Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Off the frame...

 I finally got this quilt off of the frame!!!  This is the quilt that I was quilting for a friend of mine.  It is an older quilt top and I love the fabrics used in it.  
Lots of quilting on this one.  
Here is the back!  As I mentioned before, I wanted to use a "leaf" design but it's not my quilt and this is the design that she wanted.  As long as she is happy that is all that matters.  
I also got the binding ready to sew on for this morning.  Then I will spend the rest of the day doing the handwork.  She didn't need it until Christmas but I wanted to go ahead and get it finished.  
Between the quilting, I also got enough of these to make 3 more blocks.  I now have 18/30 of the blocks done.  
Oh and I got another basket finished while making some much needed phone calls.  
I received another shipment of pillowcases!  Lynn from PA sent 20!  I think these were made by a small group of ladies, if I remember correctly.  Thanks so much Lynn!  Oh and look how sweet, she sent some fabric along for me!!!!  I've already used some of it.  :)  I can't wait to deliver these pillowcases!  
 Last Saturday our Church had a Benefit Horse Ride out by the lake to help raise money for a new Church.  Our building is over 100 years old and is in bad condition underneath.  I didn't get any photos of the horses and we didn't take ours.  We just sat around and talked.  They had a wonderful dinner too.  Chuck had his tractor there and spent most of the day taking the kids for wagon rides around the lake.  I got a few photos of that.  

In this first one, you can see "part" of my nephew, Gabe.  He is the little guy in the black hat.  See the lake?  
 My "older" brother, John!  LOL!  He always tells everyone that I am the oldest.  He'll love me for this photo.  That is his wife beside him, sorry that I only got the back of her head but I couldn't get everyone to turn around at the same time.  
 My niece and other nephew were there too.  I have a million photos but I haven't had a chance to sort through them all.  

Here is Hunter and a few of his friends having a good time.  What is  nice is that Richard and I grew up with the parents of everyone of these boys!  
 We took a pitstop by the playground and let the kids off to play for a few minutes.  
 We had a wonderful time and really enjoyed spending the day with the Church!  

Today will be spent working on binding!


marth225 said...

You did great on the quilting. It is always so nice to get one off the frame - now you can load another one.

Yvette said...

Great pictures. What beautiful part of the country you are in.

That quilt looks great! You are a master at the pantograph.

Janet O. said...

At least you are willing to quilt what the customer wants, even if you don't think it is the best choice. And you will have this one done and not have it weighing on you for the holiday! Good feeling!
Your day with the Church folks looks so fun, Kristie! Very pretty area. Our little church community is to my husband much like yours is. Many of the people are his relatives and many of them grew up here. I didn't grow up too far away, so I did know many of them, too, but this was his stomping grounds growing up.
And great group of pillowcases!! WooHoo!!

Terry said...

I have blocks to make a maple leaf quilt just like that one! Someday I really must get them put together! :0)

lil red hen said...

Your client should be very pleased; it's beautiful!

Deb said...

That came out great. I agree, a leaf pattern would have been nice but you did what the customer wanted. She should be very happy - it turned out lovely.
Looks like a fun day was had by all. Still loving those RR to K blocks!