Saturday, March 17, 2012

My first 3 blocks...

This being Saturday and the fact that we didn't have alot planned we slept in this morning! I just hate when we do that, I always end up with a headache. We actually slept until 7:30am!! :) We are always up somewhere between 5:30am to 6am everyday. Anyway, Richard and I got up and I let Hunter sleep in until breakfast was finished. We ate and Hunter and I headed to town. I had a few errands to do, grocery shopping and had to pick up a load of horse feed.

After we got back and got everything put away, I had to take a break because my back and side were hurting. I have an appointment with a GI specialist soon so I'm hoping they can figure this out. After my little rest I cleaned the house up a little bit and went upstairs to my sweat shop.

I worked on a customer quilt for a couple of hours but I just kept looking at the mess that was everywhere up there. So much stuff was piled in the middle of the floor because Richard needed to paint that main wall up there yesterday. I had moved that pile of 100+ quilts into Andrews room and piled them in the corner. He will kill me when he sees that. LOL! I will get there out of there in a day or so, I just needed to move them quickly so he could paint. Today I also moved the loveseat that was in my sewing room to Andrew's room. He had mentioned that he wanted it in there and I wanted it out of my sewing room. Moving it out of there gave me so much more space.

This is the wall space where I had the loveseat and the 100+ quilts piled. I moved the old ironing board and my featherweight over there. I will probably move the thread rack but I just needed to put is somewhere until I cleaned and sorted more stuff. Actually I am thinking that I will end up building me a big design wall and putting it there and moving the ironing board in a few weeks. I want my design wall to have hinges so that I can fold it and put it away when it's not in use or I have company coming over.

I also cleaned off my sewing table. I'm not sure how long it will look like this but right now it looks all clean and neat. I was watching season 1 of the Games Of Thrones as I was cleaning and quilting.

After I cleaning up this side of the room I decided to work on a couple of the Farmer's Wife blocks. This being the weekend I didn't want to work on customer quilts ALL weekend. As of right now with the Sow-A-Long they have a total of 9 blocks done so I would like to get caught up with everyone else.

This block is Block 21 in the book and is called Contrary Wife. A very simple block to do.
This is the second block that I did today. It is Block 6 in the book and is called Big Dipper. I will probably redo this one because I'm not happy with my center. It was an easy block but I'm not sure why my center is off so bad. Here are my first 3 blocks of the Farmer's Wife quilt. These take care of week #1 of the Sow-A-long. After that I went back to cleaning and sorting. I saw this on a blog the other day and I thought this would be a great way for me to sort my scraps. I saw it here! She has a ton of fabrics and scraps, I'm amazed on how she organized it all. I picked up a couple of these little containers this morning at Walmart and got started with a few of my scraps. Right now they are piled in baskets and big totes on the floor and it is hard to find anything. These are pieces that are smaller than a fat quarter, leftover border pieces and stuff like that, but things that are too big that I don't want to cut up as strips or small squares and sort them in other tubs. I have other totes that hold strips of 2.5", 2", and a few other strip sizes and also precut squares that I like to use for scrap quilts. I already had a bunch of comic book boards that I had bought and wrapped some of my fabrics that are in my drawers. I cut those up into 2.5" strips so that I could wrap the scraps around them and they would fit in my containers. As I get more of them wrapped I will sort more by color and add more containers. I'm thinking that I may store these containers on the back side of my sewing table. My table is 36" wide so I could put them on the back side of the table against the wall and they would be in view from my machine and easy to get to them when I needed to.
While I was doing my thing today Richard worked more on our stair post. He even did more on it after I took this photo but it is almost ready for stain. You can see that he sanded more on it today while he worked because it is all over the stairs again. :( I'm really pleased with his work and he has made every piece of it....the trim and all, even the small dental mold on it.
After he worked on the post and did some farm work outside he had some "special time" with Hunter. Hunter wanted Richard to play the PS3 with him. Please don't look at the messy room. Trust me it doesn't always look like this. :)

Mom and Chantal came back out this evening because Chantal wanted Richard to help her trim up her dog's hair. Giggle....she has a FAT poodle that was hot because she had too much hair and needed it cut. They did that while mom and I watched them and talked. After they left I warmed up leftover lasagna for supper and that was it. Tomorrow will be a busy day....Church in the morning then going to visit Richard's 91 year old grandmother, then Church again at 7pm. Then Monday morning will be back to work on customer quilts for me!!!!!!



Yvette said...

Richard is an artist when it comes to home building and craftsmanship.

lil red hen said...

So proud of you! and Richard's work is wonderful!

Floss said...

I'm also working on Famer's wife was wondering wher the Sew-a-long was.

Mary said...

Sounds like a busy day to me! I'm also having a hard time sleeping at night but my longarm is on the bottom floor so I can use it whenever I want .... with Keith not home I'm working more at night than during the day.