Friday, September 28, 2012

A new addition to my sewing room...

 I've been busy in my sewing room that past few days and it feels great!  I have a little more progress to show on my Green Scrappy Bargello that was a UFO.  I have the blocks off of the wall right now and have taken my design wall down, more on that later in the post.  Anyway, I still have several strip sets to press and cut to finish this one.  
A few more bowties to add to the pile.  
Do you remember a while back when I showed you the 1200+ HST's that I had in blue and white?  Well I worked on sewing some of them into sets of two.  There are over 400 sets here.  I figure I will work on these a little at a time so that I will not get overwhelmed with them.  
 A week or so ago I was complaining that my lower back was hurting because I had been bent over at the cutting table.  I was explaining to Richard that the table was too low.  First he said that we would pick up some of those riser things to make it taller, but I told him that I really didn't want to do that because the table wasn't big enough anyway.  You can see the little round table in this photo that I took back in May.  Looking at this, my sewing room has changed so much since May.  
 The bookshelf is now moved over to the wall where my antique ironing board with my Featherweight sits (the green thing in the left of the photo).  That big wall where the bookshelf was is now my design wall.  Which I took down yesterday because if you look real close....the room is not completely painted!  :)  The paint stops at that beam beside the window and from there over it is just primer.  Hopefully that will be painted sometime this coming week and I can put my design wall back up.  I did just have a big piece of Warm & White hanging there but Richard said that he thought we had a few extra pieces of that silver insulation board in the outbuilding leftover from the house.  So I will wrap those and it will look much neater.  Anyway....back to my cutting table.

The other day Richard was cutting some lumber and I asked him what he was doing.  He said, "building you a bigger cutting table and taller so that you don't hurt your back"  Gotta love that man!  He is soooo handy to have around.  Now he made my sewing table a long time ago by using a new hollow-core door and built a frame and legs for it.  It is rather low but fits me perfectly because I'm only 5ft tall.  I loved it when he made it.  My cutting table is made from another hollow-core door just like the sewing table, only taller.  
 I am loving the new "L" shape sewing and cutting area!  I still have to paint or stain the legs and frame on them but I am just so pleased with them.  Since we already had the door and the lumber was just scraps it didn't cost anything.  The doors are 3ft x 6.5ft so I have plenty of space.  Now I need to hang a quilt of some sort over my sewing area.  To give you an idea of how much wall space is there,  that window is 8ft tall.  It all just looks empty right now.  Can you tell that I was watching "Gone With the Wind"?  It is one of my favorite movies.  Oh and I moved that little ironing board off of the table too.  
 Hunter loves it too!  He has been coming upstairs while I am sewing and sitting on the stool and draws, does homework, or just plays around.  I enjoy the company.  Speaking of Hunter, he is sick.  The school called yesterday and said he had a temp and that I need to pick him up.  He is home again today, he was up and down most of the night.  Every time the Motrin wears off his temp goes back up.  The school said there were a bunch of the kids sick.  

Believe it or not, I have one of MY quilts on the frame!!  Yay!  Since January the only thing of mine that I had quilted was a little mini.  This one is nothing major, just a Halloween lap quilt.  It isn't even really pieced.  I had a piece of fabric and sewed some borders on it.  LOL!  Is that cheating?  I haven't even started the quilting on it, I just loaded it this morning.  Once I get it finished I will give it to my niece and nephews.  Hunter already has one almost like it.  

I have several more pillowcases cut out that I will be working on this week too.  Our pile is growing.  If anyone else is interested in making some pillowcases for donation, click on the tab at the top of my blog.  All pillowcases go to, "For Jamie's Sake" Over the past week or so, I've received more of them.  This first photo is 10 pillowcases that Janet from IL sent.  I don't think she has a blog, Janet if you do, please let me know.  Lots of fun fabrics that I'm sure the kids will enjoy.  
 This set of 20 is from Annie in WA.  Such a wide range of pillowcases.  She also sent along some books to donate, I took a photo of them but for some reason it turned out blurry.  One of the books was, "The Goat Lady", oh my gosh, that is a great book.  
 Thanks ladies and thanks to everyone that has donated.  I can't wait until we meet our goal of 100 pillowcases and I can deliver them.  I will have to take some photos because I know they are anxious to get them.  

I'm off to do some housework.  UGH!  It is rainy and cool here today.  Richard has his wood planer and saws on my front porch cutting and working on the wood trim that goes around my front door on the inside.  I can't wait for him to get it finished and stained.  The bad part is, he is working on the porch and there is sawdust everywhere out there and he keeps tracking it in on my front rug while he is measuring and such.  I guess I can hold my tongue until he gets it done.  :)


Suzan said...

I would give just about anything for all that light you have in your studio! And the wall space! Mercy!!

Janet O. said...

What a spacious, lovely studio--and a wonderful new cutting table!
I sent off the green fabric and colored scraps yesterday. Should get to you soon!
Wow--Janet from IL and Annie made a slew of pillowcases. That is so great. I have been concerned that you not end up with 75 to make yourself!!

Honey Bear said...

Kristie, you have a very nice sewing room. I wish I had room in mine for a cutting table but I would have to give up the loveseat and that is where my DH and my fur babies sit and keep me company sometimes when I sew,

Yvette said...

You lucky girl!!!
I sure wish you were my neighbor, I could borrow that Richard to make me tables like that. LOL!

lil red hen said...

Wonderful sewing area!! Those big tables would be so nice! Glad you're finally able to quilt for yourself.

I guess when you've been married for almost 52 years it's difficult to get the husband to do things; I just want a "few" things done. :)

Michelle said...

Your sewing room is awesome...I love that big window and all the natural light! p.s. I'm waaaay behind on reading my favorite blogs...trying to catch up! :)

Dirt Road Quilter said...

You are churning out so many lovely things in your beautiful space. How sweet of Richard to make you a new cutting table - it looks wonderful and you will really be stitching up a storm now!