island I still burst out now and then with "I love my kitchen!" DH always gets a laugh out of that. And I made sure I had a deep sink and tall faucet--good going!

Libby said...

Great Post! I always love seeing Donkey! He looks like he is hiding from the camera.
You got some really pretty fabrics there. Now get busy..Halloween will be here before you know it!

Yvette said...

You have really got a lot done. Love your red collection. I still haven't got my magazine yet, I can't wait.

Love Donkey!