Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Another one off the frame...

I have been busy quilting lately! I am only posting one quilt photo for tonight because the other photos are still on my camera and I'm too lazy to go upstairs and get it.....sorry! :( I'll try to post them tomorrow or the next day. Anyway, this first one is a pretty little baby quilt. It is a crazy quilt. I love the soft blues and yellows in it. I have two other quilts quilted and waiting to be delivered and another one on the frame. I haven't started quilting on it yet but plan to start on it tomorrow after I clean and oil my machine. I usually clean and oil it pretty often but I just really haven't taken the time to do that for a little while. It is starting to "clank" and that is not a good thing. :) Anyway, I'm hoping that I can get the biggest part of that quilt finished tomorrow.

Last night I couldn't sleep and was up until 3am. I wanted to quilt but I was afraid that I would keep Richard awake. My quilting machine and frame is upstairs and directly over our bedroom, I'm not sure how much noise that it would make down there so I was afraid to use it. We will have to test that while he is awake and see what he thinks about it. So since I couldn't sew on my quilting machine I did piece a few log cabin blocks since my regular sewing machine is not loud at all. I need a total of 168 log cabin blocks and I think that I am close to that.....I think. :) I'm really anxious to get them finished and it works out great that I am working on a few log cabin blocks as I take breaks from the quilting frame that way I can get both accomplished....customer quilts and log cabin blocks.

Now on to other things... I had a doctor appointment early this morning. They are still trying to find out what is causing the pain in my left side and back. If you remember a month or so ago they found a big cyst on my right ovary but didn't see anything on my left side. Now they are referring me to a GI specialist. They haven't called me yet with my appointment date but I'm hoping that it is soon. The pain shoots my BP up really high so I need to get something done. The only time that my BP is normal is when I take the pain medication, which is almost all of the time now. I take two BP pills a day but this morning when I went to the doctor I hadn't taken my pain medication and when I got there my BP was 142/112! :( Oh well, hopefully we will get this all figured out real soon.

Richard was on Spring Break last week and he painted the master bedroom for me while I worked on a couple of customer quilts. Here are a few photos of the progress so far. He will be putting up all of the wood trim in there soon.

This first photo is from inside the door, looking to the left. Between the door and the antique wardrobe is the walk-in closet. The french doors will lead to a deck....someday. Actually we will have a big wrap around porch, but right now the only thing that is done is the front porch.

This is the angle going on around the room. I have the curtains but I don't want to put them up until the wood trim is up and as you can see we still need to install the wood flooring but it isn't ready yet. We are making that ourselves too and the wood is still drying out. This angle is standing in the corner by the french door. Oh, I almost forgot....Richard painted my bed for me too. I think it looks better in there painted dark instead of the white that it was before. In the edge of the photo you can see the edge of a doorway, that is our master bath, that isn't started yet. :)
Sorry, this is almost the same angle and I didn't realize that I had uploaded this one on here.

After he got the bed and walls painted, I had to spread out my Courthouse Step quilt top on the bed to see how it would look with both paints. I'm really pleased with how it is all turning out. I plan on quilting this quilt top after I get my customer quilts finished.

As far as the house goes that is all of the progress that we have made lately. As soon as he gets a chance Richard is going to paint the living room, upstairs balcony wall, my sewing room and the hallway. I can't wait for that!

And now I will leave you with a photo of my precious boys! Here they are having some "bubby time" together this past weekend. It is hard to catch them together because Andrew is gone so much with school and work. They rented a movie to watch together. Have a great evening and I will try to post more quilt photos tomorrow!


Janet O. said...

Cute baby quilt!
The house is coming! Love the warm color in the master bedroom. I had to laugh about the master bath. We have been in our master bedroom for 8 years and just got the master bath done--well almost. It still needs baseboard, door trim and a mirror. It is fun to reach each goal, but it also seems like a never-ending story! : )
Love your courthouse steps quilt!

Suzan said...

I really like the color you are using on the walls in the master bedroom. Can't wait to see more of the house!!

Libby said...

Your bedroom is going to be so pretty! That quilt is perfect for in there too! I know you love having Andrew home!

Jan said...

Your courthouse steps is really nice & looks great on the "new" bed!

lil red hen said...

Your new house is even more special since you've done so much of the work yourselves. Our house is going to be 44 years old this fall; the master bath has been redone but has never had window facings, door facings or baseboards. I have them painted, but Popa just doesn't take the time to put them up. Patience???