Friday, March 23, 2012

Lots of this and that...

I have several photos to post of various things from the past few days. Just a bunch of this and that stuff. First off I want to thank those who are going to trade some calico fabrics with me. I actually thought that I had more of them in my stash than I did. I did actually cut some of the strips needed for the "Hugs and Kisses" quilt that I plan on making. I wanted to piece a block but I could find my solid white yardage. I'm not even sure if I have anymore of it, so I will probably pick it up this coming week at the quilt shop. I have to drop off some quilts so I will get it then.

Here are a couple of photos of my "clean" sewing room (sweat shop). I worked on it a little at a time during the night while I could not sleep. After a few nights it looked pretty good. I took the photos the other morning before I started quilting and making a mess in there again. :)

Here is my bookcase all clean and neat...well...sorta... I still have to do something with that stack of junk in the floor on the right side of it. Here is the rest of the room. I have been thinking about putting up a design wall but since this is like an open loft area I don't want everything seen from downstairs. I used some scrap pieces of batting and pinned them to the wall and put up a few of my Log Cabin blocks on it. See it over by the bookcase. So as of right now this is what I am thinking.....I will move the bookcase over on the other wall where I have the old ironing board sitting since that is what you see as you get to the top of the stairs and make a 8ft x 8ft design wall where the bookcase is now. You can not see that part from downstairs. Then of course I will move some things off of the bookcase so it will look a little neater than it does now. Do you think that sounds like a good idea? When I do the design wall I plan on using 2 4x8ft pieces of insulation board to give me a 8ft square board and cover it will warm & natural batting.

Speaking of design walls... this is what I have on my little temporary one right now. My Farmer's Wife blocks.
I have a total of ten of them done. Most of them are simple blocks and go together rather quickly. Right now the blocks that I am making I am using my scrap bin of Civil War fabrics. I do have a few fabrics in there that are not Civil War but they do blend in fairly well. I want to use up some scraps before I cut into my fat quarters or yardage. Here is a quick glimpse of a customer quilt that I did the other day. I kept thinking as I was quilting it that I sure would like to have that red to use in my Hugs & Kisses quilt. LOL! I do have several other customer quilts to show you but I will probably wait and do them all in one post. As I was cleaning I organized a few more scraps. Actually I see that I need to take some of those red prints out of there and put them with my red & white soon as I find it. LOL! I still have a bunch to go through.
Oh and wait until Andrew comes home tomorrow and sees what I piled in his room. Last week when Richard was painting I moved this pile of quilts out of my sewing room and into Andrew's room which is right beside it. If you look close in one of the above photos you can barely see the pile through Andrew's doorway. I will move them in a few days and try to find something to do with them. Look at what I got in the mail today. I just love anything Judy Martin and this is her latest book. It has some very pretty patterns in it. Most of them look like they would take a while to make so it will go on the shelf for now. I have too many customer quilts to finish up and other things for myself. Now on to some odds and ends shots. Today as I was doing dishes I looked out my kitchen window and just loved the sight of this redbud. I can't wait for everything to turn green! It sure made the dishes a little easier to do. I changed the sheets on the bed today and also removed the other quilt that I had on there, it was a little heavy and it has been really warm here the past several days. I dug this one out of the pile to use. I made it several years ago and it is lightweight. I don't even remember the name of the pattern that I used. It reminded me of the nice spring weather that we have been having. I'll change it to something else soon. I will probably change them around until I get my Courthouse Steps top quilted and put on the bed. And last but not least, Hunter has a friend staying over tonight. They have been playing the PS3 and eating LOTS of pizza! Not sure if you can see it but if you look real close you can see what my little COUNTRY BOY has in his mouth!!! HAY! Yep, he walks around with a piece of hay in his mouth most of the time when he is home. He just loves farm life and I am so proud that he does. I know this was a rather long post but I had several things to catch up on. Stay tuned for more quilty stuff in the next few days and lots of customer quilts.


Janet O. said...

Love your sewing area, Kristie. Definitely go for the design wall. That is exactly how I made mine and I wouldn't want to be without it!
Your FW blocks look just great. Your productivity always amazes me. And to think you are doing customer quilts besides everything else!
Love the flowering tree. What a lovely thing to look at while washing dishes. : )

Joanne said...

Love seeing pictures of your beautiful home - your work space is fantastic!
What a great pile of quilts.

lil red hen said...

Your sewing area is so spacious and light; a wonderful place to work. And I love that little ironing board! Is it an antique?

Libby said...

I just love reading your blog Kristie! I love seeing your new space, what you are working on, your fabric and of course your family!! Thanks for sharing!

cavinravin said...

I love your blog and great post, I am also a farm girl, I live in Crawford, Colorado a really small farm town. i love the farm life too. You could come check ot my blog and follow me too :)

cavinravin said...

I love your blog and great post, I am also a farm girl, I live in Crawford, Colorado a really small farm town. i love the farm life too. You could come check ot my blog and follow me too :)