Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Featured Quilt of the Week #1

So I have this idea and I would like for you all to join me!! Last night while I was trying to fall asleep I was thinking about past quilts that I had made and what they meant to me.  

Unless the quilts are gifts most of the time mine are just folded and put away until it is time to get them back out and refold them to keep them from creasing.  Lots of times no one sees them after I post them on my blog and put them away.  

So I thought that maybe once a week we could post about our past quilts or quilty projects that have been forgotten, sorta like an online quilt show.  Lots of time I get inspiration from my past quilts and maybe we could all inspire each other!  I'm sure we all have tons of past quilt photos on our computers or we could even drag one out and snap a photo of it, it wouldn't take that long to do that.  

Maybe we could show the photo and post the story of that quilt, why it was made, if it was made for someone or even what was going on in our life during that time.  

I'm thinking that we could do this once a week, on a Thursday!  After we post it on our blogs we could link it back to here so that it would be easy for everyone to go through all of the links for inspiration.  So whatcha think?????  :)

So here goes my first one.  

This one is called "Pieced Tulips"  

This is a quilt that I made 9 or 10 years ago and is one of my favorites.  I love scrap quilts and when I started quilting it seemed that I could make more quilts if I used scraps so I would buy 1/2 yard cuts so that I would have more of an variety in my quilts.  I really never knew anything about color placement and I'm sure there are not really any rules for that but some people may think so.   :)  

I still have this quilt in my pile and I've always thought of making another one.  I got this pattern from an old quilt magazine that I had, I don't even remember which one but I know that I still have that magazine because I saw it a while back.  

Now I hope I can get this linky thing to work, if not I will delete this post and start over.  :(  

Post on your blog about one of your past quilts and link back to this post!  Not my blog but this post.  Make sure you are linking your post and not your whole blog.  Click on the "Add your link" button below and it is simple to link to your post!  :)


lil red hen said...

Kristie, this is a great idea, but I have no idea how to "link" :(

My quilts get folded up and put inside the cupboard, waiting for a grandchild to wed or something. Every now and then someone will ask to see one, so I take them all out and let them "relax" before storing them again.

Your quilt is a pretty one for sure!

Deb A said...

Great idea Kristie! I'll pull something out and do a post for tomorrow and link up.

Sheila said...

I love scrap quilts. I love your quilt.

Honey Bear said...

Sorry I did not get my "Wrinkles" robot quilt in on Thursday. I had a fight with the new "improved" blotter!!

Honey Bear said...

Sometimes I just hate autocorrect. BLOGGER

Darling Jill Quilts said...

I missed this post, but I will definitely post something for this Thursday! I am trying to catch up on blogs now so that I can sew all day while I do laundry! :)