Monday, September 17, 2012

Design Wall Monday!

 This has been a good past few days of sewing!!!  I finished up an older UFO!  This makes 2 UFO's that I have finished this week and I am working on my 3rd!  So this in the one that I finished up this weekend!  I started it back in January 2011, set it aside, got it back out and worked on it a little more.  Then in July 2011 I got it out and cut some of the pieces the wrong size and had to find more of the navy paisley fabric.  I was aggravated at this point so I set it aside once again.  Then finally I got it back out over the weekend and pieced the last 14 blocks and assembled the top!  I am soooooo happy that it is finished and really pleased with how it turned out.  

I know it is hanging a little crooked on the wall but that is because there is a big picture hanging behind it.  I promise, it is straight.  :)  I put it on Andrew's bed and it fits his queen size bed really well.  
Hunter had to jump in one of the pictures as I was trying to snap them.  Silly boy, can you tell he is a goofball?  
I wish I had more of these fabrics, I love them.  The navy looks almost black in the photo but I promise it is navy.  The pattern came from Mary at Mary Quilts.  I loved it when she first posted it. I had to change around some of the color placement to fit the amount of fabric that I had.  
This is the UFO that I finished earlier in the week.  It is called "4 Patch Flip"  This was one that I had cut from my scrap basket a year or so ago.  
 Here are the bow ties, baskets and a block from the other UFO that I started working on, it is called "Road to Jericho"  I've made one before and loved it.  This was also one that was cut from my scrap basket around the same time as the 4 patch flip.  
 I got in a little bit of piecing on my 3rd UFO.  I hope to have it done in a few days.  I had this one cut out but had not started on the piecing.  
 Then I decided it was time to clean out my scrap basket.  This is a basket that I have on my cutting table that all of the scraps go in and when it starts running over I sort through them and put them into different piles.  Here you will see in where I started sorting...

I have 1.5" strips, 2" strips, 2.5" strips, reproduction strings and strips of assorted sizes and some fabric that I am collecting for my Scrap Jar Star quilt that I want to start real soon.  
 I received a wonderful box of goodies in the mail from a very special lady and I sorted through all of that and pressed the strips.  I can't wait to get started making something with those....maybe another log cabin quilt????
 I also cut out a bunch more bow ties!!!!  They are sitting by my machine and are ready to go!  
 And last but not least...another good mail package!  Pillowcases from Janet!!!!  Yay!  If anyone else is interested in making a few pillowcase for donation to "For Jamie's Sake" please let me know, they would be greatly appreciated.  Here is a link to the original post.  
 I guess that is all for now, I've got to clean the house, clean out a horse stall, do some laundry, fix supper and hopefully get a little sewing in before the day is over!  

If you want to check out more design walls check out Judy's blog.


Suzan said...

Beautiful quilt for Andrew. I love the colors and it is very masculine. Sometimes those quilts are hard to find!

Yvette said...

I love your UFO finishes. I remember when you started those, time sure does fly.

Those bow ties are so cute. When I finish my current leader/ender I may have to try those.

Janet O. said...

I remember these UFOs, too. Feels so good to check them off the list, doesn't it? I love that red and navy one!
My scrap basket overfloweth, too. : ) But did I sort it out like you did yours? No, I got two more baskets and now I have a light, a medium, and a dark basket that all need organizing. I think I just compounded the problem. : )
Glad the pillowcases arrived safely.

Terry said...

The quilts both look great! Isn't it wonderful to be getting some UFOs finished off?

Floss said...

The Mary quilt look fantastic.

Floss said...

The Mary quilt look fantastic.

Karin said...

OK - that does it! I have GOT to stop sleeping so much! :)Look at all of that progress! Gah! That quilt for Andrew is amazing. Take your time on the Scrap Jar Stars...I found some more scraps. :)

Me and My Stitches said...

I always love all of your projects, but I really love that pattern from Mary Quilts - that is an awesome pattern and your fabric choices are perfect. What a great finish!

bernie said...

I absolutely love that quilt - the pattern is fantastic. Do you mind sharing the name of the pattern? As usual you astound me with the amount of sewing you get done. Your young man is looking pretty pleased. :) Bernie