Monday, October 22, 2012

Sewing and some house goodies...

 Well, I survived the weekend....barely.  UGH!  It was crazy!  Sunday evening I did get a little bit of sewing done.  That felt great and I really needed that after the weekend.  So I'll fill you in on it all...

I'll start with the sewing on Sunday evening and go backwards.  After Hunter's busy time with his friends he decided that he needed some "mommy time"  we went upstairs to my sewing room.  He loves it up there.  He has a tote that he calls his art box.  Lots of papers, markers, glues, pencils and such.  He is a creative little guy so my sewing room is OUR creative space.  I love that he enjoys it so much.  

As I was piecing some blocks on the table next to him, he was doing some drawing while we watched, "The Nightmare Before Christmas"  Giggle...I think we had a little too much pop.  I see a can of his and 3 cans of mine.  
He decided that he wanted a bowl of cereal too.  See the cars on my cutting mat.  
Here are the blocks that I pieced!  I finally finished up all 30 of the blocks needed for this quilt!  It is a UFO that I had been working on.  Now I just need to sew all of those blocks together.  That may be a few weeks from now because I want to finish painting my sewing room before I put my design wall back up.  
 Oh, I found these little things at Walmart on clearance for .50 each.  They are the perfect size for my fat quarters.  I love that I have them right in front of me and can see them.  
 I snapped another photo of a few of my babies upstairs.  
 Now on to the rest of the weekend.  An elderly friend of the family moved from her home and the water plant bought the lot for the property, not the house.  The house was going to be torn down.  The house is a small house but it is 100+ yrs old.  So when my MIL called to tell us that the lady wanted to know if we needed some stuff, we jumped on it.  

Saturday Richard left early to go in town to the house and started removing some things.  As soon as all of those kids were picked up, Hunter and I headed to town to help him.  I know that this stuff looks old and horrible, but I promise by the time we get it all redone, it will not look so bad.  :)  

First off, here is the hardwood flooring that we pulled up.  The rooms were tiny so it took 4 rooms of hardwood just to get enough to do my living room.  Here it is still piled on the trailer.  See, it looks bad, doesn't it?  
 Then Richard grabbed a small piece and ran it through a planer to get the old stain and roughness off.  It looked good at that point.  Then I grabbed the can of stain and this is the end look!!!  
 So what do you think???  If you look close you will see that part of the board has 2 coats.  I'm loving it and can't wait to get it all refinished and sealed.  
 We also got this claw foot tub!  I've been wanting one for my master bath and finally found one.  Of course, it has to be refinished too.  That will come with time.  I'll post photos of that once it is finished.  
 I know it is hard to tell anything about this photo but here are some interior doors.  They need cleaned and waxed.  I'm loving the old hardware on them.  I also have the skeleton keys for them.  
 We also got the front and back doors and a set of pocket doors.  I can't get to those to take a photo.  So this is what we did on Saturday and then again Sunday after Church.  I'm excited about all of this but lets just say, my back is feeling it.  


lil red hen said...

What wonderful treasures for your new house! That flooring will look good as new with some sanding. The bathtub looks good too!

The little containers for the fat quarters are nice!

Angie said...

First off, I am so glad to know you survived all of those kids. :) And it is so sweet and special that your little one is so creative and likes sharing your space with you. :) The blocks are oh so lovely, and your treasures from the house are absolutely fantastic---you really got is treasures there, Kristie. :)

Missy Shay said...

What a blessing! I think repurposed is always better than new!

Sharon said...

Looks like you had a busy weekend! I so remember those slumber parties my kids always wanted to have. I just mailed you a box of pillowcases this morning. I told you I was going to last week and I never got to. So they are now on their way. Sharon

Janet O. said...

Your blocks look great, Kristie. Recognized some fabric. : )
The floor board you stained is gorgeous. That is wonderful that you were able to get enough for the living room. Such a blessing!
I LOVE the tub! Wonderful find!!

Michelle said...

Wonderful treasures. Old stuff is always better than new. It will all be beautiful when finished. Glad you survived the weekend.

Regina said...

wonderful stuff - in ALL those photos! Love it when Nathan comes up to play while I sew, too - it's the best!!! And can't wait to see that wood installed -so rich -and love that it is repurposed!

Darlene said...

What a wonderful post, Kristie. My heart is full with joy over the fact that your son enjoys time with you in your sewing room. :-)

Karin said...

You have found some absolute treasures and I love that you are giving them new life! All of the work will be worth it! Your blocks are so pretty and yay for making progress on another UFO - you have been busy!